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Helen Egmont: Everyone Knows

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” Joseph Joubert

Everyone knows:
  • We must be open to debate on important issues
  • If we do not debate then we will be unaware of potential issues.
  • Not questioning rules has had huge negative consequences all throughout history
  • We are vulnerable to influence and must have checks and balances in place at all levels of society
It is important that New Zealanders understand that the covid vaccine still being used here is now significantly “out of date”. The covid variant it worked best against is long gone. And it is never coming back.

Using this obsolete vaccine now is like pulling an out-of-date flu vaccine from years ago from the fridge and:
Our country must quit the destructive covid vaccination treadmill while we are ahead.

For difficult as it may be to believe, we are a long, long way ahead of where we will end up if we continue to vaccinate into this pandemic using our current, out-dated, covid vaccines.

Everyone now knows there is emerging evidence that all-cause mortality in vaccinated countries has significantly increased since the vaccine rollout began. This has been particularly evident from insurance company statistics. Governments too are awash with densities of covid data. It is becoming harder to provide that data to the public without the public realising all is not as it seems. Some allege that it is for this reason that the UK Health Security Agency recently stopped providing its hospitalisation and death data to the public in groups broken down by vaccination status.

There is much analysis being done by statisticians not in government employ. Professor Norman Fenton, from Queen Mary University in London is one such person. Unfortunately those whose analysis arrives at answers at odds with government advisors are effectively erased. One such piece of information I came across recently, pulled from the depths of a data dump, is that those aged over 60 appear to have a significantly increased risk of dying in the week after having their first Pfizer injection. This implies that the vaccine may have induced their deaths. Is this true? Who knows. But it needs to be taken seriously, and fully investigated.

Alert scientists reading between the lines of government sanctioned published research are finding data driven conclusions within, that, inexplicably, the publishing scientists have failed to draw our attention to, but these marginalized scientists have nowhere to turn in order to bring such information to the light of day and thus the public live on, believing that there is scientific consensus around vaccine safety and efficacy when there is no such thing.

Many people are confused about why so many vaccinated people are getting sick with omicron. Some vaccinated people, particularly those who have now had three doses, are finding that either they cannot shake their covid illness, or that it comes and goes repeatedly, causing them misery and forcing them to take sick leave. This means those left at the coal face must work harder and longer.

This is why many people are now rightly questioning whether it is wise for them to take a third or fourth vaccine dose. They are also now confused to be told by Stuff reporters that the third dose is no longer known as a “booster” but is now referred to as the third dose of the primary schedule.

Everyone knows that the reason there has been so much changed advice since the vaccine rollout began is because we remain in the middle of the experimental phase of working out how safe, and how effective, the covid vaccine is (let alone what is the ideal dose for each age group).

No one running the vaccination drive(s) knows what to expect next.

Our governments have created many carefully built straw man beliefs around covid which they have inserted into our environment using acknowledged techniques of social manipulation (many of which have been lifted from marketing and advertising research) to help us continue to think that vaccination is all good.

One such method, used in the UK, is known as Mindspace. Its strapline is “influencing behaviour through public policy”. In this context, the term “influencing” is a more acceptable way of saying “manipulating behaviour through public policy” for it is inherent in the Mindspace technique applied that the populace remains unaware of its application.

It can be hard to believe that we are manipulated to want to take vaccines in a way that diminishes our free choice but that is what happens.

The straw man arguments are an important part of “nudging” people into believing that vaccination is best no matter what.

One such argument that we are all increasingly coming across, rests on the fallacy that the covid vaccination always protects. The corollary of this is that anyone who has been vaccinated and becomes ill with covid none the less, would always have been worse off if they had not been vaccinated as many times as they had. Once one identifies the fallacy one realises that this is a nonsense. We have all seen the cartoons depicting those who have lost loved ones, emphasising how much worse their loved one’s covid death would have been had they not been vaccinated.

