Thursday, May 26, 2022

Heather du Plessis-Allan: Can we all accept now that Nanaia Mahuta is not great at her job?

Can we all accept now that Nanaia Mahuta is not great at her job?

It is astounding that she hasn’t once spoken to our ambassador in Russia since the start of the invasion.

Never mind the fact that – apart from one letter – she also hasn’t been in contact with our diplomats in the Solmons since its pact with China.

That’s pretty bad as well.

But not speaking to our woman in Russia is astounding given the magnitude of the invasion of Ukraine and the impact it’s having on everything from food prices, fuel prices, the security of Europe through to the possibility it emboldens China.

If that’s not enough to get the Foreign Affairs Minister on the phone, god only knows what is.

Frankly, the fact that Nanaia is not up to the job will not surprise many people.

She’s been in parliament for 26 years but what has she achieved?

Not a lot.

And this term might end and still the answer will likely be 'not a lot'.

She’s supposed to get the Three Waters Reform through but don’t hold your breath on that one.

And she’s the one responsible for stuffing it up, by failing to get councils on board, confiscating their assets while telling them she wouldn’t and then making Māori co-governance a must-have part of it.

The most notable things she’s done as Foreign Affairs Minister is annoy our Five Eyes partners constantly and give a speech about a taniwha.

I think we all know Nanaia Mahuta is probably only in the job because of the clout of the Māori caucus in Labour.

They’re big enough to demand jobs and I suspect this is the job she wanted.

Big mistake. Because with everything happening in the world right now, from Ukraine to China's deal with the Solomons, you need someone capable, not Nanaia.

Heather du Plessis-Allan is a journalist and commentator who hosts Newstalk ZB's Drive show.


Anonymous said...

You go girl! Yes!

Anna Mouse said...

Does the Minister identify as an Oood?

Out Of Ones Depth?

If the portfolios are too odious to be dealt with in timely, professional and genuinely concerned manners who and what does the Minister do for the salary paid?

DeeM said...

Mahuta is a great example of what happens when you appoint by race/gender rather than ability.
In fact a good chunk of our current government fall into that category.

To be fair though. What exactly is our "woman in Russia" going to do. Demand an audience with Putin and threaten him with New Zealand's what? Sanctions...armed response...a kiwi fruit ban?

Say no more...or in Nanaia's case, say nothing at all.

Terry Morrissey said...

A prime example of why we should have a system of power of recall of incompetent and/or dishonest MPs. That would pretty much drain the swamp in this particular labour cult.

MC said...

Aw C'mon Dee. Cut her some slack. She probably doesn't know where Russia is.

Anonymous said...

It’s the dishonesty I despise the most, all her family incorporated in three waters. She is so busy grabbing tax payer money for herself and her relatives and trying to bring apartheid into NZ she hasn’t worked on the foreign affairs part of her job because she is only interested in getting stuff for her evil agenda

Carl Kent said...

I am amazed that characters like Mahuta thrive within the current government. There appear to be no checks or balances. Does anyone remember integrity and transparency. ? You wont find it on Ms Arderns watch. The theatrical gestures and Aw Shucks grin has worn very thin. As a long term Labour voter, I was assured, at local party level, that JA intended to lead a kind caring government ??????? In reality we have a devious, divisive government with so many hidden agendas. Many of which are bringing the nation to a form of Apartheid. I fear for the future of my grand children both Maori and Pakeha.
Wake up NZ before it's too late.