Sunday, June 20, 2021

Bob Jones: The Disgraceful New Zealand Royal Society

The New Zealand Royal Society continues to disgrace its British parent body’s prescribed rationale of absolute respect for factual scientific evidence, every time it touches on maori issues.

Its latest unadulterated nonsense, published over the heading “New Research Shows Maori Travelled to the Antarctic at least 1000 Years Before Europeans”, showed no such thing.

The so-called “research” by a conservation biologist Priscilla Wehi, was based on oral history mythology and the rest was speculation. One of her colleagues, a Dr Billy van Uitregt added by way of attempted further explanation, “Oral tradition brought richness to the conversation”; precisely what conversation about what, he didn’t say.

Billy added, “It highlights the limitations of the written narratives that we have, that I don’t think can be captured in written word”. Sheer bloody gibberish, specifically the verbiage removed he’s saying contradictorily, the written narratives can’t be captured in writing, not surprising anyway, as pre-European maori certainly had no writing.

That aside, notwithstanding the Royal Society’s “1000 years” heading, these clowns actually claim maoris discovered the Antarctic 1,400 years ago.

Maori oral history has at its root the figure of Kupe who supposedly fished the North Island up from the sea. Doubtless the New Zealand Royal Society accepts that as fact although I note in recent years this absurdity has been quietly replaced by a different mythology.

Nowadays the fable goes that Kupe’s motivation for coming here was chasing a giant octopus which was eating all the fish in the mythical homeland of Hawaiki.

This ludicrous Antarctic story was reported by The New Zealand Herald in a subdued manner, qualifying Wehi’s farcical claim by a heading saying “Maori MAY have discovered Antarctica”. They “MAY” have split the atom, discovered penicillin and been the first on the moon, just as I “may” knock out Tyson Fury inside a minute if matched with him, but the Royal Society excepted, “may” aint fact.

Wehi then compounding this rubbish by endeavouring to add substance to her infantile assertion by noting a number of Maori have participated in New Zealand’s Antarctic science research in recent years.

Several thousand scientists from dozens of different nations are active every summer in the Antarctic but don’t claim as Swedes or Italians that a mythical Swedish or Italian fairy-tale figure therefore discovered the territory 1,400 years ago. My 1999 novel “Full Circle” was set in the Antarctic and took the mickey out of some of these scientists’ research activities, but certainly none of them matched this guff.

All societies have myths and legends but don’t pretend they’re factual. We tell little children about Father Christmas and tooth fairies and feed them a diet of children’s books about wicked giants, wizards and mermaids but leave it at that, namely harmless mythology.

If Wehi’s paper had been presented to the Royal Society in London for publication, they’d have stoned her into the street then called the Police out of fear for the public’s safety.

As I detailed in my novella “Heaven Sent”, published last year, the Royal Society’s motto for its near 400 years of existence is “Nullius in verba”, meaning take nobody’s word for it. To rely on mythology as scientific fact belies belief.

It’s time the Royal Society in London was acquainted with the corruption of their noble vision by these abominable wets in Wellington, and withdrew their use of the Society’s name.

When scientist Dr Bob Brockie slammed the Society a couple of years back for betraying their founding purpose in respect of maori nonsense, he was sacked by Stuff from writing further weekly science columns, these not falling into line with Stuff’s maori wonderfulness editorial policy.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


DeeM said...

I wonder if they fitted an ice-breaker to the front of the waka. Not known for their cold weather gear back then so even more remarkable.

Or maybe it was just much warmer when they visited...hold on, that can't be right because CO2 was much lower 1400yrs ago and the UN have decreed that it's only nasty human industrial emissions that have the power to produce global warming - strike that!

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the authors qualified for a government grant to carry out their "ground-breaking" research.
I wonder what's next in the pipeline. First to the South Pole - without a compass no less?

R Brady said...

People tell lies because they think people are stupid enough to believe them.

Ray S said...

The saddest thing about oral history is people believe it. Chinese whispers I think.
For Maori to have discovered and been to Antarctica would mean they had developed clothing and skills similar to modern explorers have.
It is oral history of course so has no substance if fact.

Perhaps it is a prelude to making a claim of sovereignty over the continent. Like fresh water, sea water, air space, air waves, etc, etc.

Academics ? must be gratifying to publish papers based on no proof and worse, have people believe it.

Geoff. said...

So much hot air, but as dictatorial governments have proven over many years, if you can get enough people to say something often enough and you can shut down anyone who says anything to the contrary, it becomes the truth.

Gas9 said...

I don't think Prisella Wehi has ever visited the Antarctic otherwise she would realise with the extreme weather conditions down there, the impossibility of wearing a grass skirt and paddling a canoe in the Ross Sea is unsurvivable.

Anonymous said...

All comments written above are so true. We are in our mid 70's and find many of our age group are in the dark about every thing threatening our way of life in NZ. We have to be careful about bringing up certain subjects. All we can do is read everything and keep hoping!

Robert Mann said...

Jones knows little about the Royal Society of which Joseph Banks was president for decades but which for the past several decades has toadied to trends such as gene-tampering and in many ways become disgracefully corrupt.
The RS would therefore not be threatening much if it somehow declared disconnection from the RSNZ.
BTW Brockie has lately been the science columnist for the NZ Listener, touting gene-tampering.

L R B Mann

Selwyn B. said...

WHOOPS! Ray S I think it should be "Maori" whispers.
( or more correctly 'Neo-Maori' whispers.

Lesley Stephenson said...

When you belong to a race that has in the past made statements with no basis of fact and the govt of the country agrees it is fact and gives your race huge amounts of money because they believe it is their duty to do so, then why would members of that race stop making such statements. It's a proven formula to print money.

Greengrass said...

Wow! Maori claim to have sailed to Antarctica over a 1000 years ago.

This is a Maori claim, so it has to be true. Oral history is so reliable and we should show respect and accept it without question, afterall, the NZ Royal Society has.

That is how it is these days. Besides, if you say different, you might get trolled. You might be called "Racist" or accused of 'Hate Speech'.
You might have to wash out your mouth with soap, or get a $50,000 fine or three years in prison, so of course I believe this claim.

I think that Pricilla Wehi should put her money where her mouth is and follow in the footsteps of Thor Heyerdahl. Yes, she would be able to get tax-payer funding to organise an expedition for these Maori Antarctic scientists and traditional navigators, to sail a "TRADITIONAL" waka to the Antarctic mainland, place their waiwais on the ice and raise their Kotahitanga flag there. They could claim the foreshore. Does anyone have Peter Churchman's phone number?

They could hikoi across the ice to the nearest Russian Research Base and impose some Tikanga Law on them.They could celebrate with a few cans of anti-freeze. This is all quite possible dressed in kuri skins.

Don't scoff, it is disrespectful!
I am certain that the Whitbread Cup crews would believe Pricilla Wehi.

Don said...

How long would Maori have lasted with feather cloaks and flax sandals in the Southern Ocean? The waka may have held together in the Roaring Forties but probably foundered in the Furious Fifties much less the Screaming Sixties and the crew would have long since succumbed to hypothermia. This puts so much other similar nonsensical claims in perspective. A blessing on it anyone?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they want the Antarctic so they can grow frozen vegetables ? ADM

Unknown said...

I was told Maori were the first on the moon!