There are many medical therapies that one can have too much of. In fact, with regard to the covid vaccines, this point has finally become public knowledge. Listen to Dr Jennifer Ashton, the ABC News Medical Correspondent recently describing her concerns around the covid vaccine on national television in the US. She raises the point that when a person is boosted, although their antibody levels go up, (and that looks good), they may not be neutralizing antibodies, (and that’s bad) She says “certainly there is the potential of this immune phenomena known as tolerance where if you already have high antibody levels and you get another booster that your immune system can start to say, Well, what am I needed for? and can shut down.”

Some people believe we are now seeing increased rates of a number of illnesses associated with immune shut down, in those who are highly covid vaccinated. We don’t know if this is the case, but unless and until we collect and analyse the data to find out, we are sailing in dark and dangerous ethical waters if we continue to insist that people be vaccinated in order to keep their careers, because of the fallacy that we “know” that covid vaccines are safe and effective.

A worrying example that indicates the possibility that long term immune suppression is occurring in the vaccinated has recently come out of Israel. There, a large waste-water epidemiology study has revealed enormously high levels of the delta virion even though, clinically, delta was overcome in Israel months ago (the only circulating variants of note they now have are omicron). The only way that this can occur is if large numbers of Israelis are still shedding the delta virus, even as they are sick with, and apparently overcoming, omicron. The researchers have postulated that the delta virus has evaded the (vaccination induced) immunity in the population and now resides, and continues to multiply, in cells lining the gut. No one yet knows the meaning of this finding, but it raises the question, does covid vaccination create an environment within the individual that facilitates long term infection with, rather than elimination of, the covid virus? And if it does, what does this mean for that individual?

HIV is an example of a virus that has evolved to chronically infect humans. It enters CD4 T type immune cells and destroys their ability to function. The consequences of this emerge slowly over time. The HIV infected individual becomes increasingly susceptible to infections that normally our bodies eliminate easily.

This state of ill health is known as AIDS: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

Everyone knows that the the SARS-Cov-2 virus pandemic was most likely secondary to a lab leak, ie the virus was engineered in a lab, in what is known as a gain of function process. This conclusion is unsurprising given that it is now common knowledge that many queries have arisen regarding sequences identified within the spike protein. eg that a sequence within the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein was patented by moderna in 2017 and that some researchers have alleged that a number of epitopes on the spike protein are direct replicas of the GP120 binding epitopes on the HIV virus, that are in positions that allow them to bind with, and thus enter, CD8 T immune cells. No one knows what, if present, these HIV like epitopes on the SARS-Cov-2 virus mean, but what is common knowledge is that talk of HIV suddenly seems to be increasing in the media. No one is quite sure, to what purpose?

As a corollary to this, everyone knows that the vaccine injected mRNA begins making spike proteins once it enters our cells. This mRNA ‘recipe’ creates largely the same spike protein that exists on the original wuhan lab derived virus. And everyone knows too that the New Zealand approved narrative that the spike protein is gone from the body within days is a nonsense. It has been shown to remain in lymph node germinal centres for at least sixty days. The only reason one cannot say whether for longer is because the experiment concluded at the sixty day mark. Likewise is the evidence that vaccine generated spike protein can remain in monocyte immune blood cells for over a year. How does this change the safe and effective narrative? No one knows, but we can say with certainty these findings were not expected and have not been accounted for in the insistence that vaccine mandates are a safe and appropriate response to this epidemic.

Not only are concerns being raised about the negative potentialities of the vaccine induced spike protein, but we remain, as yet, far from understanding the risks of the lipid nano-particle that the mRNA fragments are wrapped in in order to fool the immune system. We remain largely ignorant of the consequences of swapping the nucleoside Uridine, for pseudo uridine in the mRNA, nor of the use of other sequences that have the potential to fold themselves into prion like proteins. Prion proteins cause severe and irreversible central nervous system degeneration. Safety signals around this are being detected by vigilant clinicians around the world. The significance of these signals remains unexplored. The fact that it is difficult to find reference to such concerns in the mainstream media does not mean such concerns are invalid.

Many people now understand why it would be prudent to halt further vaccinations, especially of those at low risk of covid injury (ie the young) until these issues are fully understood and the covid vaccination’s potential long term consequences resolved.

