Saturday, June 12, 2021

Clive Bibby: Critical race theory - the cancer that never sleeps

Modern society is under attack - mostly from within.

The monster on our doorstep is slowly destroying the defences we have traditionally relied on to save us from ourselves.

Like the worst cancers, it eats away at our foundations until it is discovered in forms that will not respond to treatment - and by then sadly, it is usually too late.

I am talking about the phenomenon known as “ The critical race theory “ which is currently cutting a swath through the United States virtually unchallenged.

Moreover, we are beginning to see the same destructive power subtly undermining the foundations of our own society, aided and abetted, even promoted by our government, local authorities and main stream media - ironically the three most important components who normally defend us against such damnable intrusion.

If this rogue serial killer is not stopped within this administration’s current term, we face the prospects of a weakened western civilisation that will provide easy pickings for those communist states that seek global domination.

We will literally hand over our sovereignty on a plate.

So let’s retrace our steps a little to examine the progress this Cancer has made towards achieving its goals.

Currently in many of the western world democracies, especially those currently governed by socialist parties (including our own), we are able to follow the trend where this challenge to our way of life is actually encouraged rather than being resisted.

Here in “Godzone”, we note all forms of central and local government introducing laws that will divide our nation along racial lines. And no amount of protest will have any affect on the imposition of these draconian decrees because the so called “ free “ press absconds from its responsibility to decry these undemocratic moves  - knowingly distorting the facts about the social needs that are the result of this “social imbalance “.

We are told that the only way we can restore minority groups to positions in society that is rightfully theirs is for them to be given access to state support systems that will not be available to the majority of citizens.

It is called for want of a better name - affirmative action.

No matter that this sort of “hand out” is doomed to fail just like it has almost every time when introduced in areas where a specific need has been identified in the past.

As a community worker for over 40 years in these low decile communities on the East Coast of New Zealand, l know the best ways to achieve positive outcomes in these areas.

In most cases, the help required has little to do with the need for a separate community approach - more that support (funding) is advanced in a way that forces accountability.

In other words, like the rest of us, Maori need protection from themselves.

There is no question in my mind, based on my own experience, that Maori are equally qualified in intelligence and capability to Pakeha but unfortunately, their tribal affiliations tend to frustrate the opportunities for achieving the objectives they so desperately need.

There is simply too much petty jealousy that inhibits cooperation amongst Iwi groups on projects that could benefit all.

You will find that systems that work in Maoridom and Pakeha societies all have the one common denominator - those that are allocated State or shareholder funds in order to expand successful family business operations are all held accountable for their decision making and management. Blame for failure to make it work needs to be sheeted home to the directors of operations irrespective of ancestry or social standing in the community. Critical race theory ignores this important ingredient and instead exacerbates the destructive atmosphere that exists where the law is not enforced.

No business venture can survive if it seen to be enjoying exclusive access to unlimited resources that make things happen or if unacceptable behaviour goes unpunished simply because it is committed by those of different colour. Sooner or later the shareholders (ratepayers, fellow Kiwis) recognise the harm this policy is doing to our multi cultural society and will say enough with this rubbish - let’s return to the system that demanded accountability.

My fear is that we will reach that point in our history only when this “life threatening” experiment has damaged our society beyond repair.

But maybe there is still time. If so, the urgency can not be overstated.

We need to act now! 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Jigsaw said...

Parents could act through schools BOTs by making sure that they ban the teaching of this in their school. If the BOT refuse to do so or say they have no authority to do so then vote them out. Parents have more power than they imagine.
Ask your Principal straight out if they ate teaching this disgusting garbage.

Don said...

For centuries Maori developed methods of survival and warfare that involved winning without the danger of physical violence. They raised the arts of deceit and deception to overcome their enemies. Those best at it became the dominant tribes and a high level of strategy evolved. these methods are now being used on the naive non-Maori. Consequently accountability is essential in any enterprise involving assets falling into the hands of the tribes,
e.g. Treaty settlements, special benefits etc. The old rangatira must be laughing their heads off at how well their offspring have learned how to bamboozle the Pakeha.

SME said...

Time to defund everything Maori

Anonymous said...

The TOW only has legal effect to the extent that it has been incorporated into domestic statute. It is not a binding treaty in international law because no body politic capable of ceding sovereignty existed in 1840.

Steps to dismantle the edifice of Treatyism:

1] Abolition of the racist Maori seats.

[2] Removal of all references to race/cultural affiliation/ethnicity from the statute books.

[3] Removal of all references to the TOW and its fabricated "principles" from the statute books.

[4] Legislation making English the only official language. No more tax funding for the teaching of Maori language, culture, and 'history’ and no more tax funding for Maori immersion schools at all levels. If brown supremacists want these things let them use their Treaty settlement money to do it privately.

[5] Defunding and dismantling of all parallel social service delivery systems to Maori. If brown supremacists don't want to use the services available to all NZers, let them use their Treaty settlement money to do it privately.

[6] Restatement in statute that seabed, foreshore, and water are in Crown ownership and held in trust for ALL NZers.

[7] All Maori incorporations to be taxed at the company tax rate with no 'charitable' exemptions allowed.

[8] All communally-owned Maori land to be brought into the Torrens Title system by creating limited liability companies with shares issued to beneficial owners on a pro-rata basis. Shares can be bought/sold/traded with anyone of any race, thus allowing the motivated to build up a majority shareholding to move forward with land that because of current ownership structure cannot be used as security for bank finance. Maori Land Court to be abolished.

[9] Local authority rates to be levied on all Maori land -- including marae and kaumatua housing -- with standard enforcement procedures applied in the event of non-payment. No more free riders on non-Maori ratepayers.

[10] Immediate repeal of the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 and abolition of the racist Waitangi Tribunal, with brown supremacist claims of any kind against the Crown to be dealt with in the Courts and proper evidential procedure applied.

[11] Immediate restatement in statue that the proper – and only – name of our country is New Zealand.

[12] Re-writing the Education Act to change the mission of our universities from being "the critic and conscience of society" to "required to provide intellectual balance and rigour, and equal space for conservative and libertarian viewpoints."

[13] Immediate renunciation of UN membership, and repudiation of all international agreements that have not been endorsed by a binding public referendum of 66% of eligible New Zealand voters.

Of course, any downstream proposal that the beneficiaries of state-sponsored identity politics revert to being treated the same as everyone else will make such groups squeal like stuck pigs. As Thomas Sowell reminds us: “When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.'