Friday, May 13, 2022

Mike Hosking: The more radical governments go, the more pushback they get

Bit of reading you might be interested in if you follow the Australian election campaign.

It's a piece about Clive Palmer and how he will do well in Victoria; look up "Palmer's People" in the Sydney Morning Herald. You may see a trend or two that could play out here next year.

Meantime, in Australia, although it isn't over, it looks like the tide has gone out on the Australian government. The tide always goes out on a government; it just depends on timing and competence.

That's trend one for us, the tide is going out on this government. It's not completely out, but the competence factor is playing a big part as more and more of us wake up to the ineptitude and lack of delivery. Not to mention the race and ideological aspects of their plans. All polls this year have the Government behind the opposition.

In Australia, it is suggested that Palmer will do well in Victoria. Which is interesting, as the fringe parties are no longer as fringe as they were. And along with the various independents start to pick up real support.

The two major parties both have less than 40 percent support each in a first-past-the-post style of race, that's not an endorsement. If you look at Clive Palmer's party, the Victoria success, if it is to pan out that way, comes, they are suggesting, because of Dan Andrews.

This is the second trend. The more radical the people are who govern you, the more rebellion you will get. Lance Burdett last week talked of this new research whereby those locked down most are seeing increasing violence and crime.

Victoria got locked down more than New South Wales. The developing crime statistics are showing a trend. Look at Auckland, it's the same story.

Andrews is a dictator of sorts. He's a condescending “I know what's right for you“ control freak. Sound familiar?

Justin Trudeau, a similar sort of figure called an election last year very early, based on the idea that his Covid handling would go down a treat and they would re-elect him with a majority he didn’t have at the time. It backfired and he still doesn’t have a majority.

Polling here suggests increasing numbers of us are over the conservative dictatorial approach this government has put us through. The social and economic consequences of which are now been born out.

So let see how Australia plays out. Read the Palmer piece and look for the trends and where they are going. We, quite possibly, are not far behind.

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.

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Terry Morrissey said...

"Polling here suggests increasing numbers of us are over the conservative dictatorial approach this government has put us through."
I would be more inclined to view it as a radical dictatorial approach. I do however agree that this labour cult is toast. The sooner the better for the benefit of the country.