Government supported mainstream media “fact-checkers” and pharma supported “scientific advisors” have divided loyalties which we must assume will lead them to biased conclusions.

A classic and frightening example of this relates to post vaccine myocarditis. Many young New Zealand men remain under threat of losing their career unless they have a third dose of vaccine. And every day that passes will see another young man succumb to a third Pfizer injection rather than lose that career. Think of a young male medical student, mid 20s, who has invested 6 years and $130,000 of their own money to train as a doctor, knowing that if he does not succumb to the ongoing mandated dosing of wuhan type covid mRNA then everything he has worked for will be stripped from him, everything, that is, except his debt. That is not a proportionate choice. How many lives will his third dose save? And what is the risk to him through others insisting that he carry the undefined burden of saving society from omicron?

Well, there is an answer to this. It came out in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on 20 April: SARS-Cov-2 Vaccination and Myocarditis in a Nordic Cohort Study of 23 Million Residents, and it concluded, in the understated fashion typical of any researcher now who knows their research challenges the dominant narrative of safe and effective, that “The risk of myocarditis in this large cohort study was highest in young males after the second SARS-Cov-2 vaccine dose, and this risk should be balanced against the benefits of protecting against severe COVID-19 disease”. The males at highest risk were aged 19 to 24, ie the exact age of young men mandated in our workforce.

This is of immense importance to New Zealanders. Why have our MSM health journalists not put this issue fully out in front of us all to consider and debate. If we were suggesting our young men physically go to war for the good of our country, the debates would be vocal and endless. Yet we are asking exactly that – for young men to take significant and potentially fatal risks upon themselves for the sake of others. Does this remain fair or just, knowing what we now know? And what if that young man developed vague but unshakable chest symptoms after dose one and two, but must wait six months to be assessed by a cardiologist, with no hope of his GP giving him even an extension of time, let alone an exemption from a third dose while he waits to have his cardiac status fully assessed? This is not only unfair. It is wrong and unjust, and the lack of prominent flagging of this new research about the risks of vaccination to our young men, in the MSM is duplicitous.

One final and significant question left hanging in the above research is as follows:

If the second dose of mRNA vaccine elevates the risk of myocarditis to young men over and above the first dose, which lifts the risk over and above no dose (even with the risks associated with covid 19 itself), then what does this mean about the risk to young men through government mandated orders that force upon them a third dose?

What responsibility does the government owe to these young men when they come down with myocarditis? Not just to their medical care, but to rectifying the fact that these young people will then never be able to take out life insurance, or travel insurance, or disability insurance, without severe penalty. How will the government recompense these young people that they have conscripted as covid soldiers, for that?

Another issue of considerable import has now also raised its head with regard to covid vaccination. Since January this year there has been an evolving outbreak, in a number of countries, of a severe illness in mainly young, healthy children. The outbreak is behaving as an infection which hones in on the liver and either severely damages it, or destroys it.

Inflammatory damage to the liver is called hepatitis. An alarming number of these children have required a liver transplant which means their life, and that of their family is irrevocably changed. They must, for example, remain on immunosuppressant drugs for life. A number of the children have died. The infection appears to be likely an adenovirus but this presentation is unusual. Adenovirus infections are common in children. They can cause both respiratory and gut symptoms. Children get sick but build protective immunity. The virus rarely causes hepatitis and it is almost unknown for healthy children infected with the adenovirus to get liver failure.

So how could this be related to covid vaccination?

Both the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and the Astra-Zeneca vaccine use inactivated primate (chimp) type adenovirus attached to SARS-Cov 2 spike protein instructions. When these vaccines were announced, other scientists raised concern that severely pathogenic virus species may arise as a result of recombination events. They knew that recombination is quite frequent within adenovirus genomes, as largely documented by data sequencing genomes from people co-infected with different human adenovirus types.

One concern now is that someone, somewhere, who was one day vaccinated with either the J and J vaccine or the Astra-Zeneca, became co-infected with a “wild type” adenovirus. Effectively, that person unknowingly became a human petri dish. When the two adenoviruses collided within their human petri dish, they recombined and the wildtype virus (which remained infectious) collected from the inactivated virus, the recipe for making on its surface, the SARS-Cov 2 spike protein.

