Friday, May 27, 2022

Andrew Bolt: New Zealand to teach Maori knowledge as science equivalent

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says New Zealand has “a new green paper to supposedly decolonise” the education curriculum to teach traditional Maori knowledge as the equivalent of science.


Anonymous said...

A young adult child of mine supplies coalface services in a regional government department.
The entire team is drowning in frustration and despair. Covid related and mental health absences are skyrocketing but the workload remains unrelenting and no one is available to sub in. Institutional knowledge has been driven from the building. The juniors are now the prematurely promoted seniors.
The ever positive team leader has finally succumbed to the suffocating demoralization blanketing them from on high.
They called an emergency meeting with their well padded, out of area, management - an SOS from the frontline.
The result? They were told they must wear it. No help was to be forthcoming, and the “problem” ( read “crisis”)would not be acknowledged (they would put nothing in writing) because “ we have been ordered that we can say or do nothing that will cast our government in a negative light”.
The deliberate destruction of science in New Zealand is but one pillar destroyed in a controlled demolition of our society and values that is being stealthily enacted with the absolute consent of those in all New Zealand’s halls of power. Too many are mindlessly complicit.
There is a growing generation of smart young New Zealanders now looking for political alternatives to New Zealand’s destructive trajectory. They want not just a new government, but a new direction.
To them we must listen, and with them we must connect.

Anonymous said...

how about a free market solution to this woke stupidity... give every family a voucher equivalent to the cost of this program. let parents decide if they want to use that money to have kids attend this course, or use it for other subjects - even music or sports.

since that is not 'feasible', how about this - every parent gets a credit of the amount in their bank account followed by a forced deduction for this program. that way everyone will know how much money is being invested/wasted. then they can decide to follow up with schools or the education dept to send bouquets or brickbats.