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NZCPR Newsletter: False Narratives

Thomas Sowell, the renowned American author, economist, and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, could have been describing New Zealand when he wrote, “Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination”.

While he was Education Minister, our new Prime Minister Chris Hipkins was responsible for a radical overhaul of the education system to “honour” the Treaty of Waitangi. Introducing New Zealand History into the school curriculum was a key initiative. As the only compulsory subject, Chris Hipkins obviously considers it more important than English, Maths or Science.

What we now know is that the compulsory lessons present doctored accounts of New Zealand history, designed to advance the cause of radical separatists who are attempting to take control of the country’s resources and governance. For the tribal elite driving this coup, indoctrinating children with their false narratives is a key part of their takeover strategy. 

With the new history curriculum being introduced this year, a number of primary schools are already showing their students a taxpayer-funded propaganda video, the Hahana Kids’ “The BIG Problem with the Treaty of Waitangi” by Blackout Media.

Presented by children, the narrative explains there are two versions of the Treaty – the English version and its Maori translation: “In the Maori version we were promised sovereignty of our lands, our people and culture, basically meaning that we would be in charge of everything that’s important to our people and our country. This is the version that our Maori chiefs signed and agreed to. But in the English version it said that the British people would have sovereignty meaning that they would be in charge of everything. And this began many wars because Maori people were promised something but that’s not what the British did – they stole our land, killed a lot of our people, they even banned our language from schools, our medicines, our practices and tried to break our spirit.”

In his 1922 booklet explaining the Maori version of the Treaty, the great Maori leader Sir Apirana Ngata outlines its true meaning: “These are the words of the first article of the Treaty of Waitangi. ‘The Chiefs assembled including Chiefs not present at the assembly hereby cede absolutely to the Queen of England for ever the government of all of their lands.’ These are but a few words but they indicate a complete cession. This was the transfer by the Maori Chiefs to the Queen of England for ever of the Government of all their lands. During the time when the Maori chiefs had authority and there was no authority of British law, the word of the chief was law to his tribe… These were the powers they surrendered to the Queen. This was the understanding of each tribe. The main purport was the transferring of the authority of the Maori chiefs for making laws for their respective tribes and sub tribes under the Treaty of Waitangi to the Queen of England for ever.”

The comparison between the original meaning of the Treaty, as described by Sir Apirana Ngata in the days before activists began reinterpreting it, and what is now being taught to our children, is stark. It represents a shocking indictment of Chris Hipkins for allowing blatant Treaty propaganda and lies to be taught to our children.

This development highlights the crucial importance of our project to print and distribute Sir Apirana Ngata’s Treaty booklet to as many New Zealand households as possible. Furthermore, to counter the distorted and dangerous version of the Treaty that is now being taught to our children, we will send copies to every school and early childhood centre in the country, as well as every library. If you would like to support our Treaty Book Project, please click HERE.

In his book, Sir Apirana Ngata describes the state of the country at the time the Treaty was signed. “The Treaty found us in the throes of cannibalism… These were lawless times… illiterate days… The Maori did not have authority or a government which could make laws to govern the whole of the Maori Race”.

Because there was no Maori ‘government’ to sign the Treaty of Waitangi on behalf of all Maori, the document was never recognised at international law as a “treaty” in the full legal sense – as former Judge and law lecturer Anthony Willy explains: “Calling the compact entered into in 1840 a ‘Treaty’ is a courtesy title only and not something recognised at international law. This for the simple reason that to qualify as a ‘Treaty’ it must arise from agreements made between sovereign states. There was in fact no sovereign ruler in New Zealand in 1840 but merely a collection of tribal families.”

These views were echoed by New Zealand’s former Chief Justice Sir James Prendergast in 1877, when he explained, “The title of the Crown to the territory of New Zealand was acquired by discovery and priority of occupation… The Treaty of Waitangi, so far as it purported to cede the sovereignty of these islands, was a nullity.”

Anthony Willy also notes that the Treaty of Waitangi expired long ago: “Like all such documents it has a natural life span which expires when the circumstances become so changed by the passage of time and events make it irrelevant. It would have been no different if the document were a legally recognised treaty. International Law in relation to treaties is clear and summed up in the well understood principle rebus sic stantibus (‘as things now stand’). History is littered with examples of expired treaties as a result of changed circumstances. For example, nobody in their right mind would think that the promises made in the Treaty of Versailles following the defeat of Germany in the first world war any longer govern the European territorial claims of the French, the Germans and the British. So it is with the ‘Treaty of Waitangi’.”

