Saturday, April 20, 2024

Breaking Views Update: Week of 14.4.24

Saturday April 20, 2024 

Luxon: Waitangi Tribunal comments from coalition parties 'ill considered'

Comments from ACT and NZ First ministers about the Waitangi Tribunal were "ill considered" and "that message will be underscored" to them, Prime Minister Christopher Luxon says.

Resources and Regional Development Minister Shane Jones' comments to Radio Waatea this week attacked the Tribunal after it summonsed Children's Minister Karen Chhour for an urgent hearing over the government's plan to repeal section 7AA of the Oranga Tamariki Act.

He had said the tribunal "has no business running its operation like some sort of star chamber, delivering peremptory summons for ministers to rock up and be either cross-examined or grilled".

ACT leader and Regulations Minister David Seymour also hit back at the tribunal's summons, saying they were "buying a fight with someone of much greater mana" and suggested "perhaps they should be wound up for their own good".

He [Luxon] suggested both Jones and Seymour would be given that directive in no uncertain terms.

"Well, I haven't had a chance to talk to them, but that message will be underscored to the ministers. Yep."....
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Oranga Tamariki cuts undermine culture change plan
The Public Service Association’s kaihautu Māori says Māori specialist roles make up a significant number of the 632 jobs being cut at Oranga Tamariki.

Janice Panoho says with more than two thirds of percent of the vulnerable children and young people in the care of the agency being rangatahi and tamariki Māori, that will have a huge impact.

Those specialists were fundamental to the agency’s supposed intention to shift its practise and uplift cultural capability, and it will also affect its ability to build relationships and partnerships with iwi, hapu and whānau.....
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More on the above here > Māori view purged from Oranga Tamariki

Concern Govt's fast-track legislation may breach Treaty rights
There's mounting concern the Fast-track Approvals Bill may breach Māori rights under the Treaty of Waitangi — with a leading environmental consultant saying it will have "grand repercussions for hapū and iwi".

Environmental consultant Tina Porou said iwi and hapū should be very concerned.

"The proposed fast-track bill, in its current form, is unfortunately pro-development, constitutionally flawed, and concentrates power into three ministers," she said.

"It has grand repercussions for hapū and iwi customary rights and Te Tiriti o Waitangi."....
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Māori wards, explained

State abuse survivor urges against repealing Oranga Tamariki Treaty commitments

Political attacks on judges risk weakening the justice system  

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Friday April 19, 2024 

Tūroa deal leaves iwi disgruntled 
A Ngāti Rangi leader says the iwi is keen to have a better relationship with the new managers of the Tūroa skifield than it does with the Department of Conservation.

DoC has granted a 10-year concession to Pure Tūroa to run the skifield after previous operator Ruapehu Alpine Lifts went bust despite a series of government bail-outs.

Ngati Rangi chair Whetu Moataane says the iwi has a unique connection to Ruapehu, but is was treated by DoC as a stakeholder rather than a fellow decision maker.....
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Successful Vision Mātauranga research projects announced
16 research projects have been selected for funding through the latest round of the Government’s Te Pūnaha Hihiko: Vision Mātauranga Capability Fund.

The Fund aims to strengthen capability, capacity, skills and networks between Māori and the science and innovation system and increase understanding of how research can contribute to the aspirations of Māori organisations and deliver benefit for New Zealand.

A total of $3.8 million (excl. GST) has been awarded across the 16 projects over the next two years. MBIE Contestable Investments Manager Alan Coulson says these projects focus on significant issues affecting communities across New Zealand.

MBIE Director Māori Research, Science, and Innovation Dr Willy-John Martin says improving the connection between science and Māori aspirations enhances the impact of our research and reflects the unique interests and talent of New Zealand.

“Māori success is New Zealand success.....
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Attempt to scratch ‘kura’ off Duntroon sign a ‘little tanty
The te reo Māori word on a sign in Duntroon has been scratched at and marked over, an act the Waitaki District Council has described as a "little tanty".

The vandal failed to make the word "kura" unreadable on the school sign, but it will still cost the council $200 to repair or replace.

