Friday, November 18, 2022

Clive Bibby: The death of Woke

Apart from all the conclusions being drawn from the mid term elections and what the results might mean for both Republicans and Democrats in the 2024 Presidential race, the message is clear - the Woke movement that has permeated almost every aspect of modern US and many other supposedly liberal societies like New Zealand is in fact on its last legs.

The reason for that and the lesson that we here at home should take out of this “return to conservatism” is clearly this - it is a big mistake to threaten the basic freedoms of hard working, tax paying, law abiding citizens who don’t take kindly to being told that your simple values are out of date. The backlash to that wrong headed assumption has real consequences for most of those who have had their day in the sun.

The tsunami that has swept across the US, taking with it those who proclaimed the rights of minority groups above those of the majority, has every possibility of being repeated in little old Godzone when we finally get the chance in twelve months time to reject those who have betrayed us during the last five years.

Already the signs are telling us that most of the woke policies of the current government and the clandestine way they have been implemented have already been rejected in our version of the mid terms - the local body elections.

We have had our own version of the “Black Lives Matter” being forced down our throats even after the Government promised to allow a vote on its introduction.

The He Puapua report gives a damning overview of what the real intentions of the Labour Party really was since its taking over the Treasury Benches in 2019 with Winston Peters' help.

I wonder whether he would do the same again given his own betrayal by those he anointed. I think not.

All this suggests that those of us political junkies - who saw in Saint Jacinda, an “Empress with no clothes “ even before she was able to wave her magic wand over the populace during Covid, sprinkling pixie dust as if it was mana from heaven - were on the money all the time.

Now stripped of her false modesty, the “Darling of the Left” will find it difficult to convince those who have suffered from her government’s selective damaging treatment to turn out in support of a bunch of losers whose time is up.

It won’t surprise those who follow these trends closely, if we see the leaders of this ruinous regime abandon the ship of State rather like rats leaving the sinking variety.

My guess is that James Shaw is already making good use of his taxpayer funded junket to the Egyptian Climate Conference to sound out the UN Secretary General about possible jobs for the boys and girls before they have to face the wrath of those they have betrayed.

Time will tell.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Clive Bibby said...

I apologise for mis representing the real outcome of US elections, but l was not alone in assuming that the red wave would be rather more than what it turned out to be. However, l am convinced that the tsunami will eventually appear in the form it did in isolated parts of the country like Florida. It is only a matter of time. The economy is only going to get worse in both countries.
The rest of my rationale appears to be well founded.

Phil said...

I don't agree on this Clive. The NZ media is going to throw everything at undermining the Opposition parties next year. I will be surprised if National/Act get into Government.

Anonymous said...

You're surely dreaming Phil? Although, I admit, the ignorance, stupidity and complacency of fellow citizens does surprise me at times - and, yes, it is all aided and abetted by a bought msm.

Ewan McGregor said...

Well Clive, yes, you were not the only one that believed a 'red wave' was going to sweep across the U S in the recent elections - most of the world did - but you would have to be the only one that believed that it actually happened. But never mind. It's going to happen in 2024. Right? So that's something to look forward to. What did Harold Wilson say? "A week in politics is a long time." I doubt, and certainly hope, that Trump will be out of politics by then. Maybe even be in prison. We'll see.

Clive Bibby said...

If he is going to debate what l said, Mr McGregor should begin by accurately reporting what l did say .
In my reflective comments above, acknowledging that the red wave had not materialised as expected, l said that the tsunami did appear but was in fact isolated in its appearance to parts of the country like Florida where two groups who have traditionally backed the democrats - latinos and white women - deserted the party in droves.
I also said that l expect a red wave of those proportions to be much more wide spread next time around - whoever is the Republican candidate for President.
It is still too early to write Trump off yet even though Ewan would like to see the end of him.
Thankfully, the Republicans party membership will make a decision on who is best placed to lead them to victory. I am comfortable that they could put up a warthog and it would see off anyone who is brave enough to accept the Democrat nomination.
Like you say - we’ll see.

Ted said...

The 'Empress with no clothes'? Really Clive, that is a sight that would scare the horses.