Friday, January 20, 2023

Dr Muriel Newman chats to Sean Plunket on the Te Tiriti framework

 Muriel and Sean talk about RNZ's shocking Te Tiriti framework document, He Puapua and how co-governance is undermining New Zealand's democracy.

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Robert Arthur said...

Excellent. If only the same were published by the msm. If anyone could devise a method of research to establish the current level of public grasp of the situation I think the result would be both dispiriting and astonishing. Co governance sounds so benign, but apart from the maori elite and supporters, the vast majority are totally unaware of its reach and the associated certainty of maori control. Because in any situation at least one of the non maori camp will see fit to align with the maori bloc, the threat is far greater than just the power of veto.
Even if the newspapers swing their support toward the sure election winners, the power of the maori economy is such that objective observation will still be unlikely. And RNZ and the like is beyond reach.
Hopefully the election war chests will be sufficient to enable the public to be fully enlightened. (Assuming the msm will accept advertising.)