Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bob McCoskrie: New Government - New Policies, Renewed Optimism?

Government policies play a crucial role in the functioning and well-being of our society. Good government policy is essential, especially after the last few years of mostly incompetent, wasteful and ideologically-driven governance. So we’re greatly encouraged by many of the excellent policies agreed upon by the new Coalition Government.

It was hard to select a shortlist of excellent policies, as there are so many. There’s also some policies we don’t agree with (but more on that in a later update). So for now, here’s some of the best policies coming out of the new Coalition Government, which we’ve tried to pick from the different categories…

Some of the best new policies

Education – Refocus the curriculum on academic achievement and not ideology, including the removal and replacement of the gender, sexuality, and relationship-based education guidelines.

Education – Enforce compulsory education and address truancy.

Education – Focus on doing the basics better through emphasising reading, writing, and maths.

Law and Order – Amend the Sentencing Act 2002 and associated legislation to ensure appropriate consequences for criminals, including: Giving priority to the needs of victims and communities over offenders.

Law and Order – Restore Three Strikes legislation, with amendments to tighten the definition of strike offences and ensure some benefit for pleading guilty.

Health – Cut health waiting times by training more doctors, nurses, and midwives, and giving Kiwis access to 13 more cancer treatments.

Health – Ensure proper funding for birthing units and maternity care, including providing for a three day stay for new mothers.

Health – Extend free breast cancer screening for women aged up to 74.

Health – $6 million for the Gumboot Friday/I am Hope charity.

Democracy – Protect freedom of speech by ruling out the introduction of hate speech legislation and stop the Law Commission’s work on hate speech legislation.

Democracy – Issue a Cabinet Office circular to all central government organisations that it is the Government’s expectation that public services should be prioritised on the basis of need, not race, within the first six months of Government.

Democracy – End all Covid-19 vaccine mandates still in operation.

Democracy – Covid-19 Enquiry – a full scale, wide ranging, independent inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts, into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand, including covering:
  • Use of multiple lockdowns,
  • Vaccine procurement and efficacy,
  • The social and economic impacts on both regional and national levels, and
  • Whether the decisions made, and steps taken, were justified.
Infrastructure – Build infrastructure with 13 new Roads of National Significance and four major public transport upgrades.

Infrastructure – Reverse speed limit reductions where it is safe to do so.

Housing – Establish a priority one category on the social housing waitlist to move families out of emergency housing and into permanent homes faster (thus ending the wasteful and unsuitable motel residencies).

** NOTE – this is not our full list, there are many more excellent policies in the Coalition Agreements.

Bob McCoskrie is the National Director of Family First New Zealand, he has a Masters of Commerce with Honours from the University of Auckland and a Diploma of Teaching from the Auckland College of Education. He posts regularly on McBlog - Where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

We should All be thumbs UP. ALSO. Every one CHECK out the meaning of SAFE. Like me it is was just a word and it was Sure used like that by the Powers that be and so many still have that lack of it meaning……..

Gaynor said...

Not just'focusing on the basics better through emphasis on reading , writing and Arithmetic' but changing the entire pedagogy ( methods of Teaching) to direct and structured learning is needed. The way the basics are mostly taught now, children would actually be better off staying at home.

Being encouraged to use three - cueing when reading instead of using phonics which has been explicitly and systematically taught guarantees a continued decline in literacy standards and the same with numeracy standards by having several strategies for basic arithmetic manipulations when one approach is best along with learning tines tables and number facts by rote.

We are a long way away from proper pedagogies backed by science being used throughout our schools. I would recommend teaching your child at home in the basics until there is a radical change. Perhaps parents could group together and take turns teaching children. Seriously, our schools are a complete disaster.