Even though the Treaty of Waitangi was never a true treaty and has expired, it has nevertheless been re-interpreted by tribal leaders as a partnership between Maori and the Crown, to justify their attempted take-over of our country.

Their aim is to establish a ruling aristocracy of tribal elite, relegating all other New Zealanders to second class status. Even though it is constitutionally impossible for a partnership to exist between the sovereign and the governed, under Jacinda Ardern and now Chris Hipkins, Labour is colluding with iwi leaders to use this ‘lie’ to impose a divisive race-based tribal apartheid regime onto New Zealand.

It is with deep concern that we now look towards the 2023 election, where Labour is attempting to secure a third term in government. To succeed they will need the support of partners – the fanatical Green Party and the racist Maori Party. Any combination of these parties would create the most extreme coalition government in New Zealand’s history.

It is arguable that the radicalism of the Maori Party already exists within Labour through Nanaia Mahuta and Willie Jackson in particular, who lead a powerful Maori Caucus that exerts considerable influence within the Party.

Their plan for Maori governance was evident in the He Puapua report which was developed in 2019 as a blueprint for tribal rule by 2040. While He Puapua was kept secret from the public and from their coalition partner New Zealand First prior to the 2020 election, it was implemented at pace once Labour gained the right to govern alone.  

As a result, the New Zealand we live in today is radically different to what we knew it to be just a few years ago. Many New Zealanders are treated like overstayers and no longer feel they belong to our country. We are told that equity requires the domination of the Maori culture, and the subservience of all others. Those who dare question that logic are labelled racists and ostracised.

New Zealand is now a deeply divided society, levered apart by Orwellian doublespeak where ‘equity’ means superiority and ‘fairness’ means preferential treatment.

And let’s not be so naïve as to think that the driving motivation is anything other than self-interest by a relatively small elite with mixed ancestry, who prosper by propagating racial privilege.

These sentiments reflect the concerns raised by research scientist and author Dr John Robinson in his NZCPR Guest Commentary, “Our choice for the future: Equality or tribal rule” – a narrative written out of his love for our country and a profound concern over where Labour’s apartheid policies are taking us:

“Sadly, New Zealand is racist.  A belief in race is recognised in law; whenever information is collected this includes race; the two identified racial groups are treated separately, with vastly different rights.  The last few years have seen a considerable increase in special powers to the Maori minority, as an apartheid system is being constructed…

“A language that the great majority do not understand is being spoken on radio and television, written in the media and in government documents. A tribal culture has been introduced into law without consideration by parliament or the people. The name of the country is being changed, without the consent of the people…

“What is being taken from us – the sense of that each of us belongs in our country, on our lands and seas – is precious, yet elected governments, local and national, allow that theft to happen.” 

Dr Robinson warns ‘our country’ is being dismantled before our eyes: “Sovereignty is denied the nation and claimed for tribal units, as is loyalty and feelings of fellowship. A fragmented society is being constructed, destroying democracy and re-introducing the conditions for inequality and conflict. It is as if the government is itself initiating civil war, by setting down the conditions for tribal conflict, among Maori tribes and against the remainder of New Zealanders, in a repeat of the many nineteenth century wars.

“What the future will bring if we continue down the path of separation toward tribal dominance is described in the He Puapua report, buttressed by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples with its insistence that ‘indigenous’ people must hold effective sovereignty over all lands that their forefathers once held.

“Full accomplishment of the project is nothing less than the takeover of the country, a rebellion against our one universal government, following the pattern of previous calls for tribal control.  Actions once recognised as treason are now assisted by a compliant government in a dwindling, and soon to disappear, democracy.”

This is just a taste of Dr Robinson’s comprehensive analysis of the dangerous state of play that now exists in New Zealand. Doing nothing will see us become the Zimbabwe of the South Pacific. But the radicals are still a minority and they can be brought to heal if the majority have the fortitude to stand up against their tyranny.

As free citizens, we have a choice.

If Labour is re-elected for a third term, in coalition with the Greens and or the Maori Party, they will escalate their drive for totalitarian tribal control of New Zealand.

Or we can opt for equality and democracy.

To achieve that, all references to the Treaty will need to be taken out of legislation, along with all references to race. Doing so reflects two important facts: the Treaty has expired and is no longer relevant, and, as far as ‘race’ is concerned, there is only one race, the human race!

In reality, this would mean removing all He Puapua policies and practices from legislation and regulation – including from our schools – along with eliminating all questions of race from official records, including the Census.

These changes would set New Zealanders free to go forward as one people under one law and one flag – unified in our love of our country!

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*Would you like to see political parties promising to remove the Treaty and race from our Statute books as part of their election manifesto?

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