Saturday, January 14, 2023

Breaking Views Update: Week of 08.01.23

Saturday January 14, 2023 

The Crown Must Finally Act With Honour

Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi chairperson, Wane Wharerau, says the historic Waitangi Tribunal Report, dealing with the second stage of the tribunal's Te Paparahi o Te Raki (Northland) inquiry proves a deliberate and systematic collusion between settlers and colonial governments.

This stripped Ngāpuhi of land, forests, mineral resources and fisheries. The catalyst to these losses were the sabotage of tino rangatiratanga (sovereignty) to which Ngāpuhi rightly focused their energies during the hearings.

Mr Wharerau says he hopes the Crown will now act with honour to restore Ngāpuhi tino rangatiratanga, and its’ 110 hapu have already started the process of digesting the 2,000-page report.....
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Iwi surprised Manawatū town holding Feb 6 'Settlers Day' celebration
Mana whenua based in the Manawatū region are shocked and saddened to learn a group within the Kimbolton community plan to hold an event celebrating European settlers on Waitangi Day.

The event organiser, Tony Waugh, told 1News the purpose of the event was to acknowledge the town's European heritage and he wasn't aware any recognised iwi existed in the area.

"My belief is that Waitangi Day is a holiday set aside for all New Zealanders to celebrate their connection to the land, their tangata whenua, in whatever fashion they wish," he said.

Despite the event being on Waitangi Day, there are no plans to acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi in any way......
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Tūrama returns to Queen Street in February
Tūrama is returning for the month of February to support the region’s commemorations of the first signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi / Treaty of Waitangi on 6 February 183 years ago.....
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IPCA complaint claims cops target Māori and rangatahi
The Independent Police Complaints Authority (IPCA) is looking into a complaint that Māori and rangatahi (youth) are racially targeted by police and forced to handover their DNA.

Taiuru said police gathering of Māori DNA was out of kilter, according to the police’s own data and they had no cultural safety mechanisms in place.

Taiuru said more education around police practices of taking DNA is needed, as is a Māori watchdog to oversee police procedures.....
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Friday January 13, 2023 
Projects pilot ways to help men talk about the tough stuff 
A project in Tairāwhiti is one of two in the country piloting ways to help men talk about the tough stuff that's well away from the confines of a pub.

It is funded through the Ministry of Social Development's campaign for action on family violence. One project is in Tauranga, the other in Gisborne.

With Marshall and a team of about 15 men, they talked about how they could become better men. They suggested they needed closer ties with the likes of matauranga Māori, māra kai (food gardening) communication and whare tapa whā (Māori health) to name a few of many ideas.

In a statement, the Ministry for Social Development's general manager for safe strong families and communities Mark Henderson said the two groups in Tairāwhiti and Tauranga were getting over $400,000 in total.....
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Hapū unite in co-design to create new waste water treatment process
Human waste is seen as hazardous and tapu in te ao Moāri, and as such, it must be kept away from areas where people cook, eat, gather food, converse, or sleep.

It was culturally taboo to release treated sewage into water because wai was a location for harvesting kai and was thought of as a treasure with a mauri....
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Billionaire Jeff Bezos names superyacht Koru, wins support from Māori cultural experts

Te Pāti Māori plans for a big 2023, but happy to stay cross bench

A Change is Gonna Come - talking with boss of new Māori Health Authority

Pākehā mum praises Māori wardens for their patience and aroha 

Wednesday January 11, 2023 

Jacinda Ardern won’t back down on Māori issues amid co-governance concerns 
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says her government won’t be backing down on advancing Māori issues, even if National frames co-governance as central to the 2023 general election.

The Māori Health Authority, Three Waters and Māori seats on councils were achievements Ardern said the Government was proud of.

Ardern said she was “comfortable” the government was doing its best to fulfil obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi.....
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Can customary harvesting of NZ’s native species be sustainable? Archaeology, palaeo-ecology provide some answers
Recent proposals would, among other things, allow Māori to resume traditional harvesting practices (mahinga kai) on conservation land.

Article Two of Te Tiriti o Waitangi guaranteed Māori authority over natural resources. But, with government-administered and legally enforced "no take" policies covering most conservation land and native species, it is little wonder that many Māori feel alienated from their traditional lands and practices.

In Te Tiriti, Māori were guaranteed the right to manage and use natural resources.....
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Tuesday January 10, 2023 

New Hauora facility opens in central Blenheim 
An iwi trust health and social services provider has moved into their new premises in Blenheim named after an ancestor’s message to be kind and live well.

Hauora is a Māori philosophy of health and well-being, and the services available at Te Whare Atawhai included Rongoā Māori – traditional Māori healing, mirimiri (traditional massage), and Whānau Ora navigating (working with whānau to identify needs and aspirations).....
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Māori, Pasifika recognised in new finance mentorship programme
ASB has supplied five $2,000 scholarships, alongside a mentoring programme to ensure young Māori and Pacific are recognised within the corporate world.....

