Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Rodney Hide: My Single Issue this Election

I am a single-issue voter. I will vote for anyone or any party promising a full inquiry into the safety of the covid-19 vaccine and the treatment of the vaxxed injured. I don’t care about their other policies.

It’s not much. It’s just one vote. But that's all I have. I want to use it to the best effect.

I have never had a high regard for single-issue voters. I figured they were too fixated and not sufficiently aware of the vast array of policies affecting our lives and our country.

And yet here I am.

My single issue doesn’t appear in the news or political debate. It is not discussed in polite company. I am dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and part of the “River of Filth”.

And yet here I am.

We were promised the vaccine was “safe and effective”. The promise was unequivocal. There were no caveats.

Our government with the full support of the opposition locked us up until 90 percent of us were vaccinated.

The Government with the full support of the opposition divided the nation into two classes: those who were vaccinated and those who were not. The unvaccinated were declared selfish and uncaring and worse.

Jobs were mandated. No jab, no job. Citizens lost their careers and their homes.

The unvaccinated were denied freedom of movement and association. Sports, clubs, pubs, meetings, and travel were denied them.

And now we are here.

The vaccine was not effective. 40,000 cases have been reported a week. The vaccine is not effective against the new variants and may not have been all that effective against the original. We don’t know. It is not to be discussed.

Those in power understandably don’t want to have their assurances questioned. The media without exception were onboard and won’t have their journalism or ethics questioned.

We don’t know how effective the vaccine was. We don’t even know whether it made you less likely or more likely to get sick. Even the rudimentary data that was once publicly available has disappeared. Rudimentary statistics aren’t reported or even gathered. We are left with anecdotes and suspicion fuelled by a great political vacuum that has every appearance of a cover-up.

We told you it was effective. Therefore it was. We don’t need data nor research.

The vaccine was not safe. We know young healthy people died of the vaccine. Some have been officially recognised. Many have not. We are now told no medicine is 100 percent safe and that we had to be told the vaccine was 100 percent safe because otherwise fewer people would have taken the medicine. The “100 percent safe” lie was a Noble Lie. But was it Noble? And just how safe was the vaccine?

There should also be a debate about whether a Noble Lie is ever justified even in the midst of a health crisis.

I don’t know just how safe or effective the vaccine was. The data are not available. But I know it was not 100 percent. And yet for months every leader, expert and talking head promised us it was both. Where are they now? Why the silence?

We need to restore some trust, especially in public health. We need to start with some transparency and accountability.

That for me is the most important thing this election.

I know one young man died from the vaccine. He only took it because of the government mandates. It was the policy that killed him. My vote is for him

Rodney Hide is former ACT Party leader, and Minister in the National-ACT Government from 2008 to 2011. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

Bless you Rodney for your honesty. Your truth and your integrity for speaking out. This is what most kiwis don't want to talk about. It is imperative it is talked about now, because we are heading into an election that no party in Parliament at the present time deserves to be voted in again. They are culpable and justice will be served.

Concerned citizen said...

Bless you Rodney for you sharing your thoughts. I too feel this is the elephant in the room that no one is talking about yet it needs to be shouted from the rooftops. Our politicians have made a human error that is insurmountable.

Anonymous said...

And here we are.

Anonymous said...

Lies, lies and more lies from our politicians...why should they ever be trusted again?

Surely it's time to build some safeguards into our democracy to protect the public from political self-interest? Nothing too revolutionary - just mechanisms to ensure the will of the public is respected. Simple tweaks like the right of voters to "recall" politicians (hold a fresh election) if they break election ection promises. Expand the role of binding referenda (with thresholds), enshrine the Bill of Rights with entrenchment provisions (use the same threshold as constitutional changes).

If we have learnt anything from Jacinda Ardern, it is that we the people need to be protected from those we elect to represent us. She will shortly cut and run to a very prosperous career as a celebrity politician within the insular world of socialist idealists. She will become part of rich and famous elite rubbing shoulders with Harry & Meghan spouting idealist crap and curating a 'caring' image to the World of Woke. While we at home face the real world reality of a much more divided society and the financal reality that it is we and the next generation who wll paying for Labour's reckless spending.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Rodney Hide. A brave and courageous person speaking the truth. These corrupt evil politicians must be held to account and a Royal Commission of Enquiry must be undertaken. As for the collusive paid-off media, the puppets of the government, they too must be punished.

GRUNTER said...

Thank you Rodney for bringing up this important topic. I agree, the jab now looks like a major scam, or at best a major f###-up. International data now freely available is irrefutable. And a growing list of people calling for a major inquiry. For example, Dr Malhotra in the UK (Cardiologist) is leading a group of over 100 cardiologists calling for an immediate stop to any more jabs until all the latest data is properly analyzed. The Japanese Govt also launching a major investigation (Japan's covid infections keep increasing as more and more jabs are dished out - they are one of the highest jabbed populations). The Saudi Govt has just this week stopped their jab program and asking big Pharma lots of questions. Africa has the lowest level of covid jabs AND the lowest level of covid infections (interesting to say the least). Why did all the big Pharma companies have a 'no indemnity' agreement with Govt's? (except India who refused this and so did not get the Pfizer jabs). Dr John Campbell's latest (UK) update shows UK offical excess deaths now hitting +30% in January (and it's not covid deaths). So much more real data and evidence showing that we have a major problem. Our new PM now right in the firing line.....

