Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Bob Jones: Another Maori wonderfulness absurdity

Real estate agents operate under the Real Estate Agents Act, needless to say overseen by a farcically large Wellington bureaucracy.

The Act’s expressed objectives are the regulating of real estate agents, the raising of standards and to provide a disciplinary process to deal with complaints, all plainly worthy.

By law agents must renew their licence to practise each year. Now brace yourself.

This year the licensing authority has come up with a new angle, specifically that henceforth for agents to renew their licenses they will be required to undertake and pay for a special study course in “the maori world view (maori customs, protocols and the maori language)”.

To that end they’ve engaged an outfit called Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi, described as an educational institution, to deliver this nonsense for a fee. They will do this by making agents watch an online video for an hour and a half and in return, at $29 per agent, will pocket circa $600,000.

This rubbish is simply trendy gangsterism against a currently hard-pressed service industry. It’s also ludicrous. There is no bloody maori perspective on buying, selling or renting property.

These are tough times for real estate and over the next two years I suspect their numbers will reduce by at least a third and possibly more as reliant on commissions, agents find their income falls to zilch.

That aside, given their often irrational obsession with property, why not a compulsory study course on “Chinese customs, protocols and language”? If not, why not, after all I’d wager for every real estate transaction with a maori there’s at least 20 with members of our Chinese community. Imagine the carry-on if it were they subject to this rubbish as diverse commentators would rightly protest at its absurdity.

This nonsense is a disgraceful burden on the currently hard pressed real estate agency business and requires Ministerial intervention to put a halt to it.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Robert Arthur said...

On the other hand if the course covers all the ways in which maori can block, interfere with, and extort sundry consultation fees from property development, it could prove useful. (Although often the less agents are known to know the, less they can be held to account)

Kawena said...

Yet another bloody racist rort!

Anonymous said...

The course will focus on rights of Maori - and the responsibility of the 84% to honour these in every way.

Noone seems very worried about this brainwashing.

Builders next?

Unknown said...

Sir Robert - I agree it would be more appropriate for the Real estate Industry to focus on the Chinese Buyer, they will have the money at hand, and will pay a premium for the intended House (just like they did in 1999, in Auckland, prior to the hand over of Hong Kong), which the Real Estate Agency will sell at Auction, thus causing the price to go up/and their commission.
Whereas the other "group" will need to seek funds, from whom I do not know.

Can I suggest that you or your staff do a research on the Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi you might find that past issues prevailed!

Anonymous said...

Has something been written into the Real Estate Agents Act recently?

This foolishness is often required of Sports Bodies receiving Government money. Pretty sure Patsi Reddy doesnt play rugby but is the Chair the NZRFU Board.

DeeM said...

I would imagine most Real Estate Agents will use that 90 mins wisely and contact potential clients on their phones rather than listen to the cock-and-bull version of Maori rights.
I mean, if you have to spend $29 you may as well generate some business.

The organisers won't care. They'll get paid regardless, and this is what it's really about. A guaranteed income stream. But a compulsory tax by any other name.

Terry Morrissey said...

I certainly hope that all Real Estate Sales People kick back against this crap. If they comply there is no way in hell that I would deal with such a salesperson.
Apart from that, the only maori that I ever dealt with in Real Estate were real people who knew which way was up. A salesperson with any loaf will keep right away from Maori Titled land.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the course is advice on how to deal with people who don’t pay rent or rates or insurance but who are moving towards a total Maori land tax/ de facto rental in all of NZ to be paid into another indigenous slush fund. Apologies if I sound cynical ….

Anonymous said...

interesting to note that 15% of 29$ will go back to govt as GST, which can collectively be used to 'sponsor' another such course... just rinse and repeat!

Anonymous said...

I think the on line course could nbe useful if you intend to sell grass/thatched huts.

If however you are selling modern dwellings built of modern construction materials using techniques completely unknown to early Maori i see it having absolutely NO benefit whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Māori Māori Pacific Islanders galore ! No way I will renew licence under this absurdity!! Show me one pure Māori ? I’m a pure thoroughbred Scot and proud of it.
I don’t ask for a return for the Scots educating you all and bringing Christianity to your warfare nation!!!

Anonymous said...

Typical no freedom of speech either
Get outta here….