Thursday, June 10, 2021

Tony Sayers: The Two Headed Taniwha

As mentioned in my previous posts, prior to my realization of what was developing within Maoridom, I was a quiet average citizen getting on with my life. When political stuff came onto the TV screen, I flipped to another channel. I just left governing to the government. That’s what we elected them to do. Their role was to act in the interests of all citizens and to do what they promised to do in their election manifestos. I was just like the bulk of the population, happily cruising through each day, oblivious to what was happening within government.

Whilst a government was doing its job honestly, I paid no interest, and like many people today, resented anyone shoving their political views in my face, and there lies a large part of today’s problem. Apathy to politics and resentment of anything that disturbs our tranquillity. We are all just human.

At this point I have to reiterate a few points that have been mentioned in a previous post, or by other authors as a transition to where this article is headed. I see the problem as a two-headed taniwha. One head is the Ardern Government, and the other head is the Maori Sovereignty Movement. My article addresses both factions.

Firstly, the Ardern Government:
Today the political landscape has changed. We now have a government that acts to advance only the interests of a powerful, greedy cell that controls the Maori 15% of the country’s population. This government is now facilitating a secret agenda, (He Puapua), that had been kept under wraps through the entire lead-up to the last election.
This document has only seen the light of day in recent weeks. Luckily it was leaked, firstly in a redacted form, and then it was fully exposed when the He Puapua document was requisitioned under the Official Information Act.

Devious and dishonest are the only words to describe what the Ardern Government is doing.
This slumbering population has provided ideal conditions for the introduction of radical changes by stealth.
This agenda will shake the country to its roots.

Since the He Puapua proposal was not presented as part of Labour’s Election manifesto, the Ardern Government does not have any mandate to bring about the changes that are proposed in He Puapua. To exacerbate this bad situation, the news media, which is supposed to be a public watchdog, has now been infiltrated with woke / pro-Ardern journalists, who advance the causes of this devious government. The Ardern Government has corrupted the democratic role that it was elected to perform. The media machine also discredits those who seek to wake up the slumbering population. [1]

Well, this once quiet Kiwi has woken up, and now steps out into unfamiliar territory to enlighten as many voters as possible. I have feared putting my neck out, and then realised that this is just what was intended by those pushing this agenda. I would find it hard to look in the mirror if I did not speak up.
Any effect that I might have, would be small to start with, but I hope that just like a virus, the message will pass from person to person, multiplying along the way, to reach a significant number of voters, in time for the next election.

Whilst it would be great to toss out the entire rotten cohort of Labour MPs and their supporting comrades, it would be a satisfying goal to swing sufficient seats to install a new government, that would restore democracy and stability.
Hopefully, just as the USA administration is pursuing Donald Trump for his sins, one would hope that those in the present New Zealand Government, who are responsible for our state of affairs, will also face their day of reckoning.
The presentation of an election manifesto to capture votes, and then secretly doing something else without a mandate, by stealth, amounts to fraud.

Secondly, I address the Maori Sovereignty Movement:
(Note: Maori words intended for the Maori readers).
I have tried to view the future through the Maori lens and can appreciate that they would want to retrieve what they once had. Today, your rangatiras have had a taste of the corporate life with all the trimmings and the mana that goes with it, and they hunger for more. They have a vision where life for the arikis would be kapai.

To gain political clout, they had to unite the tribes.

Until around the mid-1960s, inter-tribal jealousies were the Maoris political weakness.
Sir Tipene O’Regan once inferred that:

  • “Ngai Tahu are under greater threat from North Island tribes than they are from the Pakeha”.
  • “All these people and organisations by whom we are surrounded are not bad people, they are not malevolent – some of them know more about us than we know ourselves, some of them care more about our history than do many of our own”. [2]
Here he illustrates the mistrust for other tribes, and at the same time makes a lie of the evil pakeha myth.

