Thursday, November 30, 2023

Capitalist: Labour Government on the Rubbish Heap

Do you recall when The Beatles visited New Zealand? Perhaps you were a teenager or young adult? In the same period between then and now – sixty years – our doughty antecedents built a nation; it was that quick. They didn’t worry too much about childish matters like health and safety, or planning permission, they just cracked on with the job using their common sense.

When our British forebears began arriving in New Zealand in the 1850s or so a pioneering spirit captivated those who arrived here. In a very short time, from a wilderness they created a nation which was the envy of the world. One of the main industries created was meat and wool exports. The frozen lamb business commenced in 1882 and was quite lucrative as Pommie housewives immediately fell in love with New Zealand lamb. We demonstrated to the world how straightforward it was to create a new country.

Nobody was unclothed, unhoused, unfed, or suffering from anything other than predictable deprivations one would expect during a short transition between finding wilderness and turning it into a town or city. Those involved didn’t feel they were part of some Dickens novel, but rather found it all rather exciting; live in a tent for a few months whilst building a house – but thank goodness they’d left slum housing in Leeds or Stepney behind them.

This is the real history of New Zealand; not the fake fantasy world – illogical for various reasons (e.g. why didn’t they all go home if New Zealand wasn’t paradise?) – which the left has brainwashed so many incredibly ignorant people with in recent times. Naturally, I won’t express an opinion as to whether it all worked out well and in such a short time precisely because everyone was British; but you can draw your own conclusions about a few things. You can surmise for yourself if building a nation in sixty years would have happened if everyone had arrived from Costa Rica or Chad.

As I write this we are experiencing the last hour or so of socialist wickedness. This 88-year stain on our nation came about because, for a couple of years between 1930 and 1932 (and it was temporary in the scheme of things), the price of wool and meat fell sharply, causing an economic depression. These things happen. But it meant a lot of people who should have known better elected a socialist government that promptly set about de-pioneering New Zealanders and making them dependent not on themselves with hard work and innovation, but on the State where Labour misfits and envious losers would decide how everyone lived their lives. True wickedness by truly wicked people.

As yet another failed Labour Government slinks back into the sewer whence they came, it is our job not to rest upon our laurels. We must get smartly to work with a sustained campaign, not so much of “dirty tricks” but actually of ‘truth telling’, constantly reminding everybody what the last six years have been like. Never give an inch, never stop telling the same old stories again and again and again until they’re part of the furniture: until the average man in the street instinctively associates “Labour” with “Wickedness” and pure evil. Fortunately, I am not the only chap in town thinking along these lines. I’d happily bet the farm: we not only never have another Labour Government, but they never again get 20% of the vote.

Capitalist is a simple country boy from the deep south who seeks nothing less than the destruction of socialism and collectivism in New Zealand. This article was first published HERE

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