Monday, November 13, 2023

Kevin: When Is an Apology Not?

Chlöe Swarbrick has apologised after using a pro-Palestinian phrase during a solidarity rally in [Auckland] on Saturday.

Swarbrick told Newstalk ZB she apologised “to those who felt as though it has [offended them]”.

In other words she’s just sorry that ‘some’ people took offence. Notice also the weasel phrase “felt as though”.

[…] It comes after the Green MP said, “From the river to the sea” to a crowd gathered at Pukekawa/ Auckland Domain, to which they responded, “Palestine will be free.”

To some, the chant refers to a unified Palestine – stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean, across land currently claimed by Israel.

To others, the phrase is deemed offensive and pro-Hamas.

[…] She said justice is critical to restore peace.

“That means an immediate ceasefire, a return of all hostages on all sides and a recognition of humanity and human rights of Palestinians.”

Sure. Even if Israel were to agree to an immediate ceasefire I very much doubt that she would be joining protests demanding Hamas free all the hostages.

[…] The New Zealand Jewish Council told Newshub on Monday the phrase was antisemitic.

“It is widely understood to be a call for the annihilation of Israel and quite possibly the Jewish people,” [Juliet] Moses said.

On the other hand, Justice for Palestine told Newshub Late on Tuesday it’s not helpful for slogans to be misconstrued.

Spokesperson Samira Archer Zaiton said it’s really about “liberation from occupation”.

In other words liberation from occupation by Israel which means that whatever way you look at it, whether literal or as metaphor, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” means wiping Israel off the map.

I very much doubt that Chloe has any clue about what is happening or could answer even basic questions about the history of Israel and Palestine.

And it’s not about taking offence. It’s about stoking hatred and an actual call for genocide.

If she had any clue, she would see that.

Kevin is a Libertarian and pragmatic anarchist. His favourite saying: “There but for the grace of God go I.” This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

People need to "know" the background of Chloe Swarbrick, that is both Parental, education and social activities.

Such information has been "posted", it came 'to the surface' when she became an MP - one word I would use is "entitlement" - an element seen amid Females of Chloe's age across the World.

Sadly her sexual orientation has an "input into her Parliamentary functions" and when she spoke recently at a rally decrying Israel you only had to look at the people surrounding her, all will have a "like minded attitude" to the World and its function - that is "belittle, demean, decry, destroy".

The other function of these groups, is "when they open their mouths, they commonly shoot themselves in the foot".

They need to be taught - "Think before you leap, once you jump it is difficult to stop the fall and/or get back".

Anonymous said...

I used to find Chloe likeable but after this I can't stand her. She was spreading hate and division in this country much like her other Green Party MPs.

EP said...

I too that Chloe has any clue about what is happening or could answer even basic questions about the history of Israel and Palestine. She is just excitably anti-establishment, like all of her co-demonstators. In an age when information is more readily available to every citizen on-line than ever before in human history, it is pretty sad how few are really interested to pursue the truth. Thank you for your input.

Anonymous said...

Yes ... we seem to have a lot of members of parliament, especially of the left, who have never grown up. They sling with errant disregard the myopic, shallow and inane comments shaped in the cloisters of student union buildings in years past ... devoid of reality and ultimately all about themselves.

Kawena said...

I would take umbrage too if somebody lobbed 5000 rockets at me and mine. What use is that august body called the United Nations in a situation such as this, and the Russia/Ukraine situation, among many other skirmishes? In the meantime, I expect our parliamentarians to keep their own councils, set an example, and not make statements which simply inflame the situation. While talking about music, Mozart once said that "the best part of the music is the silence"! If we cannot find some logic that will help the situation, let us not add fuel to the inferno!

Anonymous said...

I think chloe has every clue about what is going on in palestine but chooses to take advantage of the lower iq of green supporters by stirring the truth.. In fact none of the muslim countries surrounding palestine will accept refugees from there for safety reasons. Prior to the war israel was giving aid and assistance to palestinian people when other surrounding countries didn't. There are also muslims and people of all faiths living in israel, but israelis cannot live in muslim countries. The facts are there for anyone to read, including chloe.

Peter said...

Douglas Murray, reporting near the Gaza border the other day, said that anyone chanting that phrase was either pro-Hamas, or incredibly ignorant. Either way, Swarbrick is not fit to be in Parliament. Shame on those that put her, and others of her ilk, there.