Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Mike Hosking: Are Marama Davidson and the Greens worth the trouble?

It's hard to know where to start with Marama Davidson.

It all came crashing down, as it was always going to, but with a number of strands as to how it played out.

Firstly, what she said was unforgivable. It is everything the Green Party should not be.

It is everything that keeps them stuck at five or six percent in the polls as it has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with mad social engineering.

Secondly, Chris Luxon was played the clip yesterday. First, he wasn’t aware of the clip and what was said and, second, when he was played it he had no real response.

There is a reason that there is a sense he is not quite on top of what he should be on top of.

And one of the reasons is David Seymour, who was on top of it.

He sent out the usual array of press releases, complete with facts, to show what a flake Marama is, her lack of engagement in the portfolio that, in the protest, she was so exercised about and yet the rest of the time you have never heard a peep.

Then we get to the bit where Labour is attached to her. What part of her madness does Hipkins want to be associated with?

Just what role do the Greens have in this Government? What use are they and how badly does their nuttiness reflect on the major party?

Going forward, given all the polls, just how much more of this does Labour want if they be in a position to stitch together some sort of coalition post October 14th?

Then you get to poor old James Shaw who, once again, has got to be wondering why the hell he hangs out with these nutters.

So, all in all, not the best day at the office for the Greens.

It's a reminder that Marama is really just a loud mouth activist, if not extremist, who is more into damage than she is effectiveness.

So, we've got a Government that associates with the fringe and, seemingly, willingly so.

An Opposition leader that doesn’t appear to read the room in a way a smaller opposition party leader does.

And a day or two worth of drama and headlines that, yet again, steers our attention away from what really matters.

The fact we are going backwards, our kids aren't at school, those who are aren't learning, crime is a crisis, the health care system on its knees, you can’t get labour - and here comes a recession.

New Zealand 2023 - how about us?

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.


EP said...

Shaw is the only environmentalist left in the Green Party - anyone else with the planet in mind having left - or leaving. And he's the one who fired David Clendon and Kennedy Graham following Metiria Turei's dishonesty. It's just a useless SJW wreck now. Forget it.

Anonymous said...

I was sorry to hear Marama Davidson got hit by a motorcycle, but her later comments about white cis men and their proclivity for violence are inexcusable. She may have been suffering some trauma and what she said 'might' have normally been consciously filtered, but I'm more inclined to believe this is her unconscious racial bias shining through. Either way, she has no business to be in the office she holds.
Of course, there is also the issue of her party's position on anthropogenic global warming and her personally having six children. I don't know where she ultimately stands regarding the physical confrontation at the Kellie-Jay event, but she surely has a tendency to be a hypocrite and a racially charged one at that.

Anonymous said...

is there any hope for this ship of fools - maybe its best left to sink

Allen said...

Figures for Marama Davidson to think about
Ministry of Justice figures show a total of 7743 who identify as maori (IAM) were convicted of violent offences; these represent 0.86% of maori based on 2022 census figures of 892200 those IAM in the NZ population (17.2% of the NZ population).
Of 3297864 identifying as European in 2018 (70.2% of the NZ population), 5033 or 0.15% were convicted of violent offences.
Of 381642 Pacific peoples (Pp) in NZ, 1795 (0.47%) were convicted of violent offences.
Of 471708 Asian peoples in NZ, 576 (0.12%) were convicted of violent offences.
These proportions show that maori were nearly 6 times more likely to be convicted of violent offences (on a IAM population basis) than Europeans; nearly twice as much as Pp and 6 times as much as Asians.
Taking sexual offences specifically there were 722 European (0.02% of the European population), 450 maori (0.05% of the population IAM), 168 Pacific people (0.04% of the Pp population) and 123 Asians (0.02% of the Asian population).
These proportions indicate that more than twice as many maori as Europeans offended in sexual offences, slightly more than Pp and more than twice as many times as Asians.

Anonymous said...

Very well sorted stats.
can we define the white Male separately.

DeeM said...

Luxon gave us his usual "I don't have an opinion on this" crap. Hoping that if he didn't take a side the MSM wouldn't catch him after school and give him a usual
It's getting pretty tired, Chris. You probably get your wife to pick your undies for you, as well.

ACT were the only party in government to condemn the Green leader's disgraceful remark and demand Davidson's resignation.
Even a half-wit who is dumb enough to listen to the news could figure out that Maori are the biggest offenders in society without seeing the official stats to back it up.

There's only one thing worse than a racist, and that's a stupid racist. The Greens have a party full of them, but Labour aren't far behind.

Robert Arthur said...

The cis term is used as if all know it. I doubt if 10% of the general population does, including prior reports of Sunday, Luxon.

Allen said...

To Anonymous, commenting on the stats: Unfortunately census forms do not allow for the white male category, probably not PC enough. Mind you, the IAM (identifying as maori) figures could be skewed if the European component of the IAMs was considered and added to the European data. That would be fun, wouldn't it?

Terry Morrissey said...

"Then you get to poor old James Shaw who, once again, has got to be wondering why the hell he hangs out with these nutters."
Easily explained, he believes in AGW which is proof that he is as insane as the rest.
I say again that anyone who votes for the greens is wasting their vote. They have shown once again that they are nothing more than a bunch of psycopathic
air heads. Since being in cahoots with the labour cult they have achieved absolutely nothing apart from making fools of themselves. This latest episode of not only condoning but actively enabling the violence that occured should be a wake up call for any supporters. In particular white males and all females.

Anonymous said...

Check mate strategically done. Well played. The other players do not even know what hit them,m and Labour govt. Included!!

Ken H said...

Thanks Allen for ding the research to back up what's already widely known regarding violence against women and others, i.e. by far the males involved are Maori, sadly. I too agree that Marama should stand down, or be fired, however I doubt that will happen.
Like the imbeciles in Albert Park at the weekend, she can't let rip with racist comments and get away with it as an MP. Nor should the police get away with not doing anything to restore peace!
We all hold opinions, just as we all hold fears. It seems to me that many of the trans group don't understand that everyone feels put upon at times. And I accept that their lot is harder than those of us in the mainstream camp. However, nothing can be achieved for their cause by bullying, violent behaviour. Those who've committed such acts should be arrested and appropriately charged.

Anonymous said...

If Davidson is justified in her comments on ‘cis men’ because they are her life experience am I justified or allowed to comment on Maori racists and manipulators of womanhood as part of my life experience?

Ross said...

The whole issue is all over the international news, especially in the UK and the US. Tucker Carlson covered it with an interview with Kelly. So a huge win to her.
Whether the politicians like it or not, NZ's reputation has taken a hammering as no matter where you are no one likes to see women's rights being trashed.

Anonymous said...

how did ms davidson know that the motorcyclist was a cis white man? is it fair for her to assume the gender? it is fair for her to assume 'their' race? it is fair for her to assume cis/trans status?

Anonymous said...

"Poor old James Shaw"??? I trust James Shaw even less than Marama Davidson. Shaw is the one who insiste that the fictional "Climate Emergency" mandates all kinds of stupid policies, like converting dairy farms to solar panel farms -- and the worst part about it is that HE KNOWS it's all a scam.

No, I fear The Green Party as a whole is finally showing its true colours -- purple and orange.