Thursday, April 18, 2024

Sir Bob Jones: Racist advertising

Over the last six months it’s become fashionable for our advertising agencies to use maoris in their television advertisements.

With only a single exception, they are always portrayed as obese simpering simpletons.

On the other hand European models in these adverts are usually physically attractive.

I’m amazed that no protest for this disgrace has arisen.

I’m also stunned that the maori models in these adverts allow themselves to be portrayed in this fashion.

Why advertising agencies are doing this I do not know. Even more puzzling is why their clientele are allowing this distortion, more so as some are government agencies.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE - where this article was sourced.


Robert arthur said...

Had noticed but unclear if maori or pacifica or a mix. Some of the family mixes depicted are very non representative.

Anonymous said...

Please provide examples Bob. So many of us have switched off MSM we don’t know what you’re talking about.

Anonymous said...

The latest One New Zealand advert literally is devoid of any folk other than Maori. One NZ must believe that only maori use thier mobile/broadband services.

The absurdity coming from advertising agencies (who should know better) is only worsened by the marketing team lead at One NZ that thinks that is how you do targetted product marketing......

Greg Dervan said...

If i was a visitor to New Zealand watching tv, i would be thinking the white fellas are the minority.this also extends itself to online clothing models,some also with full arm tatts,which can make a short sleeve shirt be mistaken for a long sleeve if the colours are similar.thanks Bob!

Anonymous said...

Bob it's not just advertising.

Take shorthand st for example. I have not watched it for close on 2 years as they went really woke. Shorty always tried to promote the issue of the day so in true tvnz fashion they made all the maoris in the program the ceo and surgery leader etc. The problem was that although a drama the maoris in the program had killed people. In a couple of words they were 'arderns finest'.

They also got more maoris into the program so there was a disproportionate number of them. This all aligns with labours normalizing maori crime drive , soft on crime, realease crims from prison and cultural reports for maoris stance.

I would be willing to bet this is about the time when most people turned the program off and oddly enough shorty is now under review. Can the left still not see their issues? They are a toxic, racist, radical, destructive bunch whos record for destroying stuff is second to none.

God help them

Anonymous said...

Yep the ad in the theatres in Melbourne inpromoting NZ is all Maori who will welcome you with open heart and open mind. Apparently.

Anonymous said...

SBJ, I would never bank with the Wales after seeing their big posters showing a couple of brown students , and offering bursaries and grants to Maori and Pacifica only.

Why only those groups on a racist basis ?

Anonymous said...

The thing that always strikes me is that even when there is a white person they invariably have a non-white partner. I am always interested in this. Are we now not allowed to marry anyone who looks like ourselves? Is this part of some other wider agenda that we are all supposed to end up looking the same, and if so, what does this say about the supposed drive for diversity?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that all the new NZ tv series being promoted follow all the woke Maori, violent and the many and varied sexual proclivities.