Saturday, March 25, 2023

Breaking Views Update: Week of 19.03.23

Saturday March 25, 2023 

Govt raises Māori procurement contracts target

A Government procurement contract target for goods and services to be awarded to Māori businesses annually will increase to 8%, after the initial 5% target was exceeded, Māori Development Minister, Willie Jackson announced today.

The progressive procurement policy was introduced in 2020 to increase supplier diversity, starting with Māori businesses, for the estimated $51.5 billion spent on government procurement every year.

Minister Jackson said the initiative reached 6% in the first full year of reporting.....
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Waikato hapū challenges Hamilton City Council plan for housing on possible pā site
A Waikato hapū is calling on the Hamilton City Council to immediately abandon any plans to develop what Māori say is an historic pā site.

The 1ha site in Claudelands is currently home to the Sonning Carpark just across the Waikato River from the CBD, but the council has been keen to develop high-rise housing on the site.

The hapū is taking a claim to the Waitangi Tribunal, but in the meantime it wanted the council to bring in a name change and officially call the site, the Opoia Pā.

Ngaati Wairere historian Wiremu Puke said it was one of five pā sites in Hamilton and it needed to be protected and respected.....
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No lending fees for three months as Gore opens $7.7m library
Upstairs are the non-fiction collections, as well as a genealogy/research room named Te Puna o Tūtemākohu, and a meeting room, Hokanui Rūma Hui. These names were gifted by the Hokonui Rūnanga.

A feature of the building is a series of tukutuku window designs and backlit mahika kai panels (traditional local food resources) that can be viewed on the first floor, she said.....
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Maori councilors decry co-governance scare
The Maori committee of Local Government New Zealand, Te Maruata, has hit out at what it calls blatant race-baiting and scare-mongering over co-governance.

“You know there’s a lot of race-baiting and scare-mongering and things like that going on. But I think those voices that are the noisest, are a minority, and that they’re just looking for people to scare into thinking the same way they are – as opposed to what I really, fervently hope are the vast majority who can see through this, and understand the benefits of co-governance as opposed to seeing it as a threat,” she says.....
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Iwi interests kotahitanga to monetise wireless spectrum
Members of an interim Māori Spectrum Trust (MST) working group are looking at how allocations of communications spectrum to Māori can be turned into income and development in the sector.

The MST has representatives of Treaty of Waitangi claimants and others who are negotiating with government ministers and officials to oversee Māori interests and engagement in radio spectrum, and to reach an enduring solution......
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Friday March 24, 2023 

Ngāti Ngararanui opposes housing development that may affect its awa 
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development is aiming to build 350 new homes in Ngongotaha, Rotorua, as a solution to housing stress and related community impacts.

However, local hapū Ngāti Ngararanui of Ngāti Whakaue Te Arawa is concerned that water infrastructure from these homes will affect their ancestral stream Waiteti.
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Independent Māori Stat Board to Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown: Leave our putea alone - and we’re not moving
Auckland’s Independent Māori Statutory Board deputy chair and former MP Tau Henare wants Mayor Wayne Brown to leave the Māori money alone and has told council staff they are not moving from their plush downtown waterfront offices to uptown Albert Street.

Brown and the Auckland Council are looking to slice $250 million from the city’s operating budget, and nothing is off the table.....
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Dr David Lillis: Allegations of Racism in New Zealand Universities 

Thursday March 23, 2023 

The world's first integrated Māori keyboard could soon be hitting our shelves. 
Lenovo's latest product includes physical keys for macrons or tohutō, the little line used above some vowels in te reo Māori.

It was launched at Auckland's Ngā Whare Waatea Marae today.

The keyboard will be rolled out at schools, kura and corporate entities first, and will be made available to consumers further down the track......
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Māori teachers want more in pay talks
The principal of a south Auckland kura kaupapa says the skills Māori teachers bring to the job need to be better recognised in their pay packets.

Maahia Nathan from Te Wharekura o Manurewa welcomed the acknowledgement from Education Minister Jan Tinetti of the value Māori teachers brought to her previous Tauranga school.

He says kura teachers work under Te Aho Matua, a philosophy of how they teach, what they teach and in some cases a way of life......
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'At no stage did I disrespect the karakia', says emotional councillor after walkout
Cr Michael Laws spoke against the use of a karakia, saying he had a fundamental objection to the use of religion or the supernatural in council affairs.

He noted the separation of church and state came from the forebears who arrived to New Zealand in the 19th century.

