Monday, March 27, 2023

Karl du Fresne: Eliana Rubashkyn tipped that bottle of tomato juice over an entire country

So. We now know the person who tipped a litre of tomato juice over Posie Parker is a refugee from Colombia.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Eliana Rubashkyn, who describes herself as intersex and trans, came to New Zealand from a country notorious for its violence and corruption. She has been granted residency in one of the freest, most tolerant countries on earth. She is on record herself as calling New Zealand paradise.

She benefits from our rights and freedoms – rights and freedoms not exactly abundant in her country of origin – and this is how she repays her host country? By denying her fellow citizens the right to hear a speech by someone she doesn’t approve of? By aligning herself with thugs and bullies who would probably feel quite at home in Latin America?

Lest there should be any doubt, I applaud the fact that New Zealand welcomes people from countries with troubled histories. We should share our good fortune. It’s one of the qualities that make this one of the most civilised countries in the world.

Metaphorically speaking, that bottle of tomato juice was tipped over the country that gave Rubashkyn refuge. I hope she reflects on that, but it’s unlikely. She will be too busy bathing in the unabashed admiration of the media and her friends on the woke Left, who present arguably the gravest danger to democracy in our history.

Now, a question. Will the New Zealand Police be charging Rubashkyn with common assault? They know her identity; the whole country does. What’s more, the crime was witnessed by everyone who watched the TV news. Self-defence is unlikely to fly as a justification. So what’s stopping them?

Oh, and one other thing. Is anyone else struck by the contrast between journalists' obvious approval of yesterday’s violent mob and the media's contemptuous attitude toward the deplorables (for so they were depicted, even though their protest was mostly peaceful) who occupied the grounds of Parliament last year?

Karl du Fresne, a freelance journalist, is the former editor of The Dominion newspaper. He blogs at


Anonymous said...

A fish rots from the head down..... no moral or social leadership from NZ's so-called top echelon.

Politicians are now people determined to keep their well- paid jobs at any cost.

Robert Arthur said...

I find the msm general support for tha trans gender weirdos incredible. As was the case with Molyneux and co I suspect many reporters never spent their precious time researching their subjects. In this case it merely required listening to The Platform. It is a pity the site is not more widely known. It is my go to for the facts on most current controveries.

Terry Morrissey said...

Eliana Rubashkyn should be arrested,along with the likes of Davidson, Wood, Hipkins, Anderson, Shaw, and any other participating MP for enabling the violent mob. The offending refugee should be deported and the offensive MPs should resign.

Lindsay Gibb said...

Karl, you stand out as one of the few journalists in this country that has the guts to tell the truth. The last paragraph in particular resonates. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If I (white femina) were to pour tomato juice over Eli Rubashkyn, would I too be celebrated?

Soopy Sails said...

If I (white femina) were to pour tomato juice over Eli Rubashkyn, would I too be celebrated?

No. It would called soup wrestling.

Anonymous said...

Michael Wood should be charged for inciting violence under our present laws. He said "I find many of her views repugnant, and am concerned by the way in which she courts some of the most vile people and groups around including white supremacists," Wood said.
That gave ammunition/licence to the counter-protesters.
As for Marama Davidson making excuses, she is repugnant and should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found BreakingNews. I came here from searching google about the tomato juice throwing that I heard on Breakfast. Good to see that there are still reasonable people in New Zealand instead of these tunnel vision cultists. Saw a photo of the protest. Funny how noone said anything about the person holding a sign targeting Britain. "Get out BRIT"

Anonymous said...

great call.
.. and now she's skipped the country ..