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Guy Hatchard: The Official Covid Narrative Unravels at a Staggering Pace

This week I might just as well have sat back and let Pfizer shoot itself in the foot, except mainstream media was missing in action. Project Veritas managed to record a senior Pfizer executive admitting they were conducting experiments aimed at mutating even more virulent strains of Covid. The video accumulated more than 20 million views over 48 hours, but among MSM only Tucker Carlson and briefly the Daily Mail ran with this astounding story. Nothing here in New Zealand, as if the most prolific serial killer in history had been caught in the act, but it was judged unnewsworthy.

Answering a question in the House of Commons this week about record levels of excess deaths, the UK Minister for the Environment Therese Coffey replied briefly that it didn’t matter because it was happening all over Europe. Then abruptly sat down. She said this despite the crisis necessitating the construction of temporary morgues across the UK. It is comments like this, along with the Project Veritas sting, which reveals a striking failure of commonsense behind the official pandemic response. So how could this have happened?

Belief and Fact

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day, and it is worth reflecting on how such an horrific mass extermination became possible. We now know through letters and diaries that most Germans became aware of the mass killing of Jews as the war progressed, but somehow it was perceived as necessary because the people were conditioned to believe that Jews were inferior, disease-ridden parasites who were undermining national solidarity. Something that was far removed from reality with no basis in fact. Propaganda and long standing religious and cultural prejudice overruled both truth and fundamental human rights.

The initial perception in early 2021 that the Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine was going to prevent infection and transmission created a great deal of public faith. This was carefully curated by governments anxious to avoid the scenes of chaos and mass casualties being relayed to our screens from the city of Wuhan. The relief and belief went deep into our individual and collective psyche. On the surface, it seemed moral to get the vaccine and immoral to refuse it. This provided a philosophical basis to override long standing human rights

As the flawed science behind the claims of efficacy and safety began to unravel, the belief did not. It had gone too deep. George Monbiot, a crusading environmentalist whose work I formerly admired in another life, writes in the Guardian two days ago:

“You could see Covid-19 as an empathy test. Who was prepared to suffer disruption and inconvenience for the sake of others, and who was not? …..If environmentalism means anything, it’s that our damaging gratifications should take second place to the interests of others.”

Monbiot goes on to attack those raising questions about vaccine safety. He has fallen into the belief trap and asserts his views should take precedence. Crucially Monbiot labels those asking questions as a danger to society. He rejects natural immunity as a fantasy because, despite vaccination, he has had Covid three times and is feeling increasingly under the weather. A very self-centered and myopic view of science.

Monbiot is right that the long term consequences of repeated Covid infection are serious, but he appears blind to the role repeated mRNA vaccination has played in creating the now well-recognised immune deficiency at the root of reinfection. He comes across as irrationally blaming the unvaccinated for everything. Moreover, he cites Jacinda Ardern as the epitome of correct leadership.

Politicians Became Pandemic Torch Bearers of Faith

Monbiot’s outlook no doubt resembles that of our former PM. When I went to university in the late sixties amidst a hotbed of social and intellectual upheaval, I saw the most committed and, in many cases, most extreme activists of my generation decide to enter broadcasting, print media, and politics. They and their modern day successors were on a mission that has ultimately changed our notions of governance almost irrevocably.

Jacinda Ardern is from that mold (or is it mould?). In 2009 as a newly minted politician speaking to a class of law students at Auckland University, she was asked, “What do you do if your views differ from those of your party?”. Her reply “I can’t conceive of any circumstance when this would happen. My party and I are one.” Ardern is fanatically sure of herself. When she rose to power, her views became those of the Labour Party and, amazingly, all the parties it appears.

Ardern took the imposition of her faith to new heights and believed in herself so completely that she came to a point where even the existence of intellectual freedom and debate was a threat to her conception of governance and, ultimately to herself. The Prime Minister’s office set up and began to directly fund an arm of New Zealand academia which is known as The Disinformation Project. Project personnel attacked freedom of speech on national television, speaking over imagery from the Nazi era and atomic explosions. The Project closely monitors people who express views different from those of the government and seeks to discredit them with obviously unscientific canards. Simultaneously Ardern funded MSM and reached agreements with social media hosts. Thereby she was able to dictate content.

The crisis arrived when fact began to overtake belief so completely that the disconnect between faith in vaccines and published science is now a yawning and rapidly widening gulf. So wide, in fact, that those on either side of the divide can hardly converse rationally or even see each other clearly—their points of view are so far apart. Ardern had to go because the failure of the government’s pandemic policy had become obvious to enough people who were awake.

How Fast is This Happening?

