Sunday, November 20, 2022

Leighton Smith chats to Dr Muriel Newman

Leighton speaks to Muriel Newman, from the NZ Centre for Political Research, on why New Zealanders need to make their voices heard.

They talk separatist government, the water debate (that shouldn’t even be happening), He Puapua (whatever that means), farming, and other damage the Arden government is inflicting on New Zealand.

Click image to listen - At approx 15.00 minutes in

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Anonymous said...

As always, well expressed Muriel.

He Puapua is undoubtedly the most divisive piece of consultancy advice ever undertaken in NZ and, presumably, we taxpayers paid for it? If there was a fee attached to it, it should never have been paid for - leastwise by the taxpaying public.

Given what that bigoted, racist paper suggests, it appears to me that it's nothing short of treason, but I assume because of the unmandated signing up to UNDRIP and the later, wholly partisan Waitangi Tribunal decision that claims Maori never ceded sovereignty, they have something of a "get out of jail (or more historically befitting, 'gallows') free card"? What an utter travesty and disgrace!

As for the Chris Finlayson foreshore and seabed amendment, it just goes to show we should never trust unelected parliamentarians and especially lawyers and judges, and why we must steer clear of a new constitution at all costs - especially during this idiotic 'woke' period in our history.

Meantime, do keep up the good work Muriel - and the rest of us, stand firm and call this nonsense out by supporting those that are putting up the challenge.