Thursday, March 30, 2023

Bob Jones: Chris Luxon

I’m staggered. Having constantly read that Chris Luxon is a dullard, for the first time ever I actually heard him speak when he popped up on the Stuff site.

The speech he delivered to a Lower Hutt audience was entirely off the cuff and was as good as I’ve ever heard from any post-war New Zealand politician.

With no notes he moved lucidly without pause, confidently from one topic to another. This was not the image the print media have enjoyed portraying him over the past year.

One criticism was his scruffy tie-less appearance. He sounded Prime Ministerial but didn’t look it.

As I’ve said now for over a year on this site, the government will lose in a landslide in October.

Commenting on this some readers on this site have referred to the polls. And as I’ve written on this site repeatedly, polls simply no longer work anywhere and haven’t done for about six years.

We saw this yet again illustrated with the recent NSW state election. While most commentators cautiously picked a change of government after Labour’s 12 years in the wilderness, not so the polls which had the Labour and Liberal coalition equal pegging.

But the result typically proved the polls wrong producing a Labour landslide.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


DeeM said...

I'm more interested in WHAT he says, or rather DOESN'T say.

He should be an adept public speaker having led a large corporate company and been an MP for a few years. Personally he can wear anything he likes if only he was less woke.

Substance rather than appearance is what really matters.

Robert Arthur said...

i trust he placed great emphasis on THE matter of the moment; co governance. And hopefully he has had time to study the Tupuna Maunga Authority and thus renounced his curious delusion that co governance of local bdy matters is OK.

Anonymous said...

The dyed-in-the-wool blue voters will stick with him because they know nothing else but I don't think he's drawing people to National. He just can't get off the barbed-wire fence of co-governance and the racist agenda. Tax cuts for the rich, haw haw haw, not a goer. Education policy, haw, haw, haw, not a goer. Act will pick up the Natz votes and even some Labour votes and be on 15-20%. That will be hatred for and revenge on Labour for supporting racists and fascists. The most dangerous government ever.

Anonymous said...

The matter of the moment: co- governance? And the only person with the integrity to go out publicly to try to meet with the interested and the public and explain the flaws of the co-governance lobby is being relentlessly sabotaged and prevented from speaking. No uproar over that. Plenty of uproar (justified) over Posie Parker. I have never had any interaction with Julian Bachelor but I totally admire his determination (even if evangelical). I am totally surprised by any apparent support for his efforts.
And incidentally the obscene personal messages in response to Julian have started being sent to people whose rigorously researched material is supporting Julian. As usual the style is attack the person and their genitalia if you have no other intellectual approach.

Sven said...

National my win a land slid, but what does that mean, the same woke shit framed in a light, we are in a serious cultural war at the moment that could turn bloody nasty, does Luxon have the balls to ride his war horse into battle if it comes to that.