Hate for the Pakeha was the tool used to unite the tribes.
Many Maoris have been brought up with stories that most of the Pakehas are porangi and greedy, or that they look down upon Maoris. These stories are propaganda that is intended to unite all tribes through hatred for the white man.
The story of the wahines and tamariki supposedly burned alive in the church at Rangiowhia being an example.
The objective can be termed as - The power of one – unity.

Further evidence for my accusation of hate-mongering is manifested by incidents like the outbursts in television interviews by Donna Awatere-Huata, (“Kill a white”), circa 1982, and later a melt-down by Derek Fox.
They were both members of the group ‘Te Ahi Kaa’ [3] and although their expressed intent was to preserve the Maori language and culture, it is interesting to note that, a number of its other members also professed a hate for the Pakeha. This is in 1986. Was Te Ahi Kaa more political than it was cultural? Do we accept that trips to Cuba by some members was purely for the rum and cigars?

The use of hatred for a common foe as a tool to unite factions, has been used over the centuries in many lands, and is still an effective, yet unsavoury, political tool. However, using this tool carries a price.
Having taught hate to achieve an objective, once the objective is achieved, how do you un-teach hate.
If you attempt to unteach hatred, then you make a lie of what you propounded earlier, to your own discredit.
If you cannot unteach it, then it becomes a poison that will be a source of trouble for generations. Don’t we know it?

I have personally experienced the emergence of this hate, where it had not previously existed.
In the 1980s, when meeting some Maoris, who had been my friends in childhood, after twenty years they were cold and even hostile. There had not been any incidents between us in the interim to explain such a reaction.
I can only put it down to them having been indoctrinated and polarised.
(Incidentally, I did not start writing articles until 2015). 

Let us take a look further down the track.
Suppose Maori do gain control over the government and in turn gain control over the population.
Do you think that the non-Maori tax-payers are going to be happy with this state of affairs
There will be deep resentment, and trouble will start.
There is so much pent-up anger, that it would rage out of control.
Both sides would pay a dear price. At this point, the older readers will be nodding their heads in sorry agreement. They do not want this as much as I don’t.

If you lived in a town like Wairoa, like I have, and witnessed the senseless violence that Maori gangs perpetrated upon each other, then you can appreciate the level of mentality that would pervade in such a time of conflict.
In the late 1980s, I was a volunteer with the St John Ambulance, and had a ring-side seat.
The Mighty Mongrel Mob gang (MMM), dominated the town like a brown version of the Ku Klux Klan.
Their adversary was the Black Power gang. Resentment between these factions ran deep.
This phenomena was just an echo from pre-1840.
This was just Ngati Kuhungunu warring with Tuhoe in a new century.
The police were ineffective. You could call the police, then they rolled up half an hour later to take notes.
Perhaps they were avoiding being labelled as ‘racist’.

Utu was to the forefront of gang thinking. It was ‘Musket Wars 2’.
Was this a taste of the future?
These experiences underlie my present fears.

I can see a situation developing like ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. Do we want that?
Would the police be able to cope?
Would the Armed Forces remain united?

What about the families of mixed race caught in the middle?
The whole concept of He Puapua is riddled with warped thinking and is a recipe for racial war.
The country would be economically and socially crippled. The infrastructure wrecked. There would be no winners.
The hate would live on.
Society would be toxic for generations to come, and for what?

Would all of those Kiwis in Australia pressure the Australian Government to intervene?  If Australia can risk the wrath of China over the plight of Uighurs in China, then for sure, they will intervene to restore peace in New Zealand, or whatever its name is by that stage.

Perhaps the Maoris could whistle up help from their communist friends.
After all, hasn’t the taniwha snuggled up to the dragon?
At present, with their ‘Belt and Road’ program, China is trying to get its foot in the door of a number of South Pacific countries. Would the Maori Supremacists get a better deal than Hong Kong?
Who will call the tune then?

Everyone loses and everyone suffers because some greedy ariki dream of Rangatiratanga, Kawanatanga or any other tanga, over us all.