A council spokesman said it was disappointing people felt they could vandalise public property, which ended up costing ratepayers.....
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Māori voice missing from Newshub Stuff up
A veteran Māori journalist says Stuff’s deal with Warner Brothers-Discovery to take suppl¥ news bulletins for TV3 is a band aid that fails to address wider problems exposed by the closing down of Newshub.

Jason Ake says over its 30 years TV3-Newshup has developed an impressive list of Maori talent both in front of and behind the camera – although like all mainstream organisations its commitment to te reo content has been minimal.....
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Kaipara Mayor Wants Māori Ward Gone Before Next Local Elections
Kaipara Mayor Craig Jepson wants his council’s Māori ward gone before next year’s local government election.
Local Government Minister Simeon Brown this month signalled changes to Māori wards, which would require a referendum for their establishment.

Meanwhile, councils with Māori wards - such as Kaipara - which have previously set up a Māori ward without a referendum, will need to do so at the next local government election in October 2025.....
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Waitangi Tribunal Picked The Wrong Fight
“The Waitangi Tribunal’s attempt to summons Children’s Minister Karen Chhour makes me deeply fearful for them,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“I’m worried they haven’t thought about who they’re dealing with. Karen is a Māori woman who survived the state care system. By their own standards, they are buying a fight with someone of much greater mana.

“The Tribunal summonsed the wrong woman, on the wrong issue, at the wrong time. No wonder some people think they’re past their use-by date. Perhaps they should be wound up for their own good.”.....
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Controversial Te Papa Treaty of Waitangi display coming down
A Treaty of Waitangi display at Te Papa in Wellington which was spray-painted last year will be taken down next week.

The group said it believed the English text was displayed in a way which misled visitors.

"Te Tiriti, in te reo Māori, is the only legitimate, legally binding agreement.....
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Restrengthening Connections Between Māori And Pacific Important Step For Tiriti-based Constitution
A Pacific law academic says restrengthening connections between Pacific tauiwi (settlers) and Māori is an important step towards transforming Aotearoa’s constitution, to honour te Tiriti o Waitangi.

“Moana reminded us that constitutional transformation based on honouring te Tiriti o Waitangi is not only possible, it is inevitable,” says Fuimaono, before broaching the difficulties many Pacific peoples may face in talking about constitutional transformation....
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Presbyterian Support National Council hui at Hoani Waititi Marae
At its hui last week held at Hoani Waititi Marae in Tāmaki Makaurau, Presbyterian Support’s National Council of regional Chairs ratified a new Constitution, amended to ensure PSNZ’s governance structure gives effect to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.....
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Thursday April 18, 2024  

Letter From Te Hunga Roia Maori o Aotearoa / NZ Maori Law Society Re Cabinet Breach 
1. Te Hunga Roia Māori o Aotearoa | the New Zealand Māori Law Society are concerned about recent comments made by Minister Shane Jones in respect of the Waitangi Tribunal. We consider that his comments breach the principle of the separation of powers and the Cabinet Manual.

2. On the 11 April 2024 in the context of the “Oranga Tamariki Urgent Inquiry (Section 7AA)” the Waitangi Tribunal issued a summons requiring Minister Chhour to give evidence in response to particular questions. The Tribunal indicated that they will not require the Minister to attend or respond pending the outcome of any High Court proceedings. The Crown has since filed judicial review proceedings in the High Court.....
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Māori consultant is encouraging Stuff to share pou tiaki with Newshub
With Stuff Group buying Newshub from Warner Bros Discovery (WBD), former Stuff pou tiaki edito, Carmen Parahi wants Stuff to continue using pou tiaki and to share it with its new branch.

“That is their taonga, that is Stuff’s mahi that they will have forever.

“I would encourage Stuff to continue to do that work and to do that work with Newshub, and so I am really excited for them from a pou tiaki perspective.”....
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Fast Track Bill exposes DoC double standard
A Ngāti Tūwharetoa environmental consultant says the Fast Track Approvals Bill could endanger treaty settlements.

Public submissions on the bill close on Friday.

Tina Porou from Poipoia says the bill will allow applicants who meet certain criteria to swap their land with conservation lands.

That’s a double standard for settled iwi.....
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Geoff Parker: Josie Pagani's Maori Ward & General Propaganda.

