Saturday, March 6, 2021

Ross Meurant: Standing Up for New Zealand

Last week Dr Newman published for me, the article A Step Too Far in which I debunked the myth that the Crown ceded Sovereignty to Maori and exposed the fact New Zealand is a country of many cultures and is not Bi Cultural.

That, was going to be ‘it’, for my contribution to the disturbing trend of racial division which lurks latent as a menace to the harmony of New Zealand.

However, before this week had past, Dr Don Brash drew attention to a threat with more enduring consequences than the tsunami that threatened to plunder our pastures.

From Mediawatch, 2:37 pm today: 

An article published in the Northland Age newspaper on Tuesday and on the New Zealand Herald website has been withdrawn after it was condemned as racist - and publisher NZME says it won't publish Dr Michael Bassett's work on its platforms.

The managing editor of publisher NZME, Shayne Currie, told RNZ the article was “unacceptable” and commentary from the former cabinet minister and historian “will no longer appear on our platforms.”

What did my former university lecturer and former opponent in parliament say?

Here’s a cut & paste from Mediawatch:

“All things derived from Europe, except our creature comforts, must be set aside as we are expected to embrace all things Māori,” he wrote.

“It won’t be long before the woke who are driving all of this insist on officially changing our country’s name."  

The article criticised increasing use of ‘Aotearoa,’ teaching New Zealand history in schools, plans for bi-lingual street names and RNZ reporters adopting Māori words and phrases.

He also claimed “excessive” land confiscations after the wars of the 1860s “came on top of damage Māori had already done to themselves.” and claimed Māori were “thin on the ground in the Auckland area in 1840.”

“When will Aucklanders - and New Zealanders as a whole - stop cringing and wake up to what is being done to their culture, and largely with their money?” he concluded.

As one commentator observes: “This is an outrageous affront to democracy.”

Dr Brash suggests:  “This means that Stuff, NZME, RNZ and Media Works now accept only one interpretation of New Zealand history and will publish no dissenting view, even by a highly regarded historian like Michael Bassett.”

And what is the solution?  

The creation of a new news channel?

Possibly – but I suggest the easier solution is to vote in the next General Election, for a political party which is committed to addressing this assault on what you want for your country.

Ross Meurant, graduate in politics both at university and a 9-year term Member of Parliament; formerly police inspector in charge of Auckland police spies; currently Honorary consul for an African state; Trustee and CEO of Russian owned commercial assets in NZ and has international business interests.


Max Ritchie said...

It’s extraordinary that an eminent historian and former Cabinet minister can be deplatformed. What on earth is happening to this country? The sooner a non-woke government is elected the better. Mind you, the National Party will have to summon up some courage - no more “it’d be too divisive”. Sometimes you’ve got to have principles.

Phil said...

I hope there is a party committed to addressing these issues. Labour now controls probably 80% of the editorial/opinion space in the NZ media so it will be an enormous battle for National or ACT to get in. I have just been reading the Saturday newspapers and several articles portraying Jacinda Ardern as a hero for putting a part time KFC worker in her place. This media coverage is beyond a joke.

DeeM said...

As demonstrated in Ross' article, virtually all of the NZ media follows the woke agenda religiously. So without a readily available alternative source of BALANCED news and reporting, I suspect that a very large proportion of the NZ public are blissfully unaware of the whole pro-Maori racist agenda and its dire implications, which this government is enacting by stealth.
Keeping the public in the dark, or informed on only one point of view, is essential to Labour (and the Greens) advancing their aims to undemocratically give a small ethnic minority power, rights and influence far in excess of their representation in the whole population.
A survey of the public asking key questions on these issues - Maori wards, Maori sovereignty, NZ history etc - may give us a more accurate view of what the public know or believe. Without that we are only guessing.
How can you get any non-woke policies and opinions effectively to the NZ public when the media will simply not report them. NZ is in a dire position, not seen before. A government claiming to be all about democracy and governing for all is clearly manipulating opinion and promoting its own propaganda because it doesn't trust the public to make the decision they want - socialism to a tee!!

Ross Baker said...

Question Time – New Zealand’s true documented history.

Unless you can answer the following questions, you have no idea of New Zealand’s true history.


