Tuesday, January 17, 2023

John Porter: Out with 2022 and in with 2023

As we kick 2022 out the back door with a loud and robust “…and don’t come back” message, I’m looking forward to 2023 with a degree of positivity while at the same time recognising that many issues need urgent or immediate attention from this government.

The myriad of government failures and blunders have been well documented and dissected by far more knowledgeable political commentators than I and will be widely publicised and analysed in the lead-up to this year’s general election.

I would like to recap some of the more notable, what I term “unnecessary cock ups”.

Why, in the middle of a pandemic would you push ahead with the reform of our hospital system in favour of two new overarching organisations: Health NZ and the Maori Health Authority. Who was behind this and just what was the perceived benefit?

The greenhouse gas reduction plan aims to reduce sheep and beef farming in New Zealand by 20% and dairy farming by 5%. This equates to approximately the value of the entire wine industry and half of the seafood being wiped out.

Jacinda Ardern’s Government have allowed pine plantations to be planted on any class of land: thus prompting investors to buy up productive sheep and beef farms just to plant pines, pocket the carbon credits and then walk away! These sorts of decisions are absolutely mind-boggling!

Even Environment Minister David Parker says this has been “a blunt instrument” for carbon offsetting.

And what about the parliamentary protests? Ardern wouldn’t talk to the protesters and Mallard induced them to dance by assailing them with Barry Manilow!

Then Ardern had the temerity to publicly state, “(T)his is not how New Zealand expects people to protest”.

I say to Jacinda Ardern: “This is not how New Zealand expects to be governed!”

I could go on and on about the “unnecessary cock ups” but let’s have a look at what I would like to see happen on the political landscape in 2023.

I acknowledge my biggest aspiration – for New Zealand to rid itself of this inept and divisive government – will have to wait until late this year.

But in the interim:

A lack of acumen and competency is exhibited by too many government ministers. Impossible to change, I know, but those ministers who do possess a modicum of skill, need to step up and ensure government decisions are not based on an ethnic bias and that decisions are made only after exhaustive analysis of potential negative consequences.

How is this for ideology eclipsing the need for consequence analysis? The Government has paid out over $30m in clean car rebates to Tesla owners; now it’s recalibrating the scheme because it’s dished out too many discounts. The clean car discount was supposed to be a revenue-neutral policy; subsidies are meant to be paid for by a tax on heavy-emitting vehicles like utes.

I want a government that acknowledges the need for and practices fiscal responsibility. This Government has played a significant part in causing our record inflation, fuelling it with out-of-control spending. Consultancy costs are a classic example. Approximately $30m has been squandered on consultants’ fees for the 3-Waters merger alone! $300m is budgeted to be spent on the TVNZ/RNZ merger. A merger no one wants!

I want a government that ceases using fabricated, extreme climate modelling scenarios to construct doom-laden predictions that allow MPs and government lackeys to scare the public, all to justify outlandish and unnecessary government spending.

I want a government that is actually truthful, open and transparent. And yes, I believe in Santa Claus.

I want a government that does not bribe mainstream media to promote its fabricated “Treaty Partnership” agenda. MSM scrutiny no longer exists in New Zealand. They have surrendered their integrity, objectivity and neutrality. These standards have been massively compromised as a condition of access to the Ardern Government’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund.

I want a government that does not promote Te Ao Maori worldview; a decolonisation narrative, and the equating of matauranga Maori with modern science as absolute truths.

We need an education system that prepares our young to be global citizens, literate, numerate and grounded in science in a way that places myth and legend in an appropriate perspective. Our education system needs to teach truthfully presented histories, enabling students to acknowledge and understand both the positive and negative aspects of our history. We cannot afford for those who will inherit our country to have a culturally distorted and intolerant perspective.

I want a government that does not believe a desire for social justice and equality for Maori is justification for completely overriding the principles of democracy.

I want a Prime Minister that acknowledges and affirms that our country’s name is NEW ZEALAND.

I want a government that commands police to crack down hard on any criminal activity.

We need a Police Commissioner who does not buy into the philosophy that a return to “baseline level” of criminal activity is acceptable policing.

I want a government that will cease its separatist agenda and govern equally for all. We need to become a country respectful of not just Maori, but all cultures.

Do you not desire to live in a country which defends all citizens equally?

New Zealand is entering a crucial, and quite possibly dangerous period of our history.

We are encumbered by an authoritarian government that is aggressively crushing our democracy. Plans are afoot, and government-cultivated and -abetted activists are determined to radically change our society.

For the New Zealand that we know and love to survive, New Zealanders need to start asserting that this government must go, and the foundation of democracy, one person, one vote must be the fundamental aspiration of a new government.

Speak out! Courage is contagious!

Power concedes nothing without a demand!

John Porter is a citizen, deeply concerned about the loss of democracy and the insidious promotion of separatism by our current government. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

Well John, I think you speak for the majority, well I'd like to think so anyway - otherwise we both need to get on a boat and cut our losses? (If this is not so, then can someone remain and turn the lights out in due course?) For it's all fairly sound and reasonable stuff I would have thought, but let's hear from someone (preferably the PM) with their justification for this current utter nonsense being foisted upon us? Here's earnestly hoping that 2023 is not the year of disappointment.
Mr Luxon, wake up and smell the groundswell of opposition - Mr Seymour, continue fighting the good fight.

Anonymous said...

great contribution john couldn't agree more

Anonymous said...

Bravo John.
Spot on - as usual.

An election ASAP will at least halt the massive damage still possible in 2023.

Mr Luxon has failed to listen in time -he was begged to heed the warnings from his first day as National leader.
Belated action is unconvincing and seen as expedient.
Whoever his advisors are, he should sack them.