Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Professor Robert MacCulloch: NZ's Media Just Got More Biased - The Stuff Monster Grows Tentacles

To all Fat Cats - you Missed the Chance to Buy Newshub for $1 & re-balance the news

The Newshub saga is still rolling on as a developing story with further announcements due. It appears that Stuff may be taking over Newshub's TV3 News - which means a left-wing media monster is in the process of growing tentacles & getting bigger. 

There have been endless complaints about NZ's biased news media on Blogs like Basset, Brash & Hide, as well as Muriel Newman's Centre for Political Research & radio stations like The Platform. Many of them are viewed by wealthy business folks, who contribute articles like Bob Jones. With the Stuff-Newshub deal that is breaking news, what a missed opportunity for the NZ right. Why didn't any of our fat cats buy Newshub for $1 when they had the chance? Why didn't they take the opportunity to turn it around into NZ's best & most trusted news site, reporting high-quality left, centre & right-wing content, putting others to shame? If that deal has been snatched away from them by Stuff, then stop crying about our woefully biased media. You had the chance to change it and you didn't.

If you follow the advice of some media gurus then the "secret" to making money out of a platform like Newshub is tapping into its hundreds of thousands of users & finding ways of connecting them up. The media bucks these days come from "connecting" ones users, not selling them news "content" - the content is there to attract users who want quality news. Once you've attracted them, the challenge is to make money out of them in other ways. The Herald lost its value when TradeMe took its classifieds away & became a billion dollar business almost overnight. TradeMe connected up the Herald's readership who wanted to buy & sell stuff and the Herald was too slow to respond. Other newspapers overseas like Shibsted in Norway did the opposite - it responded fast as it began to lose the classifieds. Shibsted leveraged its news readership base to the extent that now its core businesses are "online marketplaces with a strong focus on sustainability, media houses promoting trust & transparency, financial services helping to empower people in their daily lives". It bought EBay's Classifieds and is now the largest online market provider in the world.

Its tiring to hear NZ's so-called "business community", many of our most wealthy business owners and high ranking commercial types complain endlessly about the quality of our news services and not doing anything about it. Maybe the problem doesn't lie with blaming our government for everything wrong in NZ - maybe the blame lies more with our current crop of disappointing, un-inspirational business owners who want to fit in and jump on politically correct bandwagons so they don't attract trouble. Where are our Elon Musks? Maybe the Kiwi ones just sell-out for the quiet life at Omaha, Waiheke & Pauanui, content with running their little monopoly and watching the bucks - and waves - roll in. You will pay the price - the country has served you well, but will not serve your children and grandchildren well.

Professor Robert MacCulloch holds the Matthew S. Abel Chair of Macroeconomics at Auckland University. He has previously worked at the Reserve Bank, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics. He runs the blog Down to Earth Kiwi from where this article was sourced.


Reggie said...

Totally agree! Come on Bob Jones. You tell us you love the news and bemoan its demise. Here’s your chance to spend some of your vast stores of money to benefit the community and entertain yourself.

Ken said...

Perhaps it will be called "Stuffed-News" just to remind us

Anonymous said...

In the 1970s, Ireland was almost a failed state. Their main export was terrorists to London. Market reforms then transformed the Irish economy. Fewer Irish citizens left for other countries. Those that did leave Ireland were often extreme left fanatics, dissatisfied with the economic and social transformation in their homeland.

In recent years, New Zealand has since been the recipient of a trickle of these Irish terrorists, who have taken up high profile positions here, as extreme left-wing activists. Ironically enough, Irish neo-Marxist activists such as the owner of Stuff, and other Irish activists posing as journalists, now control large parts of our media. In other words, we imported far-left failures and losers from Ireland, as their country boomed due to market reforms.

You might expect that these neo-Marxist losers would fail in New Zealand. To the contrary – they are completely dominant. How did they achieve this?

The rumour I have heard is that Stuff is funded by Iwi. This may not be true, but it would certainly make sense. How so?

Perhaps the dreadful financial performance of loss-making news entities could be viewed as a loss leader by certain parties? Owning a propaganda empire could earn huge returns from indirect ways? Maybe huge losses could be justifiable to shadowy owners, if they were able to influence public policy in their favour? For example, countering ACT and NZ First proposals could bring some interest groups huge benefits. Indeed, a Labour / Green / Māori Party electoral victory could result in windfall riches beyond their dreams!

Perhaps this might explain why Stuff outbid everyone else for the propaganda assets?

Food for thought. Potatoes, anyone?

Tom Logan said...

Can someone please tell me why we are spending ratepayers money on rainbow coloured pedestrian crossings ? Auckland City Councils is supposed to be finding ways to save money not spend more . Doesn't the Council have $12 Billion of debt. Did any one ask the ratepayers ?

Where does the Council get this arrogance from ? They are cutting services to the ratepayers everywhere they can. Have we not seen anything like the redundancies they promised. Yet they still increase their deficit to paint pedestrian crossings.

If the LGBTQ+++++ community want rainbow crossings let them pay for them themselves. Tell some kid that goes to school hungry sorry pall we can't feed you we had to paint all the pedestrian crossings rainbow.

We are a poor country , we cant afford this nonsense .

And meanwhile few are brave enough to venture at night down Queen Street late at night or into Opotiki for a whole week if the gangs close it down.

Yeah, we really need rainbow crossings. Good on ya Brian.

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 2.31, wow, perhaps. Who knows. I'm bummed out that it's not going to get any better tho. But perhaps this is what we actually hit rock bottom first, perhaps some extremism will set us back on a better path...?

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 2.31, wow, perhaps. Who knows. I'm bummed out that it's not going to get any better tho. But perhaps this is what we actually hit rock bottom first, perhaps some extremism will set us back on a better path...?