Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Karl du Fresne: Neo-Nazis 1; free speech nil

With their masks, their black uniforms and their Sieg Heil-type salutes, the knuckle-dragging neo-Nazis who turned up at British feminist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull’s Melbourne rally are a truly pathetic bunch of human beings. All that’s missing is the word “LOSER” tattooed in large letters on their foreheads.

But they gave the media and the woke Left the perfect excuse to whip up a storm of hysteria over Keen-Minshull’s pending visit to New Zealand, with even Wellington’s already tiresome look-at-me mayor gratuitously getting in on the act. Tory Whanau says Keen-Minshull’s views are strongly condemned and unwelcome in Wellington. But condemned by whom? And how would Whanau know what Wellington thinks, beyond her own tight little circle of swooning admirers?

The presence of the neo-Nazis at the Melbourne rally enabled Keen-Minshull’s opponents to smear her by association, no matter how emphatically she declares her contempt for them. So the controversy over her speaking tour is now framed in the shock-horror media as a contest between liberal (yeah, right) progressives and admirers of Adolf Hitler, when it’s nothing of the sort.

The neo-Nazis are not remotely interested in supporting Keen-Minshull (aka Posie Parker). Why would they be? She’s a feminist. Last time I checked, neo-Nazis weren't exactly big on women's rights. All they’re interested in is promoting disruption and destabilisation – and they’re succeeding. The tragedy is that the principle of free speech is being trampled underfoot in the process.

Karl du Fresne, a freelance journalist, is the former editor of The Dominion newspaper. He blogs at


Anonymous said...

Nailed that on every count, Karl - 'cept those Wellingtonians are a strange lot for they did vote for the likes of Paul and Whanau. But if Menendez-March and Co. succeed in cancelling Keen-Minshull's ('Posie') talks, it's just another thing to add to NZ's woeful list of truly perverted wokeism. Contrast what Posie might have to say with Tusiata Avia's recent invective.

Anonymous said...

are you sure they're not just woke retards POSING as neo-Natzis ?

Barend Vlaardingerbroek said...

Maybe there are two women with the same name. The Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull I just read about is opposed to the gender-bender lobby and its outrageous demands, as I thought most of us here were. She refers to the propaganda spiel of the transgender con-artists as 'The Big Lie' which was indeed an expression coined by Goebbels but it has been used by many since.

Terry Morrissey said...

I would not at all be surprised if the creepy greens were to employ a few "rent a natzis" to add a little colour to any rally. After all if the rally is somehow leaning towards normality, straight people, conservatism or common sense, that would be in direct conflict with their own twisted ideology,wokeism and peccadillos.

Peter Bacos said...

The problem is this activist is not given a hall, meeting room or lecture theatre to espouse her beliefs in a rational way, because most of the public and private bodies are too frightened to allocate this space to her. If she was allowed to there would no doubt be ushers who would see that the unruly element would not enter,there would be a rostrum to speak from, and the audience could hear her without fighting off elements of the weather. Instead she has to speak in the open air which gives a green light to any protesters, and those who have a completely different agenda to disrupt the meeting. And as you say Karl the media react in a predictable way,aligning those thugs with her message, which is nothing to do with their perverted philosophy. It's gutter journalism but that's the modern media who love headlines, sensationalism, and discrediting those who don't share their obsession with human rights, however marginal they may appear. The entire story now has been framed in this way and a sensible discussion of her message has been trampled underfoot. As far as I'm concerned gender is rooted in biology; it is not the latest fashion accessory to be taken on and off at the the latest whim.I believe the statistic is that over 90% of young adolescent males who claim to be trans end up as homosexuals.