Asked by Cr Elliot Weir about whose forebears he was speaking of, Laws replied his own: ‘’Those that developed this country ... the reason we have an economy today.’’

Laws noted the council, which had no Māori elected members, wanted to impose a karakia.

“We are deciding to adopt the worst kind of tokenism ... the very worst kind.

“It is not simply wrong ... it is risible.”.....
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Henare defending Auckland Maori budget
Independent Maori Statutory Board deputy chair Tau Henare says Maori spending should be fenced off from Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown’s budget cuts.

Mr Henare says Maori have never had a fair shake in the 10 years of the super city, and what little putea has been set aside has been under-spent.....
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Karl du Fresne: Moana - sacrificed to the culture wars

Chris Trotter: The Tribal Stand-off at Eden Park 

Wednesday March 22, 2023 

Alarm at ‘removal’ of Maori land rights 
Wairarapa Moana Inc. [WMI] has made a submission on the government’s Spatial Planning Bill and Natural and Built Environment Bill, with concerns about the perceived removal of Maori landowners’ rights.

The submission – made on March 6 by WMI general manager Anaru Smiler – says the business is concerned that, as currently drafted, under both the Spatial Planning Bill and the Natural and Built Environment Bill, only “iwi and hapu” have rights and responsibilities in relation to taiao [natural resources].

Smiler said the Natural and Built Environment Bill was a backward step in its use of the less inclusive term “iwi and hapu” in place of “Maori”.

“Wairarapa Moana Incorporation would go as far as to say the draft Natural and Built Environment Bill removes the existing rights of Maori landowners.”....
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Coromandel scallop fishery to remain closed
Commercial and recreational allowances have been set at zero, and the allowance for customary Māori fishing has been retained at 10 tonnes......
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Sport NZ takes on tiriti task
Sport New Zealand has appointed a taumata to provide leadership for both Sport NZ Ihi Aotearoa and High Performance Sport New Zealand as they work towards achieving their Te Tiriti commitments.

It will have decision making responsibilities for Māori investment and provide advice across the Sport NZ Group on decisions that relate to Maori well-being......
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Kupe voyage demanding highest scholarship
Broadcaster turned scholar Julian Wilcox has picked up a $40,000 Ngarimu VC and 28 Māori Battalion doctoral scholarship.

He’s one of 10 students this year selected by the prestigious progamme, which has been funding Māori education since it was set up after World War II to honour the memory of the first Māori Victoria Cross winner.

He’s pursuing the PhD in Indigenous studies at Te Wānanga o Awanuiārangi after his elders suggested it was a way to develop the discipline and academic rigour needed to write a book about the explorer Kupe.....
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Te Huhi Raupō: New renal unit expected to offer kidney patients 'support and shelter'
Taranaki Base Hospital's new $13 million renal unit has been gifted the name Te Huhi Raupō to Te Whatu Ora, on behalf of Ngā Iwi o Taranaki and Taumaruroa.

Taumaruroa: (made up of mana whenua Ngāti Te Whiti and the eight iwi of Taranaki) is part of the Project Maunga project steering group, and the Tiriti partner for the project......
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Opinion: NZ universities are not normal Crown institutions – they shouldn’t be ‘Tiriti-led’ 

Tuesday March 21, 2023 

Māori voices needed to inform freshwater future - BOP leader 
Tangata whenua need to share stories about their ties to freshwater – because other groups will certainly be telling theirs, says Ōhiwa Harbour Implementation Forum chairman Toi Iti.

Describing the new freshwater policy development programme happening at a regional council level throughout New Zealand as “a train in motion”, he urged Māori to get on board with their views.....
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Upgraded Community Centres re-open across the city
Strathmore Park Community Centre re-opened earlier this month following a $2.2 million upgrade with a new look, new artwork and new name supported by iwi – Te Tūhunga Rau.

The Aro Valley Community Centre was blessed on Friday 10 March and is set to open to the public in time for the Aro Valley Fair on Saturday 1 April. Mana Whenua is considering a te reo name for the upgraded centre.

Newtown Community & Cultural Centre Kaiwhakahaere / Coordinators Ellie Clayton and Eryn Gribble say the upgrade will provide a much-needed space for the community.

Along with the other 23 Community Centres, plus Te Pokapū Hapori in the city, these sites are a crucial part of building resilience, belonging, and diversity across our city, says Mayor Tory Whanau......
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‘This is immense’: Puketotara farm leased to Northland’s Te Whiu hapū after generations-long fight for its return
A sprawling Bay of Islands farm has been leased to a Northland hapū ahead of its return as part of a future Treaty settlement.

