Friday, April 12, 2024

Professor Robert MacCulloch: Newshub hurt our democracy - not strengthened it

Newshub hurt our democracy - not strengthened it - contrary to TVNZ's journos telling us how to think (again).

Writing from his own Podium of Truth at OneNews, Jack Tame writes, "I share the view of many others that any net reduction in the total number of journalists is damaging for democracy. Regardless of the medium, it means fewer people questioning power". Who does Tame think he is? An "Opinion Leader"? A "Thought Leader"? Didn't he read the AUT Media Trust report published last week? It said, "Those who say they don’t trust and/or avoid the news are most concerned about .. what they perceive as political bias and opinion masquerading as news". What is TVNZ Tame's reaction to the demise of Newshub?

To run as a lead story Tame's "Analysis" of the situation, which is not an analysis at all but instead his own "view", which is probably biased anyhow since he may have an interest in defending his industry mates. So Tame wrote an Opinion Article masquerading as analytical news. Hang on - isn't that exactly why people are switching off news, according to the Media Trust survey? It has long been known that a greater total number of journos doesn't mean more questioning of those in power & doesn't strengthen democracy when journos are under the control of the folks in power. That has been happening around the globe since the start of time and it is happening in many countries right now. So Tame's argument is wrong.

Quality journalism that reports a diversity of views but, most importantly, in the age of Web, allows readers & viewers to connect with each other & respond to others' comments & opinions is booming. On the other hand, having biased opinions of Main Stream Media journos shoved down our throats is a turnoff. Next time an NZ news outlet thinks its a giggle to give a platform for folks leading up to a Election to call the ACT Leader "financially illiterate" & National's budget "sh*t" maybe its journos should ask themselves if people will just switch off when they hear such insults. On how the media can make as much money as ever in the age of the internet, take a look at my old acquaintance, Bharat Anand's, Podcast:


Professor Robert MacCulloch holds the Matthew S. Abel Chair of Macroeconomics at Auckland University. He has previously worked at the Reserve Bank, Oxford University, and the London School of Economics. He runs the blog Down to Earth Kiwi from where this article was sourced.


Kiwialan said...

Jack Tame is a brainwashed lefty full of woke ideology picked up from the corrupted education system. No grown-up gives a hoot what his opinions are except dole bludgers or treaty trough feeders. About time he and his other pretend journalist mates got real jobs that are productive to the recovery of our divided Country. Kiwialan.

Anonymous said...

Yes the arrogance of Tame is extraordinary. His highest educational qualification is from Broadcasting School! How does this compare with the likes of Dr Brian Edwards or Lindsay Perigo who were genuinely well qualified to perform the roles of current affairs TV commentators. Tame looks like a boy and thinks like a child. He has no ability to think on his feet during an interview and carry through with themes and leads. He just follows a set list of questions.

Anonymous said...

Well said Prof. I can’t believe the continued bleeding from MSM and leading news articles on the radio about reduced jobs in their workplace. No money can’t pay businesses that are loosing money restructure and close down. Tax payers hate bailing you out!
Haven’t watched TVNZ or TV3 for over 2 years now. Occasionally read Rnz.
Great link thanks to Bharat Anand.
Cheers, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Robert, thanks once again for highlighting these tossers and why they are in the predicament they are in. I don't think they can change and I'm loving the fallout.