Wednesday April 17, 2024  

Waitangi Tribunal accused of star chamber tactic 
New Zealand First Minister Shane Jones is accusing the Waitangi Tribunal of over-stepping its mandate by subpoenaing a minister for its urgent hearing on the Oranga Tamariki claim.

The tribunal is looking into the proposal to scrap Section 7AA of the Oranga Tamariki Act, which requires the chief executive to demonstrate a practical commitment to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

Jones says the tribunal should focus on the effects of policy rather than the construction of policy.....
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Does Tama Potaka have the ‘mongrel’ to fight back?
Te Ao With Moana host Moana Maniapoto tonight asked National cabinet minister Tama Potaka if he had enough “mongrel to fight against” his colleagues and coalition partners.

But Potaka told her he was a “results and outcome-driven person.

“There’s time to be a very strong advocate like the lawyer that I was. There’s the time to be a negotiator.”

Potaka’s portfolio is long: He is the MP for Hamilton West, Minister of Māori Development, Māori Crown relations, Conservation, Whānau Ora and Associate Minister of Housing (social housing).

Potaka has a law degree from Victoria University and while studying for it, he concluded te Tirit was “foundational for our country”.

“That’s my view and I think it’s the view of many people.”

He did want to acknowledge that he had seen a “massive increase” in Māori councillors around Aotearoa.....
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Māori News To Step In As Mainstream Media Falters
As thew New Zealand media sector begins to change with a significant loss in news and current affairs, the General Manager, Matthew Tukaki, of WaateaNews has announced they will be stepping into the breach.

Tukaki has said from May 1st they will begin the livestream broadcasting of their existing breakfast show between 7 and 10am while also introducing a new live streamed broadcast at midday with 15 minutes in English and 15 minutes in Maori:....
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Council funds Māori community projects
A community outreach programme working with rangatahi; a spoken word poetry workshop for Māori and a treaty education group are among the 13 groups funded in this year’s Auckland Council Ngā Hapori Momoho / Thriving Communities Grants programme,’

Planning, environment and parks committee chair Richard Hills says almost half the $318,000 allocated went to projects will either directly benefit Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau or offer education about te ao Māori.....
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AARIA 2024 – funding round for research projects is now open
For this year’s round of AARIA projects, we are seeking proposals that align with all of our broader priorities and one or more of our targeted priorities:

Broader priorities:
Ōritetanga (Equity)
Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi)
Auaha (Innovation)
Hua Akoranga (Learner Outcomes)

Targeted priorities:
Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Treaty of Waitangi)
Mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge)
Pacific Cultures
Leadership and Management Training
Reflective Practice
Artificial Intelligence
Education Technology

The value of each contract will range from $10,000 to $50,000 over a duration of 5-12 months....
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Coalition Promises - Dr Muriel Newman.

Censorship - Anthony Willy.

Mike Yardley: Time to review ECan’s Ngāi Tahu-appointed councillors.

Dr Peter Winsley: New Zealand’s democracy, Te Tiriti and the Marine and Coastal Area Act

Mike's Minute: The Waitangi Tribunal review into Oranga Tamariki is a waste of time

The idea that Māori have advantages over New Zealanders in health is farcical - Anaru Eketone

Olympic flagbearer korowai blessed by Kiingi Tuheitia  

Tuesday April 16, 2024 

Kīngi Tūheitia to open $12m wellness and diagnostic centre in Hamilton 
Kīngi Tūheitia will open a new $12 million health centre in Hamilton this morning, realising a six-year journey by “Māori living their tino rangatiratanga over their own health”.

Te Kōhao Health, Wellness and Diagnostic Centre in East Hamilton is hoping to “disrupt” the historic poor health outcomes for Māori.

According to tikanga, the whare’s name will not be revealed until Kīngi Tūheitia unveils the plaque.

Representing a waka, the facility features a central pou at the entrance and four pou that flank the four corners of the site.....
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Māori focussed projects boosted through Ngā Hapori Momoho / Thriving Communities Grants
Community-led projects that will benefit Māori will get a significant financial boost through Auckland Council’s Ngā Hapori Momoho / Thriving Communities Grants programme 2023/2024.