The agreement will see Te Whiu lease a 452-hectare Crown-owned farm at Puketotara, inland from Kerikeri, for a symbolic $1 a year for 10 years with a further 10-year right of renewal.

The farm has been “land-banked” for the past three decades and is expected to be returned to Māori ownership once Ngāpuhi reaches a Treaty settlement.....
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Māori-led plan to end streaming in schools by 2030 unveiled
Māori, Pasifika and children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds were more likely to be placed in lower-ability streams regardless of their potential, the research showed.

A new Māori-led plan to end streaming by 2030, 'Kōkirihia', was launched on Monday. Involved were NZEI, PPTA, the Ministry of Education, iwi leaders, NZQA, the Education Review Office and other groups......
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Nurturing the life-force of Papatūānuku

Cops provide pop-gun justice for some, heavy-handed overkill for others

Pharmac prioritised Māori and Pacific patients for access to new diabetes drugs – did they get it right? 

Monday March 20, 2023 

'Tiriti-centric' - Te Pāti Māori on its coalition aspirations 
The party's co-leaders, Rawiri Waititi and Debbie Ngarewa-Packer have previously said they couldn't enter negotiations with parties that opposed Te Aka Whai Ora — the Māori Health Authority. National and ACT have strenuously opposed setting up the new agency.

"There is no way that we would be able to be in a relationship with anyone that's opposed to any of the policies that are pretty much… undo every policy that advances Māori.

"I think you alluded to the fact what would need to be bottom lines. It would be about values and commitment to a Tiriti-centric Aotearoa, and we've always said that."....
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Hamilton City Council: Review will dig into rubbish and recycling plans
Māori Ward councillor Moko Tauariki acknowledged the commitment of Hamilton City Council staff to include He Pou Manawa Ora [Pillars of Wellbeing], Te Tiriti O Waitangi [The Treaty of Waitangi] and our responsibility as kaitiaki [guardians] of the environment into the review of the current WMMP.....
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The War on Woke – Dr Muriel Newman.

Bruce Moon: Tangled Tales

Jack Tame: Labour’s co-governance does a disservice to Māori

Is there such thing as Māori science? ‘It depends’ 

This Breaking Views Update monitors race relations in the media on a weekly basis. New material is added regularly. If you would like to send Letters to the Editor in response to any of these articles, most media addresses can be found HERE


Anonymous said...

The conditions start early.

The msm devotes a lot of time to the so-called " fact" that this party will hold the balance of power in the election - brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

So little Moana Smith has lost her white family home because of a colonial experiment gone wrong. Too bad her mother and whanau appeared incapable of looking after her. Any responsibility on their part? No, just blame it on the colonials. My goodness my heart aches for the little girl and the Smiths.

Robert Arthur said...

Already teachers feel very burdened and the outcome of their efforts is now very sub standard. The range of abilities they have to accomodate in one class is a major factor. Abandonment of streaming stuffs classes with yet another level of generally lower ability for the teacher to provide for. I am surprised the Asian communities do not object to this further shackle on the progress of their generally energetic, able, keen, intelligent, ambitious offspring. What we need is a reversion to the very effective methods of the 1920s when students were kept at their ability level and teachers had in effect just one class to cope with. What methods are used in the countries which acheive good results. Hong kong? Japan? China? etc.

Anonymous said...

@robert: the asian communities simply move to the 'good' grammar zones :) the more committed ones pay for remote tutoring by teachers in Singapore!

Robert Arthur said...

Anyone uncertain what Anonomous 2.44 is alluding to, an absolutely splendid exposition by Michael Laws on The Platform. (Fast becoming the go to source of objective reporting)
Maori despise pakeha care givers as often lead to outcomes embarassing to maori, as Ron Marks. Statistics then have a habit of proving nurture over nature.

robert Arthur said...

re 22nd. With a PhD in Indigenous Studies Julian Wilcox on RNZ midday Saturdays will be likely to sycophantically pander even more insufferably to maori, and to spout ever more gushing te reo. A whole book on Kupe will require some serious wracking of the imaginations and recollections of elders at the propaganda/rebel centres (marae). The persons who contrive ever more subjects for PhDs must be incredibly imaginative.

Ray S said...

Re 22nd & Robert Arthur
Moari will probably allow Wilcox to gather scallops if her paper paints Maori oral history as factual.
Irrespective of the state of the fishery, only Maori can continue to take scallops. Is that race based application of the law.?

Anonymous said...