Some readers will accuse me of being ‘over the top’ and others, both Maori and non-Maori will say, “thank God that somebody has the guts to lay it out for us to think about. To say what everyone is too fearful to say”.
I am certain that I am not the only one with such fears.
What I lay out before readers is a very real possibility.
This is a message for peace.
Those Maori who are not ariki must sort out their leaders, just as the rest of us must sort out the Ardern Government. You all have a vote.

Together we can vanquish the two-headed taniwha.


[2] The Economics of Indigenous Survival and the Development of Culturally Relevant Governance Sir Tipene O’Regan Upoko, Awarua Ngai Tāhu Vincent Lingiari Memorial Address Charles Darwin University, Darwin NT
[3] Metro Magazine March 1986 – Atareta Poananga – Te Ahi Kaa 

Tony Sayers is a retired school-teacher, trained at Ardmore Teachers’ College, and has held the position of school Principal in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to teaching, he has worked in a variety of other areas including Law Enforcement, Engineering, Maritime and Union sectors.


DeeM said...

As the government's separatist agenda increases at pace it will become harder for the vast majority to plead ignorance or apathy.
There will come a point at which enough of the public are hit by the realisation wave. Then they will have to decide if they support the government's policies or are against them.
I would hope that most fall on the anti-separatist side. But I'm not sure this will be achieved by the next election. Exposure of He Puapua was not the wrecking ball we hoped it would be. With a master spin-doctor in charge who is still trading on her Covid reputation, only a strong attractive opposition will have a chance of ousting Labour. We don't have that at the moment.
The worst thing National could do is replace Collins with someone like Luxon. Ex-CEO of one of NZ's most woke companies and recently on record supporting the new Maori history agenda, that would achieve nothing. In fact he would likely pick up He Puapua and use it as National's new policy strategy.

Doug Longmire said...

The governments record on this issue is completely ignoring the voted wishes of the citizenry of New Zealand. Multiple opinion previous polls had shown that between 76% - 92% of the population are opposed to any race based funding, teaching, or governance.
This is a huge overwhelming majority.
Comrade Ardern and her separatist government have ignored the clear wishes of the citizenry, and are pushing this democracy destruction agenda through.

D.Seat said...

I sent this as an email to Ms Ardern with ccs to Judith Collins and David Seymour. No reply of course, as yet anyway.
Part I
Dear Ms. Ardern.

It is with growing apprehension that myself, family, colleagues and friends view the increasingly divisive policies that you have introduced into New Zealand without the peoples' mandate.

When you were voted into Office you stated that you would govern for everyone. This promise has not been kept.

When you were voted into Office you promised transparent government. This promise has not been kept.

When you flew to Christchurch following the massacre of Muslims at prayer you stated "They are us" and "We are one" but through your divisive policies you have shown these to be untrue.

When you appealed to all New Zealanders to fight Covid-19 you said that we are a Team of Five Million and must fight this together but you have put "Maori" activist above others; vaccines appear to be available only at the Marae. There is no Team of Five Million, never was.

In all situations, you have blatantly promoted the so-called "Maori" activists, who claim to represent 15% of the population to the exclusion of 85% of the population. These "Maori activists only represent a small number of this minority of 15%.

The so-called "Team of Five Million" is actually two teams: 1) the "A" Team of 0.75 million of mixed ethnicity, who will have privileges and benefits, and the power of veto over; 2) the "B" Team of 4.25 million. This is the antithesis of democracy as you pander to the small minority of so-called "Maori" activists.

By what right should 15% of the population be entitled to separate laws, governing bodies, policies, taxation, and the power of veto over 85% of the population ? New Zealanders fought against this tyranny in WW II in the 1940s, in many minor conflicts throughout the world since then, and against South African apartheid in the 1980s. Why then are you hellbent on introducing it into New Zealand in 2020s ? Why do you want apartheid in New Zealand ?

