Sunday, January 29, 2023

Denis Hall: The Treaty farce

As I lay here in bed this morning trying to make sense in my head of the conundrum that this Treaty farce has all been turned into by despicable government functionaries - who have simply heaped one lie upon another to completely subvert the intentions of the people who lined up in their hundreds to sign the thing - I am almost in despair - but I have to fall back on the simple thing of it.

I have read it over and over - and the Treaty of Waitangi is a simple document - with simple and obvious and straight forward intentions. It emerged out of thirty years of appalling Maori on Maori bloodshed - and Maori on Maori violence with Muskets that touched every Tribe (See Musket Wars) when they slaughtered 20% of their own population - and the Chiefs who instigated the William Yate letter to set the treaty in motion - were the Maori Statesmen of the time to have done that. We should all know their names.

(See and read the William Yate Letter on Google.)

The treaty simply says that Maori cede sovereignty to the Queen of England - because they considered that there were two choices of future.

Ruled by the French version of Civilisation - or ruled by the British version.

They decided that the British were the most benign - and chose them.

They ceded sovereignty to the Queen Victoria - and in exchange got British Citizenship - and all the rights - property and civil - that go with that - and with it laws and administration that would help bring peace to their troubled land.

There were no 'principals' - it was a simple agreement - and it saved Maori from themselves - and set the tone for peace among the Tribes. Try to remember New Zealanders - at the time the Treaty was signed Maori outnumbered the British settlers forty to one - and they had guns - so in any conflict with the British they would surely have won.

The Treaty was to help sort out their issues and problems - not ours.

So New Zealand in this modern age has constructed a series of lies - all based on ideology - on which all and everything of our nationhood has been subverted by corrupt lawyers and teachers and media.

Lie number one: Maori life was better before the settlers arrived. It was not. It was primitive cold and nasty - and very violent.

Lie number two: The Treaty of Waitangi was open to interpretation. It was not. It is a very simple document ceding sovereignty to a superior power and the civilisation at large.

Lie number three: Colonisation was bad for Maori. It was not - it was an alternative to tribal Wars and Cannibalism.

Denis Hall describes himself as an old man and an artist - a thinker - a writer - and a commentator. He does what he does - for the love of it.


Robert Arthur said...

It seems much of the mischeif arises from artful modern interpretation of a couple of key words. Politicians were quaintly trusting of maori a few decades ago, and now they dare not question. The problem is that to question requires a knowledge of 1840 maori. Any student of is unlikely to or cannot be not aligned with maori so the interpreations cannot be seriously questioned. Any objective study would preclude any career in the lucrative pro maori industry. The adoption of the chance connected English version was another windfall for maori. it would be interesting to know just who manipulated this to official recognition. With the evidence now avilable it should be replaced by the Busby written version which aligns exactly with the maori version.

Anonymous said...

The current concept of how to decide who is Māori is to say anybody who has 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 or has less Māori blood can be called Māori. If a government was to extend this concept just a small amount and call every New Zealand citizen a Māori then the following would happen. We would have;

One legal system
One medical system
One Police force
One educational system, one everything.
The difference between 1/64 Māori blood and nothing is very very small.
The outcome one would expect is that all the Māori left wing radicals would have their political teeth removed in short order.
The public must understand that a person who has 1/64 Māori blood has less than 2% Māori blood and more than 98% other blood. These figures are true provided the mother and father are telling the truth which is not always the case.

Anonymous said...

The biggest truth:
Life is getting shittier for everyone because the neoliberals are raping and pillaging. We are all in this together and pretending we are all Maoris isn't gonna help anybody. We don't need racism we need a special leader who will lead us from the wilderness. No-one is appearing on the horizon yet.
The second biggest truth is that Maori culture is by Maori for Maori. They are very well supported in their cultural endeavours.
The cancelling of the Kimbolton Settlers day because they didn't consult with local Maori is a shameful outcome. It was nothing to do with Maori although everyone would have been welcome. However THEY thought they had to have input??? There will be backlash for that and Labour will wear it. Luxon take note and get your act sorted.

Robert Arthur said...

Anonoymous 29 has an interesting idea. Perhaps we could all be mandated to be injected with 1/4 cc of trace maori blood, then his proposal could be applied, the Treaty torn up, and NZ progress as the advanced country it once was.The unemployed from the pro mair industries could be retrained as bus drivers, aged care givers, fruit pickers