Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Clive Bibby: MSM response to New Government formation in not unexpected

Why are we not surprised!

I doubt there is a person in this country interested in the make up of the new Coalition government, who would be expecting anything other than the response we have received from the MSM during the hiatus period since the election.

Most impartial observers of western politics, especially during the last 6 years, will have noticed the MSM‘s abuse of their position of trust in modern democratic societies throughout the world.

They are supposed to be the kaitiaki (guardians) of the cornerstone safeguards that have been put there to ensure we at least maintain a resemblance of fairness and respectability - allowing individuals to have equal access to opportunities that will enable them to reach their potential. This traditionally accepted construct is deliberately based on a desire for freedom of expression, an acknowledgement of minority rights and an acceptance of personal responsibility.

Yet unfortunately, over recent years the MSM, with only a few exceptions, has thrown its commitment to that type of civilised endeavour out the window and instead taken on a position of naked hostility to anything that does not conform to their preferred ideological interpretation of fairness and decency. It is as if a line in the sand has been drawn and you dare not cross it for fear of excommunication.

Anybody who commits what has become the cardinal sin of supporting “right of centre” thought is damned as being a threat to the wellbeing of others.

Those who reject this mainly “left wing” philosophy as being of little use or even outdated in an environment where problem-solving is best achieved through cooperation with peoples of all faiths and ideological persuasion, are demonised for their opinions and attempts to speak out against what they see as selectively imposed morality.

In fact it is hard to find a news outlet throughout the western world that has not thrown in their lot with this ideological cringe that permeates every column and spoken word by journalists who have become servants to this false doctrine. Their message does  not and never has represented who we are.

They have become the willing foot-soldiers of those who want to destroy democracy as we know it.

Perhaps the only remarkable thing emerging from this assault on our birthright is the re-appearance in overwhelming numbers of those who support the re-establishment of the values and convictions that our forebears fought and died for - a return to a just society where decisions are made by governments in the best interests of us all.

Let’s hope the new government in this country and in some of the ones about to be formed across the globe, will recognise their responsibility to restore our society to what it has always been - a place fit for returning heroes.

But we should not be surprised at the response from the MSM to this movement to take our country back. Their reporting of the negotiations to form a government over the last few weeks has all the hallmarks of people who don’t want to accept what they are seeing. But thankfully, the wailing and gnashing of teeth will not be enough to stop it happening.

Although my guess is that it may be some time before there is a reduction in the bile and hatred being expressed daily by those masquerading as reporters of the truth exposed and rejected for what they are.

I say “good riddance!” It can’t happen quickly enough.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Doug Longmire said...

Well said, Clive.

You are absolutely right !!

Anonymous said...

The Govt. has the right to examine the funding terms that demanded cohesion with the Govt. policy and given their determination to not follow the terms ask for it back. Secondly the advertising by Govt. departments needs to stop entirely. Then redirected to the emerging platforms that show reason such as Breaking News that would alter their actions.

Rob Beechey said...

Well written Clive. I enjoyed the undisguised shock that their favoured team lost the election. Strangely many of MSM devotees were quite surprised to witness this bias. Really?
I also chuckled as Winston and the team deservedly locked them out of the negotiations. When they announced the successful conclusion of the new Govt structure, I couldn’t help noticing how hissy the media’s expressions were being deprived of any knowledgeable insight.
When will these media drongos realise the election result confirmed their inability to influence public opinion.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note, of our NZ MSM, that it is Women who "are leading the charge in their 'aggressive' reporting style".

I could put Media names here, and I view the NZ Media, with one eye closed - and suspicious of the content presented on either TV or in print which I am sure Clive Bibby does the same?.

Clive would it be safe to assume that we are seeing the results of the "J Ardern media training" - misinformation / disinformation / take a story and repeat ad nauseum?

It is interesting to watch TV Media in America, and with each Channel, each Host will "rinse & recycle" the same story with different "add on commentators" giving their twopenny worth - misinformation / disinformation / take a story and repeat ad nauseum?.

Anonymous said...

Why not immediat4 action to rein them in?

They do insidious damage with each article or news item.

Anonymous said...

MSM tears and tantrums. They have done well out of the govt.

John Campbell's diatribe / lament is so funny. They cannot handle it,

There behaviour shows a disdain for democracy, and a massive personal bias at spews into their reporting

Anonymous said...

I guess msm hacks are shocked at the bias of the NZ electorates that voted for the government parties.

Anonymous said...

luxon needs to show some backbone with our state tv. sell off tv2 and sack all reporters and producers in tv1 and replace them with people who aren't biased if any can be found.we need the public discussions as there is always 2 sides to any argument. we need someone like brian edwards to stir things up.

Anonymous said...

Their gravy train has hit the stops and some will be facing the frightening prospect of having to find a real job, no wonder they are lashing out, it's the only thing they can do.