This newly created, spiked adenovirus then infects small children who have no immunity to adenovirus due to lockdown induced isolation and in at least some children it shows a preference for infecting liver cells. By this hypothesis, when the spiked adenovirus gets into the liver cell the liver cell recognizes the foreign spike protein and presents it onto the liver cell surface so that the infected person’s own immune system can destroy the foreign protein. The trouble is, in order to destroy the foreign protein, the liver cell itself must be destroyed. Because the immune cells that do the destroying belong to the person the destruction is called auto-immune. Normally adenoviruses infecting children do not induce such autoimmunity. It is known however that the spike protein is capable of causing autoimmune hepatitis in adults.

In the current environment, this theory is difficult to discuss.

A second theory has been published in the lancet on May 13. It proposes that prior infection with Covid triggers a superantigen effect with massive t cell activation upon exposure to adenovirus.

So how will we know which, if either, of these theories is correct?

The answer is complex but the pathway now is clearing. First, we need to keep an open mind to all possibilities. The potential for this illness to cause severe repercussions around the world is significant.

As a matter of urgency, the adenovirus that has been identified in these sick children must be fully sequenced and the results of that sequencing compared with the adenovirus sequences known to be used in the J and J and the Astra-Zeneca vaccines. It is interesting to note that such sequencing has previously been achieved and announced within days of it being required (remember how rapidly the original virus was sequenced? – it took only a few days). Clinicians are holding their breath and wondering why the sequencing answer in this instance is taking so long to be announced.

Co-incidentally, just this week, it was announced in the UK that the J and J vaccine is being withdrawn apparently because the well known but rare problems with clotting that it can induce, have begun to concern them.

Finally, as everyone is also aware, the Pfizer phase one trial documents continue to be released. You may recall that the FDA (which is known to be partly funded by pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer) ordered the Pfizer trial documents locked away for 75 years, (in a bizarre move that appeared to suggest that the FDA, for some unfathomable reason, was acting as a Pfizer agent) but this was overturned by a court ruling.

The most recent release has raised concerns among some scientists familiar with the foibles of research, about a trial site in Argentina which was overseen by a single medical practitioner, who also happened to have ties to Pfizer. This site enrolled around 4000 participants in three weeks. Each participant needed to have approximately 250 pages of documentation completed. Participants appear to have been signed up 7 days a week for that time, which happened to be in the weeks before data was required to meet research deadlines. The medical investigator at this site was also an author of the NEJM paper of 20 December 20 which was used by governments around the world to prove their order to mandate vaccinations was based in science.

A valid question about whether any of this data was fraudulent has now been raised.

And to complicate the issue of the FDA, CDC and NIH’s integrity further, a non profit watchdog organization in the USA, called Open the Books, has just, through the courts, had a freedom of information request about these entities, enforced. The article is worth reading. It is titled: “Fauci’s royalties and the $350 million payment stream HIDDEN by NIH”

It is now becoming increasingly clear that many questions with regard to both the safety and efficacy of the covid vaccines need to be answered. That these questions have arisen in such numbers is directly attributable to the fact that the vaccines we are using remain experimental.

Everyone knows New Zealand’s omicron wave is infecting many vaccinated people despite being told at the beginning of the vaccination drive that by vaccinating a majority of the population, covid would be defeated.

Everyone knows that when covid rates surged, governments around the world initially blamed “the unvaccinated”. Here in New Zealand, statistics were presented to emphasise that the unvaccinated were placing a disproportionate burden on our health system.

We now know that vaccination does not prevent or lessen transmission of the omicron variant to any appreciable degree or for any appreciable time. Around the world, and particularly from Germany, recent research shows that within weeks to months of second or third vaccine doses, any protection initially gained from severe illness and death caused by the virus also wanes to become negligible.