I am just too exhausted to comment today. I am overwhelmed by what is happening, the speed and the awfulness. Farewell New Zealand. But I do not welcome the new iteration.

Robert Arthur said...

re 23rd and Auckland Council spending on maori, Tau Henare would likely be surtrised just how small a fration of total rates are paid directly by maori.Council should insist the govt to scrub the Tupuna Maunga Authority, an inefficent money sink not meeting the full wishes of anyone.

Anonymous said...

Am I alone in thinking that the allegations against Julian Batchelor are extreme double standard? there have been two recent articles in Stuff and the attitude that if he does not conform to certain populist theories he is BAD, scares me. This is medieval - if you don’t think the way you are told to we kill you.

Anonymous said...

don't understand this nonsense about maori keyboard. windows already has this support - similar to the ones for german characters. how does adding macros on the physical piece add more value? seems like a virtue signalling trick by microsoft to sell more devices to govt departments...

Robert Arthur said...

Re the 23rd, much as English in insurance policies and the like was hugely simplified a few yaers ago, the curious macrons and other affectations were eliminated from English. But now the nonsense is back with a vengeance for maori. Curiously the early settlers recorded words as they heard them and saw no need for elitist embellishment. I never cease to be amused by the variants of maori by maori. There is mowri as inlawns, and maaree as Willie, and as now studiously used by me, traditonal maori as in now. Hopefully recordings of elders were made before the language was extended several fold and the new contrived universal pronunciation imposeded. And hopefully kept somewhere safe beyond reach of maori revisionists. I was always intrigued by the RNZ reporter from Wanganui who pronounced it as such because that was/is the local dialect!

Robert Arthur said...

Re the 24th it is amusing that when it coms to more maori, maori in Ngongotaha adopt the NIMBY approach.They have the luxury of more excuses to invoke than do mere others.

And in Auckland the Maori Statutory Board prefers to hatch its obstructions in luxury circumstances. Prime target for a spending cut would seem to be the disastrous Tupuna Maunga Authority but that would presumably require govt intervention.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Frederick Goldie is in trouble again. For years he was trashed by the art establishment. Now he is recognised and there is a claim sale of one of his works in Australia will be hurtful to descendants of the sitter. Apparently Goldie painted her numerous times. She doesn’t look perturbed by it - reverie. So clearly not hurtful to her. And I doubt she expected any of the paintings of her to be hung on the wall of a whare. For my part - how fantastic a beautiful artwork of a stunning woman is now recognised for what it was to sitter and painter. If her descendants want it - buy it.

Anonymous said...

Poor Goldie. Trashed by the art establishment for years. Now one of his works, a beautiful portrait ( one of several apparently) of a stunning older Maori woman is for sale in Australia. But apparently this will have bad effects on her (no doubt all part) Maori descendants. Too bad she didn’t think of this when she posed. For a Goldie portrait for her whare? Hey dudes, if you want it, buy it.

Ray S said...

Re 25th
Radio spectrum claim, this has been around before. be interesting to see what the tribunal says about this. Maori have laid claim to the radio waves before, they must have thought about it while they were exploring the antarctic.

Robert Arthur said...

Re 25th.The favouritism of maori firms, whatever they might be, for contracts seems the most blatant form of racial discrimination and it is incredible it does not attract more criticism. Of course the msm make no issue of as it would influence PIJFund chances. The approach extends far beyond the govt, Auckland Regional Parks Management Plan includes similar. It is absurd that being able to wakapapa to some cannibal should give a business advantage. Is it the management or staff which determines whether or not maori?

Old maori sites are a problem. All burial sites and pa were periodically ransacked by other tribes and held significance only to the original (where they survived). The historic concept is largely a colonist notion, and many sites are only known because of colonist records and colonist study. Total sites are vast in number and it is not practical in the crowded modern world to preserve and revere all. The pa site in Hamilton is already so compromised a plaque on future building should suffice, as it does for many "historic" places in the UK. Of course the WT will find otherwise.

It is incredible that anyone can really believe that the greater public should and would see common advantage in maori co governance. Local Govt NZ clearly has a sub branch so deluded Mayor Brown is wise to part company. To most who do not wakapa to a cannibal, maori control is a complete anathema. But it has not yet dawned on the greater public that 50/50 co governance is maori control . (And with its concentration on the anomolies of the Treaty, and evangelical approach, I suspect the current counter co governance road show is missing the main point)

Anonymous said...

Robert Arthur - maybe go help the current road show. At least they are out there in the masses trying to raise awareness all while being abused as rascists.