Robert Arthur said...

I suspect the bad effects of all vaccines are suppressed. (I know of a permanently totally disabling reaction to the flu shot. Also of an appaerntly fit person who died immediately after a Covid shot). Problem is we do not know how many and who saved. Might include Rodney. NZ cumulative figures per million very much lower than most others. The shots probably saved many maori, once they had been bribed to accept.
As I have observed before I think the relentless anti vax attitude associated the Right discourages many potential voters from support. They likely to opt for luke warm National.

Anonymous said...

So glad I didn't fall for the b/s and I stood up to the bullies. On the 15 Nov 2021, I was sacked from my 18 year teaching career and passion because I refused to comply with the Order to inject the c-jab. Yes I was treated like a sewer rat by some of my colleagues, friends and family, but I do NOT want an apology. Why? Because I honestly feel like I've dodged a bullet. It's the jabbed who need an apology - from the 'authorities'. Those who complied or were coerced into injecting the toxin are now living with a compromised immune system and sometimes worse. It must be a living hell for these people. And yes, they're my friends and family. It's heartbreaking.

Ricardo C said...

Good luck Rodney. It appears you won't be able to cast a vote in this year's election. At 70+ I chose to have 4 jabs, didn't lose anything but a week of time out after getting Covid anyway pre-Xmas 22. May I emphasise the word "chose", as you used to represent the party that was all about personal responsibility and choice, but nearly buried it in your term as leader. I suggest if you don't find an individual worthy of your vote, then Party vote ACT and see if they will take up the cudgels on your behalf. RC

Andrew Kirkham said...

I agree with Rodney - we all want the truth and an impartial review, it is disappointing that our media do not hold to account the Government or at least fact check things instead of republishing press releases. At this stage, only the Act Party seem to share my view and are worth my party vote.

Anonymous said...

I am almost at the point where I don't care. All those that wanted the lock downs and wanted people to lose their jobs and houses should all be forced to continue to get the jabs. No one cared about the right to say "no" to the jab, no one cared about the rights of those that were locked out of the country. The govt (all of them) were quite happy to sit at home and let 2 people "run the country". It was disgusting beyond anything we have seen for a long time. Yet here we are. That stupid part of my monkey brain says "you should try and vote for something" but the reality is almost every single person in Wellington wanted you held down locked up and jabbed. I kept thinking during the koof crazy that I would have to vote for Brian. How crazy is the country? Now? Now I keep suspecting I will have to vote for WP.... I cannot cannot stand the guy but he is the ONLY one saying the right things. The fact is if he gets back in he will just angle for a nice seat at the table with all the nice trimmings and do NOTHING.

Basil Walker said...

Anonymous , Just remember WP chose Labour and that was the start to the division of New Zealand. Law making by Labour is repugnant to democracy and complicit to racial disharmony.

Jason Hall said...

John H
Well said Rodney. I see you have disappeared from the Platform.
I guess Sean Plunket didn't like these views of yours.
He is very pro the jab. He just couldn't imagine he could be duped.

Anonymous said...

Democracy NZ , (Matt King), has stated that the party, if elected into Parliament, will conduct a full criminal investigation into covid and the vaccine.

Sandra Beltman said...

I wonder if anyone knows what happens around 'no confidence votes' in an election? If there are a certain percentage of N.C. votes where does that leave the country legally-politically-governingwise?
I mean if voters were voting no confidence in a single issue election and are they therefore 'stating' that they have no confidence in the current parties on offer and the candidates 'going forward'?
What legislation would be brought into play regarding managing/governing the country, when no confidence voters are in the majority? Or is there no possibility of this? - is there legislation ensuring that would not happen?
And how do we go about getting a government that we can trust?

KiwiKerry said...

Hi Rodney, perhaps this will help.

DoD products are not tested for safety or effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to get a Nurnberg Code 2 session, or the international crime court in the Hague.
Many are already covering their backside. Some running, some hiding.
I am still in doubt: should I even vote for the self serving liers.

Leo said...

You know of one young man killed by the mandated vaccine, Rodney. So, you will vote for the Party which promises an inquiry.

We know many others have died from the vaccine. But untold have died from being murdered in the womb. That's a lot worse.

I'm a one-issue voter. I'll vote for a Party which promises to criminalise the murder of children in the womb.

Jenny Parsons said...

Thank you dear Rodney for having the courage to speak up for the many people so badly damaged by the
Known mRNA jab.
I have written individually to all party leaders to ask what they will be doing about this situation as I too have become a one policy voter which I never ever thought I would be.
As yet, not one leader has responded to my question!
Jenny Parsons