There is emerging evidence that, in fact, vaccinated people are becoming more susceptible to covid infection than those unvaccinated. It is important to understand the fear that this evidence will cause governments. They have demanded vaccinations knowing that they remain experimental, and they are therefore responsible for the consequences of those vaccinations. It is also important to understand that this covid vulnerability that develops within weeks to months in the vaccinated, can be reversed for a short time by having a further dose of vaccine.

This is why New Zealanders are being strongly urged to “get boosted”. This is, however, a form of “kicking the can down the road” because, inevitably, the protective power of the booster wanes within a month or two. That is it. For all the risks, that is all the protection that the vaccine can offer.

It is now common knowledge that covid vaccination cannot even protect the vaccinated from long covid with up to 20% of people post second vaccine dose recently acknowledged by Stuff as developing this chronic condition. And it is important to be clear that no one knows whether or not the vaccine may in fact make long covid more likely. This is just one of many research questions into the covid vaccine that remains unanswered, but which is crucial to each one of us being able to make informed decisions as to our acceptance of further doses.

It appears that that the government is using this ‘can-kicking’ technique in the hope that the omicron wave will dissipate first, before the vaccine’s clearly tenuous efficacy.

Unfortunately this strategy appears doomed to not only fail but to load the multidose vaccinated with greater risk of vaccine harm, and our entire society with a significant risk of various, unending omicron type waves (we know that governments are aware of this. It is why they are warning the populace to prepare for covid to become “endemic”).

It has become evident overseas that in highly vaccinated countries, the omicron “wave” is behaving more like an unending surge, and this is due to the inability of the vaccinated to clear the virus.

This unpalatable situation is doubly dangerous because it creates the perfect environment for the virus to achieve immune escape.

Immune escape is a feature of viruses that are put under immune pressure. That is, they are put in an immune environment in which they are neither killed nor stopped from transmitting.

The aphorism What doesn’t kill (vir)us, makes (vir)us stronger, is apt.

Our government knows this. They know that it is a matter of time until somewhere, in someone, an omicron virion, suppressed but not killed by vaccine induced antibodies will rebel, become stronger, and learn how to transfect from lung cell to lung cell. Indeed, it is possible that non-neutralizing antibodies, induced by vaccination, may in fact enhance his process.

Multiple lung cells infected with virus have a name: pneumonia.

Viral pneumonia is unresponsive to antibiotics. It requires time and it frequently requires respiratory support – that is, hospitalization.

What we are talking about (although the government believes we should not) is the possibility that the experimental covid vaccines may induce a state of immune suppression.

Unfortunately, because people were reassured from the beginning that covid vaccines were safe and effective, it is unlikely that anyone has been supported to collect sufficient data to evaluate whether this process has been triggered in any particular group, by the first three vaccine doses. We know it is now recognized as a potential issue with the fourth. This means it may well also be an as yet undetected issue with the third. The second? The first?

When someone is immune suppressed it means they have lost the ability to effectively fight off bacteria, fungi and/or viruses. Our immune systems are phenomenally complex and vulnerable to unintended consequences when they are manipulated (re-visit immunologists' early attempts to cure peanut allergy in newborns). Different people may express their immune suppression differently. Some, for instance, will get recurrent gut symptoms. For some it will be the reactivation of old infections; viral (eg the glandular fever virus, or the chicken pox virus, or the HIV virus etc), bacterial (eg the tuberculosis bacterium, or the golden staph bacterium), or fungal (eg Candida thrush breaking out in the mouth, the gut, the genitalia etc).

Some parts of the immune system are important; not to control infection, but to control cancer cells. Cancer starts when a normal cell learns how to divide repeatedly without stopping. In all of us, every day, new cancer cells are born from our old, previously normal cells. It is severely underappreciated how important our immune system is in surveilling our bodies for these microscopic dangers. When such mutated cells are found special cancer killing immune cells are called upon and they (most of the time) destroy the baby cancers before they can divide sufficiently to show up as cancerous tumors.

Most people are unaware, but scientists have been raising concerns that certain cancers seem to be rising significantly in frequency; certain unusual cancers are becoming more “usual”, and people with cancers that were in remission seem to be reverting to invasive cancer more often. This possibility, if true, that vaccine induced immune suppression promotes cancer, is explosive.

