Thursday, July 11, 2024

Sir Bob Jones: Joe Biden - time to go

Five years back on this Blog I wrote about the American Democrat party primaries, then underway.

I expressed amazement that Joe Biden was the front runner in the 19 candidate field as for me, the standout candidate was the then 37 year old Indiana mayor Peter Buttigieg. As I wrote, Buttigieg has money pouring into his campaign funding and he brings a Kennedyish youthful optimism, in raw contrast to Biden.

“Buttigieg is fresh, young, highly intelligent, decent, a former Naval intelligence officer, Harvard and Oxford educated, the latter as a Rhodes scholar. He advances sensible policies, notably universal healthcare which is long overdue in America.

He’s also homosexual but the evidence is clear that’s no longer a handicap in American politics, or indeed anywhere in the western world.

In short Buttigieg is the absolute opposite on every count to Trump, perfect credentials to reduce him to a one-term office-holder”

Well as we know the Democrats ran with Biden who duly rolled the abominable Trump by an all-time record 8 million voters margin.

Now, here we go again. But Biden is plainly past it. If he really cared for his country, he’d put aside his pride and step down. Such is his mental and physical decay he’s not capable of running a corner store, let alone the largest economy in the world.

The pressure is mounting on him to pull out from increasing numbers of prominent Democrats. For the sake of the free world, hopefully he does the decent thing, moreso as he cannot win a second term, not just against Trump, but anyone.

All of that aside, remember Buttigieg as its odds on he will be the front runner as the next Democrat President in 2028, should Biden continue his campaign, which is doomed to failure.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob. To my horror I can't believe that these are the 2 best guys for the most powerful position in the world. Surely in a country of 400 million there are 2 better candidates!

Anonymous said...

If Trump wins there won't be an election in 2028.

Allen said...

He seems to be unable to fulfill the requirements of the job at present, fast forward 3-4 years, how much less capable will he be and who will be pulling the strings to maintain the facade. It seems to me that these people are guilty of elder abuse.