ASB Kaupapa Māori Executive Manager Krissi Holtz says it is an important step in the right direction.....
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Caleb Anderson: NZ History Curriculum - Critical Race Theory coming to a school near you

David Lillis: Education is in big trouble

Bruce Moon: Ngapuhi Gave Up Their “Sovereignty”- It Is False To Deny It!

John Robinson: The road to New Zealand Apartheid

Gerry Eckhoff: Colonisation

Auckland's hidden pā sites and the fight for preservation

Protecting Papatūānuku 

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Robert Arthur said...

Re the 10th I presume the Hauora facility and its like receive extensive govt funding. In view of the curious services provided I wonder how costs and income are accounted, who audits, and who in govt examines. Also curious about customer charges. Does a Community Card get a free massage? If financed from a maori charity, are the massages from untaxed money? Even for the standard $40 fee I would like a massage, preferably what is now established modern traditonal, or even otherwise, from the stunning Asian nurse at my local doctors. But not being maori, I guess I can only dream. Both about the massage, and the free service.

Anonymous said...

RE PM on CG issues

Did the PM experience sleeping problems when the agenda was launched after her 2020 election victory - without any prior consultation with NZ public?
Has this exercise by stealth bothered her?
Does she see the impact of the integrity of her government?

Robert Arthur said...

Re 11th. Considering not so long ago she could not recite the themes of the 3 clauses of the Treaty it is rich of Ardern to now be slavishy adhering to some recent reinterpretation of it. As has already been demonstrated in small ways, 50/50 co governance effectively means maori control, and greater NZ will never tolerate that. Hopefully the opposition parties will get the potential maori control message across to the greater public prior the election so Ardern will be defeated and NZ avoid civil unrest by the great majority, including all immigrants of industrious culture.

Peter Young said...

Isn't it amazing how our PM is proud of three things that identify her Government as anti-democratic and racist. None of those things (and others) have a mandate from the wider public.

As they say, pride comes before a fall. In her case that is now a certainty and, hopefully, such will be sooner rather than later given the unjustified upheaval and cost these reforms are causing.

Robert Arthur said...

Re the 13th. Unless there is some inducement like a free feed, smokes, or direct money handout, I would be curious to see what sort of bloke turns up to talk the "tough stuff", whatever that might be. Billy T would have had some ideas. Assessing the effectiveness of the expenditure will be no mean job. But I suppose if there is any assessment at all, some trace maori will be given the task. The network of academics/ activists will doubtless assist by providing pages of obscure te reo and metaphor sprinkled palaver to prove success and ensure continued inducement.

And whilst not an advocate for paru in the wai, I am surprised that it is a cultural taboo to release even fully treated water into waterways. It is normal practice everywhere in the world, with draw offs down stream. Their own practices were not exemplary at the time, but the early explorers and settlers seldom commented on maori waste disposal arrangements. Dr Turbott spent a lot of effort persuading rural maori to dig long drops. Presumably previously much paru found its way into wai. (The custom of removing shoes has a basis) Many primitive tribes in the world did not see fit to draw water above raw discharges. Any early settler observations would be of interest. I wonder if the many maori farmers who, as others, discharged stock paru into the wai realised they were breaking a taboo.

Robert Arthur said...

re 14th.
Kimbolton is typical of many small communities which existed in somewhat remote locations throughout the country in the days pre 1950s, when very many were employed on the land and not all had a car. Most such places have decayed or vanished entirely but Kimbolton, still with several early homesteads, is well maintained. It is at quite high altitude, not on any large river or lake, and far from the sea. Unless maori were especially terrified of other tribes attempting to extend their tino rangitanga, it is unlikely it supported any significant pre European population.
Waitangi day marks the introduction of a degree of British law which decreased somewhat the risk of especially isolated settlers being raided and murdered in accord with te ao and tikanga. So it is an entirely appropriate day for the industrious colonists to celebrate their creation of Kimbolton. I suppose from locations closer to a WINS office, we will now see a bevy of pale fat bellied maori trucked in to haka and do stone age cannibal war dances to try and provoke a scene as with the Auckland University students years ago, but in reverse.

robert Arthur said...

More 14th, re the Ngapuhi settlement. Very little has been reported on the WT proceedings. A year or few ago an independent observer attended a WT meeting and reported. The degree of leading of witness' and general bias was astounding. The general public has no way of knowing how this latest investigation was conducted.
It is stated that Ngapuhi practice was to exercise their rights and responsibilities under tino rangatiratanga. They sure did. The remnant survivors of other tribes can attest to that. In applying tikanga a whole canoe load of skulls went to Kerikeri. Maori spokespersons get away with outlandish statements because nobody dares counter them.
The Report is incredibly long in the modern manner. Apart from providing lucrative employment for many, this ensures very few will ever fully read and acquaint so innumerable hidden demands will be missed. And of course with the PIJFund not available for such, and it ever looming in the background, no detailed serious objective scrutiny by msm will occur.