Thus far, those scientists who have raised concerns about the safety of covid vaccinations have been comprehensively shut down. It is however in the interests of all New Zealanders that we have open and honest conversations about such risks before further covid vaccination is demanded of any one of us.

The minimal benefit we are now getting as a country from repeated covid vaccination pales in comparison to what the scientific research is now seeing on the covid-vaccine horizon -- a tsunami of vaccine harm, until now hidden from sight by the blindness of warp speed vision.

Is it a tsunami? Or is it, as the government would have us believe, a calm horizon misinterpreted by a few scientific misfits?

There is only one way to find out:

Acknowledge that we remain buried deep within a scientific experiment of unprecedented size.

Acknowledge that undeniable safety signals have arisen.

Acknowledge that, in accordance with enduring ethical principles, these safety signals demand that we halt the vaccine experimental arm forthwith, collect and analyse the data in a transparent way, and only then agree on a path forward.

This, is what should happen

and, deep-down,



Blackadder: “I’ve never had anything you doctors didn’t try to cure with leeches. A leech on my ear for earache, a leech on my bottom for constipation.”
Doctor: “You know the leech comes to us on the highest authority?”
Blackadder: “Yes. Dr Hoffman of Stuttgart, isn’t it?”
Doctor: “That’s right, the great Hoffman.”
Blackadder: “Owner of the largest leech farm in Europe…”

Even Blackadder.

Helen Egmont is a New Zealander who is interested in the bigger picture.


Anonymous said...

Great article … oh that it could reach the powers that be ..

Janine said...

Great article Helen. I totally agree there should be open and honest discussion on the pros and cons of the vaccine. Instead, the government have ordered more vaccines and are encouraging people to take them.

Instead of New Zealand epidemiologists advising us and discussing the merits amonst their wider community, we appear to have the WHO overseeing the whole world in these matters. The problem is that any dissenting voices are being shut down. Now we have talk of us signing up to the WHOs rules regarding how we behave in the next pandemic! Let's hope the next government regains our sovereignty. No more so called( probably highly paid) "experts" please, whose predictions have been wrong from the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

An absolutely excellent piece. The "undeniable safety" signals were there from the start along with clear breaches of all norms from industry best practice, safety prudence to fundamental rights.

There's no way to put the genie back in the bottle but we must find our way to openness, media scrutiny and accountability. The lessons will be harsh.

Geoffrey said...

This really demands to be published in MSM. Bet it isn’t

Charles said...

You are to be congratulated for a well researched and written article. Unfortunately the people who have agreed to be experimented on will suffer accordingly and thus at this time will be less than willing to listen to the truth about their situation. Jabbing kids with this poison has absolutely no justification if the stats being posted on neutral sites are anything to go by, since it is becoming pretty obvious that the worthless and dangerous inoculation is maiming and killing far more young people who have strong immune systems than it is saving. Now we have the monkey pox erupting out of nowhere to deal with. the great unwashed are to be kept in a state of perpetual fear until the plan is brought to fruition. This latest virus is relatively harmless to people who do not indulge in homosexual practices so it is these groups who need to be monitored. For a realistic grasp on reality I would strongly recommend that people ignore everything they hear on the echo chamber of television "news"and the breathless absurdities espoused by half wits in the media and simply concentrate on your lives - resisting the coercion by the health "experts" and politicians to accept yet more jabs. These psychos are out to hurt you, not help you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this. I am trying to find a way to get my family out of forced covid vaccination as part of the green card process. So far this is the best article with all the points laid in plain English that I’ve seen. It may not help me but it’s a great step. Thank you

Anonymous said...

What absolute garbage.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above, your analysis is adamant but somewhat lacking in detail. Maybe you would be happier if this article’s title read instead: “Everyone knows but you”. Good luck in your future debates.

Helen Egmont

Unknown said...

Yesterday I read an article about the 4 factors of immunity and 1 is normally at 1% and can rise to 20% after dose 3. It was taken down almost as soon as I read it. Where can I obtain a copy as I would like to take my time reading over it?