Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Bryan Leyland: “Things that you know that ain't so” - climate

As the American humorist Will Rogers said: “It’s not what we don’t know that gives us trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.” 

“Things that you know that ain't so

If New Zealand reduces its emissions of greenhouse gases, our climate will improve.


Almost every media statement on reducing emissions implies that if we reduce our emissions, our climate will improve. This is serious misinformation and should be treated as such.


It is blindingly obvious that even if man-made greenhouse gases did have a severe effect on the climate, what little New Zealand could achieve would be absolutely futile. Any small reduction in carbon dioxide or methane emissions would soon be dissipated by the prevailing westerly winds and just might offer a transient “benefit” to the Pacific Islands it passes over. But the reality is that it would soon be mixed in with the rest of the atmosphere and would become even more undetectable than before.


What is really amazing is that none of our mainstream media and their “science" reporters realise that the claim is nonsense. If they simply googled the question, they would get no support for the implication that reductions we make will change our climate. Instead, our mainstream media continue to imply that virtually every bit of adverse weather can be blamed on our emissions of greenhouse gases and would be solved if we took more extreme action.


Organisations and people who are trying to raise money by implying that reducing our emissions will help to improve our climate should be prosecuted for fraud.


The only rational conclusion is that all the money and effort we put into reducing man-made greenhouse gases is purely virtue signalling and will not make any difference to anything. If, instead, we put the money and effort into making sure that we can survive periods of extreme weather similar to those that have happened in the past we would be much better off.

"Things you know that ain’t so" by Bryan Leyland exposes the truth behind popular misconceptions.


Anonymous said...

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' triple-masted $500 million superyacht is far from climate-friendly, generating hundreds of times the annual carbon footprint of a typical American household.

At 417 feet, "Koru" is the world's largest sailing yacht. It produces a whopping 7,154 tons of greenhouse gasses on a per-annum basis, or about 447 times the entire annual carbon footprint of the average US household, the New York Post reported, citing Indiana researchers.

So another CONTROLIGARCH whose motto is either 'good for me but not for thee', or 'do as I say and not as I do'.

Rob Beechey said...

Well said Bryan. The MSM is a clown show where they feel it their destiny to shape public opinion by refusing to debate this fairytale. The truth doesn’t mind being questioned but a lie hates being challenged.
The previous idiots in Govt were prepared to waste billions of dollars to solve a problem that didn’t exist, hopefully we now have grownups in charge.

Anonymous said...

Coming Soon: Your Travel Will Be Restricted By Personal Carbon Allowance.

“Experts suggest” your standard of living be reduced by over 85%

A report on the future of travel and tourism, co-authored by a travel agency called Intrepid Travel and The Future Labs Institute, posits a future deeply impacted by climate change and restrictions on tourist travel to combat it.

“A Sustainable Future for Travel”, warns of “travel extinction”, where some areas suffer such radical climate change that all tourism there ceases, and “personal carbon allowances” that will restrict how often one is permitted travel.

“Carbon Passports"
A personal carbon emissions limit will become the new normal as policy and people’s values drive an era of great change.

Scott said...

That Chloe woman said something to that effect yesterday on an interview with Brooke van Velden. Here's my question - if we ordered all the cars off the road, shut down every factory and culled every cow would that change the weather?

Anonymous said...

Why we would consider the opinion of a self avowed antisemitic of value is hard to believe.
The actions she took to justify her comments eliminate her from any narrative of importance.

Doug Longmire said...

Let us add some actual statistics (numbers) :-
Using the IPCC data:-
Human CO2 emissions are only 3% of total global emissions.
Natures contribution to the 400ppm is 97%. (or 388ppm).
Mankind’s contribution is just 3% or 12ppm. The other 97% is natural.

New Zealand’s CO2 emissions only 0.17% of total human CO2 emissions.
So New Zealand’s CO2 emissions are 3% x 0.17% of the total global CO2 emissions each year.
3% x 0.17% = 0.0051% !!
So the other 99.9949% is generated by all other sources, NOT NZ !!!
So - wake up James Shaw !!! New Zealand's emissions are as close to ZERO as possible, and simply CANNOT have any effect on any climate anywhere.

Allan said...

Thank goodness that the Lake Onslow project is now history,shame about the millions already spent on coffee and biscuits. Let's hope that the new govt. will promote investment in some plant that generates electricity, free from the foibles of the weather. How about a waste to energy project to reduce the problems of landfills being passed to our children and grandchildren. Amager Bakke, Copenhill, is a good example of what can be achieved, and presumably technology will have improved in the 6 years since it was completed.