Thirteen projects were allocated a slice of $318,863, with the funding approved by the Planning, Environment and Parks Committee on 11 April.

Nearly half (six) of these projects will either directly benefit Māori in Tāmaki Makaurau or offer education about Te Ao Māori...
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Tama Potaka expects Māori interests to be given ‘elevation’ in fast-track laws
Māori Development Minister Tama Potaka is expecting Māori, iwi and conservation interests to receive “elevation” when projects are being fast-tracked.

Talking to Te Ao with Moana, Potaka felt confident there would be space for iwi to “lead projects that seek consent and also be involved in projects as co-investors or maybe co-designers”.

“[For them] to participate in projects that Iwi are not investing in or investing through but to have input or to have engagement through those processes.”.....
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Young leader looking to make a difference
The call for a young aspiring Māori leader to join the national Tuia Leadership Programme has been answered by Tane Aruka Te Aho.

The programme selects gifted rangatahi Māori who have ambition to contribute and better their community. It aims to develop leadership through one-on-one mentoring with Mayor Susan O’Regan.

O’Regan said Te Aho’s application stood out because of his passion and dedication to his Māori studies, language and culture.....
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Waikato customary fishers feel squeeze
The co-chair of a Tainui fisheries rōpū says there’s no room for more mussel farms on the Waikato west coast.

Ngaa Hapuu o Te Uru o Tainui Fisheries Forum was set up 25 years ago by coastal hapū and marae to co-ordinate customary fisheries and give them an input into conservation and fisheries management.

Angeline Greensill says highlights have included increasing protections for Maui’s dolphins and having customary fisheries interests gazetted out to the edge of the exclusive economic zone.

It’s now facing threats from plans for off-shore wind farms and for a giant mussel farm off Raglan promoted by Hauraki interests.....
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Huge canoe sculpture proposed in $18m Bluff Hill visitor plan
A proposed 25-metre taurapa on Motupōhue/Bluff Hill will be visible from the Bluff township and function as a beacon of the Southland landmark’s cultural significance.

The canoe sternpost sculpture is the centrepiece of a proposed $18 million visitor experience plan for the hill.....
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Connecting with Indigenous whanau at NASA to build a Māori Aerospace sector
A team led by Principal Investigator Associate Professor Pauline Harris and including our Strategic Manager Māori, Kirsty Doyle, will join twelve other New Zealand research teams to conduct a joint six-month feasibility study looking at Earth observation research with NASA.

Associate Professor Harris' team has received this funding through MBIE's New Zealand United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Research Partnerships Catalyst Fund.....
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The role of the colonised in fighting Europe’s wars  

Monday April 15, 2024 

Taranaki iwi keen to reclaim care of maunga 
Māori Party co-leader Debbie Ngarewa Packer says the crown has an opportunity to fix its relationship with the eight Taranaki iwi through the Taranaki Maunga settlement legislation.

The bill, which is now before a select committee, will give Taranaki maunga a legal personality and set up a co-governance management framework with the iwi.

Ms Ngarewa-Packer from Ngati Ruahine says when the crown stole 1.2 million acres of their land, iwi were forced to watch while pakeha names were put on their maunga and agencies like the Department of Conservation mismanaged the environment.....
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Te Pāti Māori visits Queensland to strengthen ties with Māori in Australia
Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi, Tā,ami Makaurau MP Takutai Tarsh Kemp, will travel to the Gold Coast tomorrow to strengthen ties with Māori in Australia.

They will also include a meeting with independent indigenous Senator for Victoria, Lidia Thorpe, on Thursday, April 18.

“There are over 180,000 Māori living in Australia, according to the last census,” Waititi said.....
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Ngāpuhi getting closer to Treaty settlement - chair
Ngāpuhi's new chair says it's more likely than not the iwi will reach a Treaty settlement with the Crown within the next five years - a culmination of a complex, years-long process.

He said the lack of a Treaty settlement did have a "correlation and connection" to social deprivation experienced by some living in Northland.

"The deprivation has been there for a long time. Hundreds, 50 to 60-odd years.

