Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Simon O'Connor on free speech

Is Simon O'Connor the conservative that New Zealand has been waiting for?

Simon O'Connor was speaking in Parliament in the first reading of the Education and Training (Freedom of Expression) Amendment Bill

This is a Private Members Bill submitted by ACT MP Dr James McDowall that would require tertiary institutions to protect the freedom of expression on their campuses - for faculty, students, and visiting speakers. 

The Bill was defeated by 77 votes to 42, with Labour, the Green Party and the Maori Party opposed, and ACT and National in favour.

You can read and see all speeches in the debate by clicking HERE.


Anonymous said...

i have no idea why he is not the face of the party (instead of mr luxon). this one led me to his speech about the conversion bill and it was just as impressive - rational, yet emotional. maybe there is hope...

Anonymous said...

Simon is toast. I only hope his mother, his partner and at least a few of his close friends are kindy teachers.
His example of kindergarten teachers as being the ultimate in childishness was a faux pas.
But it was a faux pas worth hearing!
That’s the beauty of free speech.
Our slip ups are accepted as a part of the rich tapestry of human communication.
And the odd freudian slip can be worth its weight too - witness George W’s recent plane crash of a speech, in which he attempted to draw the world’s attention to the horrors being unleashed on Ukraine by the evil Russia, but decried instead, the “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq!”

Rob said...

Take note Wokes, Simon has you in his sights. Brilliant.

DeeM said...

I'd certainly consider voting for him on free speech. He certainly shows up the National front bench for what they are - Labour Lite!