Monday, June 28, 2021

Clive Bibby: Who are the deniers?

I have been wanting to have my say on this particular issue for some time.

Contrary to what my critics will say in response, l have chosen to do so now mainly because the evidence in favour of the “conservative” view on these matters is becoming too obvious to ignore.

While my comments apply equally to a number of critical conversations that have been dominated by “woke” philosophy for too long, l will restrict my observations to one issue that is both timely and of interest to a nation of peoples who value “fairness based on truth” even when the popular theory may be the one promoted by the “so called” experts.

I could list a number of these “ill conceived” dogmas that have occupied the headlines in recent times, including the fallacy that mankind is responsible for all but a fraction of climate change. But that would only stir up the hornets’ nest and the accompanying accusations of “denier” that many in this community would love to tattoo on my forehead.

I choose instead to discuss the furore that surrounds the qualification of transgender athletes to represent (at the expense of biological female competitors) New Zealand at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Laurel Hubbard’s elevation to the top of our national ratings in the field of weightlifting is a mistake of unbelievable proportions that has the capacity to damage the concept of “a level playing field” - the cornerstone rule of all sports participatory code - beyond repair.

It must not be allowed to proceed!

The reasons why are obvious but, for those who see this ridiculous step as just another “redressing” of the social order, here’s a few to consider after you’ve cooled down.

This misstep is based on a denial of the science of nature itself. Most people with the ability to reason when faced with the facts, including the reality that none of our seemingly perfect, biological structures are without variations, are able to differentiate between naturally occurring events and those that are the result of man made interference. The more we find out about them, the more we realise that irregularities occur in what we consider to be normal procedures even without human input.

You can’t make this up. Yet some who should know better are having a good go at doing just that. They are the deluded ones.

The planet’s oscillation from one climate extreme to another is a classic example of the cyclical variation that has been a feature of the world’s ageing process since life on earth began so long ago. Why should we be surprised to discover that the evolution of the human species includes similar variations or oddities that weren’t part of the original plans?

That doesn’t mean that we should ignore or not support those who are living in bodies not of their choice. They are entitled to a life on equal terms to those born with less complicated personalities. In fact, it is our responsibility to create an environment where that can happen in spite of their personal difficulties.

However, as with the climate change debate, we help no one, least of all those minority groups who suffer as a result of these sometimes cruel genetic miscalculations, by creating an equally problematic distortion as a result of our response.

We cannot accept a society where the majority are denied opportunities to reach their potential, simply by introducing unfair advantages to those whose cause we care to champion.

History provides multiple examples of individuals achieving in spite of their natural born impediments. As far as the transgender community is concerned, which is a relatively recent arrival as a unique societal group entitled to share the lifestyles available to us all, their numbers already include members who are making a name for themselves on the world stage eg. Catherine McGregor, former SAS Lieutenant Colonel in the Australian Defence Force who is currently a respected current affairs commentator on a number of that country’s most prestigious TV channels’ talk shows. Also, Caitlyn Jenner, former Olympic gold medal wining athlete who, as a conservative candidate, is having a go at unseating the Californian Governor in that hugely “democratic” voting state with the eighth largest economy in the world.

 So you see, the opportunities are there for every one to achieve irrespective of backgrounds that otherwise might be considered limiting.

That is the reality. Those who deny reality are those who deny the truth.

And ironically, we don’t need to go far to find it. It’s just common sense really and we just need to acknowledge it - no need to make it up. How hard is that.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay. 


Doug Longmire said...

Well said Clive,
There are a lot of wild claims being made, especially by politicians. For example our prime minister declaring a "climate emergency" and more recently stating publicly that New Zealand's aim to reduce our (NZ) CO2 emissions is a "Matter of Life and Death"
In order to cut through this rhetoric and look at the FACTS of the matter I ask:-

Using statistics/numbers from the IPCC:-
• Global CO2 levels are 400 ppm (parts per million)
• Each year, an extra 2 ppm is generated by human activity.
• NZ contributes 0.17% of that 2 ppm each year.

Okay – let’s illustrate just how much this is:

Picture a very large bathtub, full of water.
The bathtub contains 500 liters (500,000 mils) of water.
This represents the total global atmosphere.

• 400ppm is 200 mils.
• 2 ppm (human per year) is 1.0 mil
• 0.17% New Zealand is 0.0017 mils per year, or 1/30 of one drop
This is ONE drop every 30 YEARS.

At this rate it would take 30 YEARS for NZ’s contribution to add just ONE mil
to the FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND mil in bathtub which represents the total global atmosphere.

As a pharmacist I can tell you that ONE Thirtieth (1/30) of ONE drop is too small to measure. It is effectively ZERO. New Zealand's CO2 emissions are ZERO.
Nothing we do can have ANY effect on global CO2 levels.
EV's etc no effect.

Doug Longmire said...

Actually - correcting the error above
It would take 30 years for NZ's contribution to make ONE DROP.

Doug Longmire said...

New Zealand’s CO2 emissions are infinitesimal compared to America, India, China etc. Nothing NZ can do will have any effect on global CO2 levels. It is a lie to claim otherwise.

Ewan McGregor said...

So we do nothing. That means that can't can't expect the big polluters to do anything, can we?
Ewan McGregor

Doug Longmire said...

Don't agree with you Ewan.
The obvious logical way of tackling the issue would be for ALL polluters to take action, in proportion to their share of the overall global CO2 emissions.
At that rate, New Zealand would be need to do approx 1/600 of the total effort. That's when all the others do their part.

Ewan McGregor said...

I've got a better idea. We work as best we can to make the planet safer for future generations and hope that other nations do the same. Ewan McGregor

Mike L. said...

And, of course, Doug and Ewan, nobody has yet proved that changes in the level of CO2 will have any effect on the climate. If we have Covid 19 to thank for anything, it is that the reduced level of human activity has reduced the amount of CO2 produced yet there is no sign of any change in ambient temperatures. The current belief of those climate scientists who pursue their interest without Greta's bias suggest that the effect on the climate is about 95% natural with a minor contribution from mankind. To deliberately destroy all of those wonderful developments which have enabled us to live such comfortable lives seems pointlessly harmful. I don't see any of the Alarmists moving back to a powerless cave, or even moving away from their seaside residences!

Russ said...

Exactly Mike, I am astounded by the nodding heads who advocate destroying the world as we know it, but still living the dream with all their toys.

John said...

Or even stepping away from their cars and flying,
Such woke wonders

KP said...

"We work as best we can to make the planet safer for future generations and hope that other nations do the same."

Yes! We should all work as best we can.. INDIVIDUALLY !!

We don't want to live in a tyranny where Govt decides how hard we should work and uses their guns to enforce it.

Each person must decide how they want to save the planet and take action accordingly. You can go live in a cave, or you can ignore it, but giving power over your life to yet another bunch or bureaucrats will never end well!

Allan said...

Very interesting that the comments to date, have dived in on the topic Clive deliberately avoided. Interesting also, & totally ridiculous how CO2 is referred to as a pollutant.
The more we have, the better, for life on Earth. Just thought I would clear that one up.
No, the subject raised, that no one seems to want to mention, is the ludicrous situation, where a man, until he was 35yrs old, who then decided he did not want to be, is being allowed to compete against real woman, in the sport of weightlifting, at the Olympic Games.
This sinks Society to an even lower level than most thought possible. If the transgenders want to organise their own 'Olympic' events, then fine, go for it. But pretending to be something that you are biologically not, & being allowed to compete with genuine members of that biological group, can only be described as totally unfair & should not be considered.

Anonymous said...

Stop breeding.