"A settlement doesn't relegate the responsibility of when we signed a partnership of Te Tiriti, and further Te Whakaputanga.....
See full article HERE

Return of whenua to North Hokianga trust 50 years in the making
A 50-year-long quest to return a forestry land block to a hapu-owned North Hokianga trust has finally been realised.

Roughly 1800ha of forestry near Mitimiti is now fully back in the hands of Te Puna Tōpu ō Hokianga Ahu Whenua Trust after recently settling a financial agreement with Summit Forests NZ.....
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Two Major Hui To Discuss Kotahitanga To Be Held In Hawke's Bay
Two major hui will be held in Hawke’s Bay in April and May to discuss kotahitanga (unity) in the face of policy by the Coalition Government deemed by some to be anti-Māori.

Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated (NKKI) and its Executive Chair, Bayden Barber, have been forthright in their concern about the direction of the National, New Zealand First and ACT Coalition Government.....
See full article HERE

The Rising Tide Of Customary Rights Over The Foreshore And Seabed

Barrie Davis: There Will Always be an England

Māori and PI spaces at unis no place for wusses or MP’s reckons

Māori ‘superpower’ brings movie magic to indigenous tongues

Fast track to nowhere - Catherine Delahunty

Making movies the Māori way

Our issues are systemic, not individual failures

The spiritual journey of tā moko  

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Robert Arthur said...

Based on the Tupuna Maunga Authority in Auckland, the prospect of co governance of Mt Egmont is very daunting.

The Hawkes Bay tribe intending to discuss kotahitanga (a very long invention for simple unity) is presuably to discuss unity among maori, not unity of maori with NZers with maori.

Ray S said...

Ngāpuhi getting close to a settlement.?

"The deprivation has been there for a long time. Hundreds, 50 to 60-odd years."

Will a settlement change thing for those deprived? unlikely.
As we have seen from all other settlements, those at the bottom of the heap are no better off.
The same will happen here.

As an aside, all those who have previously settled with the crown will get a top at the same time as Ngapuhi settle.

robert Arthur said...

Re16. Perhaps someone will explain hoow the maori health centres are not race based. how does teh Race Relations Cmmissioner handle colonists turned away?

robert arthur said...

It is curious that maori news thinks it is going to step into the breech left by departing news in general. Although finding it dificult to recognise and concede the fact a major reason for the demise was the degree of maori twaddle and relentless pro amori attitude.

I find it difficult to understand why National chose Potaka. Whilst the more artful maori will appreciate the advantage of an insider, he will not be well revered by the simple maori mass. Life vcannot be pleasant.

Ray S said...

Waitangi Tribunal has today demonstrated it no longer adds any value to the country or the people it purports to support.
The tribunal is operating well outside its original intent.
To have the cheek and arrogance to "subpoena" a minister of the crown is quite laughable.

One trusts this minister or any other minister to treat the request with the request it deserves.

Time for the tribunal to be disbanded forthwith.

Ray S said...

"Response it deserves"
Proof read.

robert arthur said...

Can searh pou tiaki on line but almost as obscure even in English. One thing is certatin, will not increase the interest for me or hundreds of thousands of others who have abondoned news or will.

robert arthur said...

Fri 19. What mystifies me is where persons learn to think and write in the curious obtuse manner which enables them to contrive, make the case for, and approve proposals for such esoteric topics as matauranga interpretation and application. Our education system so woeful at achievement in matters concrete seems to endlessly produce masters of the obtuse. Most taxing of all must be the final assessment, or is this scheduled in maori time and quietly overlooked in accord with te ao /tikanga? Any objective person would have to be very brave to desire the task.

Russell said...

"XXX leaves iwi disgruntled."

Just replace the "XXX" with a mere triviality, some parochial nonsense, or an issue that is none of their business, and you have an easy, automated headline generator for hard-up NZ media companies who need to save a buck or two on sub-editors.

Perhaps they should learn to code.

robert arthur said...

Luxon, like the msm, seems still not to fully grasp the basis of the Coaltion election win; the public are fed up with inefficent maori domination and control of so many aspects of modern life in NZ.

Anonymous said...

There could be a snap election if Luxon does not tackle the Maorification issues.