Friday, November 18, 2022

Garrick Tremain: James Shaw's trips away

 Here is Garrick Tremain's cartoon commentary on James Shaw's COP27 conference! 

Garrick Tremain is one of New Zealand's best known artists and political cartoonists. With a background in farming and advertising, he has a wonderful ability to capture in images exactly what people are thinking in a way that makes us laugh. You can see his more of his work on his website HERE. 

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robert Arthur said...

I too regularly refer to Brownie points but I wonder how many today are familiar with? Origainl use probably banned as might generate complexes. Forty years ago young larrikan outdoor staff tarnsferred to work in the office were forever chiding one other about brownie point actions relative to the boss, female staff etc. It is difficult to contrive an alternative expression so loaded with meaning but so succinct.