1. Who smuggled 800 muskets from England into New Zealand in 1820?
2. Who went on a rampage south slaughtering thousands of men, women, and children for the fun of it and the feasts that followed?
3. Why did the 13 Ngapuhi Chiefs write to the King asking for protection?
4. Why was the Declaration of Independence a complete failure?
5. How and when were the boundaries of New South Wales extended to include New Zealand, placing New Zealand under the dependency of New South Wales?
6. Who drafted the instruction for Lt. Governor Hobson to write the Treaty of Waitangi?
7. What did tangata Maori give up in the Tiriti o Waitangi?
8. What did tangata Maori gain by the Tiriti o Waitangi?
9. How did New Zealand become a British Colony?
10. How did Lt, Governor Hobson become Governor of New Zealand?
11. How was New Zealand’s Government formed under one flag to make laws, irrespective of race, colour, or creed?
12. How did New Zealand get a political, justice and legal system?
13. When was the legislative Council formed?
14. When was our first Constitution issued and by whom?
15. When was the first sitting of the Legislative Council?
16. Who set up land titles and returned land to the chiefs that had been sold by them before 6 February 1840?
17. Why did Chief Justice Prendergast rule the Treaty a “Simple nullity” in 1877?
18. Where does it say, the Treaty was, “A Partnership between Maori and the Crown”?
1. Hongi Hika, Ngapuhi.
2. Hongi Hika and his Ngapuhi followers.
3. They were afraid the southern tribes were arming themselves for utu/revenge.
4. James Busby could only get 52 chiefs to sign it before it was abandoned.
5. By Royal Charter dated the 30 July 1839.
6. James Stephen, the Under-Secretary of Colonies, and a strong supporter of the Clapham Sect.
7. They gave up their kawanatanga/government.
8. They became British Subjects with same rights as the people of England. This advanced tangata Maori a 1000 years in their culture, stopped the intertribal wars and gave one law for all without tangata Maori lifting a finger.
9. By Royal Charter issued by “Victoria by the Grace of God” under, “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”, dated 16 November 1840.
10. By Royal Charter issued by “Victoria by the Grace of God” under, “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”, dated 16 November 1840.
11. By a Constitution issued by “Victoria by the Grace of God” under, “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”, dated 16 November 1840.
12. By a Constitution issued by “Victoria by the Grace of God” under, “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”, dated 16 November 1840.
13. May 3, 1841. Lt. Governor Hobson became Governor of New Zealand.
14. By “Victoria by the Grace of God” under, “The Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”, dated 16 November 1840.
15. May 3, 1841. New Zealand formed a government under one flag and one law.
16. The New Zealand Colonial Government.
17. “So far indeed as that instrument (The Treaty of Waitangi) purported to cede the sovereignty, it must be regarded as a ‘simple nullity’. No political body existed capable of making cession of sovereignty”.
18. There is absolutely nothing in the Treaty of Waitangi that mentions, “A Partnership between Maori and the Crown”, absolutely nothing!

All the above questions and answers are based on documentation from Archives around the world, the British Parliamentary Papers and documents obtained under the Official Information Act by the One New Zealand Foundation Inc.

If any information is found to be incorrect, please supply official documented history to support your findings and the above will be amended
Yours sincerely,
Ross Baker.
Researcher, One New Zealand Foundation Inc. Email: 5/3/2021.

Anonymous said...

Boycott the NZ Herald and other left wing media. Don't buy any print media that are left and woke.

Unknown said...

Has the " non woke" up tv channel been investigated..??
Call it Sovereign TV.

Unknown said...

It is disturbing that so swiftly many commentators in NZ, including the eminent Dr. Bassett, my former History lecturer at Auckland University, are being censored or are losing their positions. Advertisers quickly forced the dispensing of Magic Radio's talkback hosts John Banks and Sean Plunket. Who's next? This doesn't happen in Australia with their outspoken presenters like Alan Jones and the likes. Our TV news presenters are not allowed to voice opinions, it seems, unless they are innocuous or follow the government narrative. And don't forget, it was our PM that said the Labour Party are the only source of truth in NZ!! We are getting closer to the world of Orwell's '1984' daily.

Anonymous said...

If "e-local" became national it might shift the balance a bit.

Geoff. said...

I hope that my child and grand children have time to sell up and emigrate before Jacinda hoists the red flag over the Beehive, and then abolishes the institution therein.

Anonymous said...

When I talk to friends abroad they cannot believe that in NZ we have dedicated race based seats in Parliament and other local government institutions, as part of a democratic system based on Westminster.
Can anyone imagine this happening in Oz? Far from being complicit in it, the Media would tear apart anyone who even hinted at it,let alone promoted it.
Can we turn back the clock and rejoin New South Wales?

Awake not Woke said...

I appreciate the info. in Ross Bakers post, is there any more and if so can it be collected into one document to be used as a basis for the school History curriculum.LOL

Peter van der Stam, Napier said...

The RED flag over the Beehive?
I am almost 100% that this is not going to happen unless labour stays in power and sells NZ to China and this nice country becomes a colony of China.
Give and take about 25 years and our children and grandchildren have the same struggle as Hong Kong has now.