Thursday, April 18, 2024

Alwyn Poole: Ministry of Education Cuts in Perspective.

NZH reports 565 positions to go.

4,509 – 565 = 3,944 remaining employed.

3,944 – 2,700 (in 2017) = 1,244 to get back to pre-Labour (Hipkins) level.

While it is hard for people to lose positions many of the new roles since 2017 have done little or nothing to help the children of NZ get a better education. If fact – the attendance and success of those students – has moved inversely to the willy-nilly employment strategies of Iona Holstead and her Deputy Secretaries.

I haven’t seen it announced that Holsted (and her off-siders) have accepted responsibility for both the dire situation with the education system and the fact that 565 have been shown the door.

There is little integrity if the top 12 have not fallen on their envelope openers and allowed Stanford and Seymour to bring in good people and bring the system change that our children, families, society and economy desperately needs.

Alwyn Poole, a well-known figure in the New Zealand education system, he founded and was the head of Mt Hobson Middle School in Auckland for 18 years. This article was sourced HERE


Anonymous said...

Isn't that why we pay those in charge so much money, for ultimately they are held accountable?

Clearly not Holsted and her cabal of ideologues. There's a dozen or more whose sacking would make a real improvement on both the financial bottomline and the performance outcomes of the Ministry - improving the future potentials of our young immeasurably.

Next time any of you vote, do try to ensure those that you endorse have both the intelligence to recognise the problem and the backbone to address it.

Gaynor said...

The problem is these big cheeses at the Min.of Miss Ed. are very secure . Anyone who threatens their ideological stance has to contend with a large number of those in all our NZ educational institutions with the same strongly held Progressive beliefs.

Then there are the Kahunas from overseas who will not have their world view threatened by a mere small country politician and ignorant parents.They have already applauded our dreadfully failing Universities. "So forward thinking "' they declare. "So wonderfully,into 21st Century learning."

We could lead the way in the Western World in having a renaissance in Real Education for children. We do owe them, having produced Reading Recovery. now proven by science and research to be a complete failure. It was based on Progressive ideas and has probably handicapped millions of children world wide in their life long education.