It has been three days since I last published an article. In this short time interval, more than 20 newly published scientific articles have come to my attention confirming adverse effects of Covid vaccination. The pace of publishing is so fast I can hardly keep up. Among these is a preprint paper published in the Lancet authored by our own Ministry of Health “Adverse Events Following the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine (Pfizer-BioNtech) in Aotearoa New Zealand”. The paper reveals there is a statistically significant association between Pfizer mRNA vaccination and both Myocarditis and Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).

The finding of AKI is new and concerning, but incredibly the paper concludes that its findings provide assurances about the safety of mRNA vaccines. How could they say that? The study compared the background rates of 12 adverse events of special interest (AESI) with their incidence following Covid-19 vaccination. The study only included events that occurred within 21 days after Covid vaccination that resulted in hospitalisation. Therefore the study specifically ruled out effects of Covid vaccination resulting in hospitalisation or death anytime after 21 days and it also ruled out adverse events for which those affected did not immediately seek hospital treatment.

Was the hospitalisation data reliable? No. We are a small country, we talk to one another. Multiple people have publicly reported presenting to hospital with concerning symptoms following mRNA vaccination such as tachycardia, chest pains, or neurological dysfunction, then being sent home without any investigative tests and a diagnosis of vaccine anxiety along with an ibuprofen prescription. My daughter-in-law was one of these. My neighbour acquired a kidney injury subsequent to vaccination but didn’t report it to a doctor for weeks. She now has difficulty eating.

So how far are reporting errors and the 21 day cut off skewing the authors’ conclusions of vaccine safety? How can we find out? We currently have record levels of all cause mortality, but despite having the data to do so, no investigation has been undertaken to determine if there is any correlation between all cause deaths and vaccine status. This simple procedure would settle any controversy, but belief in vaccine efficacy has prompted the Ministry of Health investigators to turn a blind eye to the obvious.

Exactly the same obfuscation, hiding of data and failure to investigate that governments have promoted around the world. Watch UK Minister Coffey in the House of Commons brushing aside concerns about and investigation of excess deaths as if rapidly rising death rates are an entirely normal feature of modern post-pandemic life.

Human Rights were Abandoned—a Fatal Error

I return to the original presumption of governments that legislation guaranteeing a human right to medical choice could be overruled during the pandemic on public safety grounds. Here in New Zealand, the provisions of the Bill of Rights were bypassed. Combined with coercive mandates, this became a catastrophe. 90% of 11-18 year olds in New Zealand are vaccinated despite having almost zero risk from Covid but a measurable risk of cardiac injury.

At root, this was a failure to distinguish between belief and proven fact. From the start the case for mRNA vaccines was unproven, the long term effects uninvestigated, but faith in the word ‘vaccine’ alone prevailed. Subsequently, it is apparent that Pfizer sought to hide concerning trial data. There is no clear path back now for simple reasons. Our government and most others granted Pfizer a form of legal immunity from liability and effectively coerced the population into compliance.

The Indian Government never approved mRNA vaccines because it refused to grant immunity from prosecution and insisted on local trials, neither of which were acceptable to Pfizer or Moderna. India dodged a bullet by applying commonsense. They did not suspend normal safety considerations as we and others did.

The Project Veritas exposure of Pfizer is important for another reason, the senior scientist involved described belief in the zoonotic origin of the Covid virus as “bullshit”. Apparently, everyone at Pfizer knows it escaped from a lab conducting gain of function experiments, but we have never been told that. Governments have been content to leave us in the dark—origins of Covid unknown. If the obvious lab leak origin were admitted, trust in government regulation might fall to even lower lows and according to some commentators endanger geopolitical stability, whatever that is in the modern context.

This makes it very concerning that 156 highly paid biotechnologists anxious to continue playing God with viruses writing in the magazine Virology are calling on governments to make sure gain of function research can continue unimpeded. In other words, safety be damned, we are in this for the long haul, it may go horribly wrong. but we want a ringside seat and a fat pay cheque.

The restoration of the fundamental human right of medical choice and the restoration of product liability for vaccines, are necessary steps now. Their omission has created a fertile field for charlatans, conartists, wannabe political dictators, and aspirational biotechnology Gods. Time to call time and get back to hard earned principles of natural justice, common law, and human rights. Time to rein in governments intent on extending their power far beyond any recognised remit. Time to annul freedom from legal liability, they lied to us.

Dr Guy Hatchard is a former senior manager at Genetic ID, food testing and certification company. This article was first published HERE

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DeeM said...

The 21 year-old daughter of some friends of ours, who works in the health sector, so is fully vaccinated and boosted, recently contracted serious kidney disease. She is now on a course of strong steroids but the outlook is by no means certain and she is at significant risk of kidney failure.
She is constantly tired and has a lot of swelling.

Is this a side-effect of the mRNA vaccine? I don't know and the doctors who are treating her certainly wouldn't say so, even if they thought it.

But the recent articles highlighting the link between Covid vaccines and acute kidney disease certainly make you wonder.