Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Garrick Tremain: Out of sight out of mind

 Here is Garrick Tremain's cartoon commentary on Mahuta's low profile lately! 

Garrick Tremain is one of New Zealand's best known artists and political cartoonists. With a background in farming and advertising, he has a wonderful ability to capture in images exactly what people are thinking in a way that makes us laugh. You can see his more of his work on his website HERE. 


Anonymous said...

My money is on the polls sliding down from the next one.
Hipkins hasn't scrapped 3 Waters, co-governance or the dastardly replacement for the RMA Act.
Funny cartoon though, Mahuta has all but disappeared. The Party are in damage control but too little too late.

Anonymous said...

Chippy is looking in the wrong place..... Ms M. is sitting very prominently in the House.

And she has announced that - reluctantly - she will stand again. What selfless service to the destruction of NZ.

Robert Arthur said...

If Tremain depicted me as accurately as he does Mahutu, I would hide in the basement too. (Incidentally she looks quite different in most recent videos.Has she had a chat with Awatere?

Anonymous said...

That’s so funny and so true.
What has our Foreign Minister been up to lately?
Obviously not earning her crust and travelling.
If there was ever a square peg in a round hole Mahuta would be it