Thursday, April 18, 2024

Clive Bibby: Time for the US to Lead

No one watching the escalation in the Middle East war between Israel and Iran (let’s stop suggesting it is anything else) would expect Israel to refrain from responding to the recent massive Iranian attack in a way that could have disastrous consequences for both sides. However, it would be wise to consider the wider implications of doing so.

In order to understand the serious nature of this escalation, we need to look at what is at stake here and the implications of a wider conflict that could lead to WW3.

Here are a few of my own observations that could be taken into account when assessing what needs to happen next if another World War is to be avoided.

1) The latest show of strength by Iran deliberately directed at Israeli soil is the first time they have not used their proxy terrorists. By doing so, they clearly expect Israel to respond with a counter punch that could include air strikes to take out Iran’s nuclear plants that are on the verge of producing weapons type uranium.

Therefore, this type of provocation has all the hall marks of the deliberate provocation used by Hamas in their 0ct 7th massacre of Jews living within the Israeli territorial boundaries. That terrorist atrocity was a deliberate attack of such brutality that it could not be overlooked - the Jewish Nation was under siege and it’s leaders had no choice but to respond as they have done. So, Hamas achieved its first not too subtle objective.

However, the main point here is to recognise the deliberate provocation which was always designed to drag Israel into a conflict that it may not win.

2) Almost everything that has occurred since the genocidal Hamas attack, is happening in a way that suits the Iranian playbook and unfortunately the loss of 30,000 Palestinian lives in the Gaza war is seen by them only as necessary collateral damage in achieving a wider objective - the total destruction and removal of all traces of the modern Jewish State from “the river to the sea.”.

And the other important part of the Iranian equation is that in order for this localised scrap to work out in the Islamic world’s favour, Israel must be seen as the aggressor in this war and all aspects of the wider conflict.

Because, if that is how the world views Israel’s actions in defence of itself, it will have difficulty achieve not only its military objectives  but also the support it needs in the United Nations for its right to peacefully coexist with its neighbours in the future.

3) The United States, acting as Israel’s number one protector and ally on the world stage has always safeguarded the modern State of Israel’s right to exist ever since it was created in the UN immediately after WW2. It has also, perhaps more importantly, guaranteed its security against mainly hostile Arab neighbours.

Unfortunately, the US support has not always been a reliable reflection of the rhetoric emanating from the White House.

Different administrations have spoken with “forked tongue” when dealing with Middle Eastern nations that pose a real threat to Israel’s existence.

Obama’s misguided appeasement policies only encouraged the main sponsors of terror attacks on Israel and did nothing to prevent Iran’s development of nuclear weapons capability. As much as former President Trump’s detractors want to cast him as a rogue steer operating on the world stage, his introduction of effective sanctions against the sale of Iranian oil was one of the few measures that put a stop to those terrorist attacks during his time in office. In fact, his other successes overseeing the “Abraham Agreements” negotiated between Israel and a number of its Arab neighbours added to the peaceful coexistence that remained until Biden took office.

4) Unfortunately, Biden has deliberately failed to enforce Trump’s sanctions and as a consequence, Iran has established a war chest it currently uses in flagrant abuse of its commitments to peace in the region. It is after all, and has been, the number one sponsor of terror in the region since Biden took office.

Yet Biden has reacted to the “until now” clandestine Iranian activities by threatening Israel with withdrawal of support unless the Jewish Nation bows to world pressure by withdrawing within sight of victory over Hamas.

Hopefully Israel will not be swayed by Biden’s crocodile tears and disingenuous false rage on the world stage. For its own sake, it needs to complete the job ASAP.

My guess is that the majority of US Congressional representatives will continue to ensure Israel’s survival with arms support even if the current administration is only paying lip service to its responsibilities.

We’ll see.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Rob Beechey said...

Corrupt US elections have consequences. America’s adversaries realise that they only have 6-7 months of Biden’s impotent administration to strike with impunity.

Anonymous said...

Clive, you need to add to Your 'narrative' the clandestine activities that have been occurring across Europe in the past Years, that observers openly state,- 'have not happened randomly, but have have been deliberately planned & executed'- France is a good example, also incidents in Sweden.

It is also interesting, on above statement 'planned - executed' that security services are now 'preparing for an or many incidents in Paris, during the Olympic Games.

Observers have also commented on the movement of Males, from Africa thru France and crossing the English Channel - the questions cover "where do they originate from, who is paying and with above paragraphs - it is noted that they are of the Muslim Faith. On this matter the British Govt (under Boris Johnson) paid money to France to assist in reducing or eliminating this (which they have not) - and the current PM Rishi Sunak - shows no interest in stopping the process.

Are we allowed 'to create & connect dots' if so, then we must start with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini - the first Religious Leader of Iran (who the French gave sanctuary to, when he was expelled by the Shah) - the Ayatollah had a profound distrust in Western Nations - as history has shown once he returned to Iran, even up to the current Ayatollah.

Also we need to factor in the "other player on the sports field" - a gentleman who resides in Moscow, who is known for His ability to interfere in the matters of other Nations - an example Syria. Please note that Russia has a sizeable Military complex in Syria, comprised of air-force, army & naval base.

It would also be interesting to know, who in Washington D.C. is 'placing pressure on Joe Biden' to change his tune, or who is creating the 'script' for him to read from, as I would ask if he really knows what is going on?

Anonymous said...

Hamas deliberately and brutally sacrificed its own people in pursuit of the October attack on Israel. It doesnt matter what was the particular trigger in a millenia old hatred in which many many parties have stirred the pot.

Hamas knew how Israel would respond. But for the October attack by Hamas,including the taking of hostages, this present war would not have happened.

Hamas set up its own people in Gaza as the backdrop for a much bigger plan.

Israel and Gaza are both victims here. Boo