D. Seat said...

Part II
Why are you introducing a sanitized version of Maori history into the classrooms? By all means teach Maori history but teach all of it including slavery, cannibalism, female infanticide, and the musket wars. Why exclude them ?

Why are you allowing school children to be indoctrinated with critical race theory, starting in primary schools, and allowing children of young age to be targeted in classrooms by their teachers as examples of "white privilege? That in itself is racist, as well as negatively impacting those children's mental well-being

This 15% of the population who call themselves "Maori" are not Maori but a mix of ethnicities similar to the other 85% of the population. This country's population comprises numerous ethnic groups from all over the world. So why accord 15% superior status ?

The earliest Maori in New Zealand were not indigenous despite what the UN, Labour Party, Wikipedia and "Maori" activists claim. They are immigrants into New Zealand, the same as everyone else. By what mandate do you promote such a biased form of government to serve these 15% above all others ?

You claim not to have read the He Puapua. Technically correct, maybe, but disingenuous. You knew it's contents. That you did not disclose the existence of this document and it's policies before the last election, but have since implemented them, amounts to dishonesty to the electorate and the complete absence of transparency. Why did you hide this document and it's policies ?

You are guilty of establishing an environment of resentment and divisiveness between two groups of peoples, both of which are of mixed ethnicities. You alone have brought New Zealand to this crisis and you alone will be responsible for the outcomes.

You alone have allowed so-called "Maori" activists to interpret, without scholarship, the Treaty of Waitangi in ways that suit them regardless of the true translation as it was written and understood by those of the Maori race and the Crown who signed it.

What arrogance for anyone now to assume they know what was in the minds of the Treaty participants 181 years ago when they agreed and signed the words of the Treaty: the real Treaty, not some half-baked transmutation concocted by these "Maori" activists !

You alone have allowed the introduction of "cancel culture" into New Zealand whereby anyone with opposing views to these so-called "Maori" activists are immediately labelled "racist" and "white supremacist". You have led this race to deny freedom of speech, and the media have been turned into a propaganda arm of this Marxist government's state-controlled indoctrination.

For the sake of all New Zealanders stop the hand-wringing, hugging, and telling people to be nice to each other when you yourself do not display this attribute but are only concerned with promoting 15% of the population to the exclusion of the rest.

As of now, your prime ministerial portrait is defined as underhand, untrustworthy, dishonest, deceitful, and a danger to democracy.

Anonymous said...

An exelent artical well written and so very true I’ve had the same experience

Lesley Stephenson said...

Well D.Seat I will be very surprised if you even get an acknowledgement. I've also sent emails to Jacinda...not a dicky bird have I heard.
I am writing to overseas newspapers telling them of our plight. If they get enough letters they may start to investigate.

Doug Longmire said...

THREE CHEERS for you D Seat !!
That was really well said, and 100% true.

Greengrass said...

The news item: "Māori party disappointed by police commissioner no-show over video threat" in todays STUFF NZ News, about a 44 year-old man being arrested for posting threats against Maori in a video on YouTube, proves the point made by this author, that the ground-swell of anger towards the agenda of Maori Separatists is highly volatile, and can easily deteriorate into a violent backlash. Who knows, it might be more imminent than we think. The politicians and the public have to acknowledge who brought us to this low point, and that the Ardern Government have to be voted out. This author has his finger on the pulse.

Phil said...

To D.Said,

"They Are Us" is of course going to be a movie. One of the producers Stewart Till is Chairperson of Silverfish Fims in the UK who make propaganda documentaries for the UK Labour Party. Jacinda can say it is nothing to do with her but I would bet money this idea has been pitched by her associates with her knowledge.

Geoffrey said...

Thank you Tony.
Your comments are well made and terrifying in their portent. In my view it will be too late if a reversal of the decent into chaos is not achieved no later than the 2022 election. If Labour were able to scrape through the next ballot Comrade Ardern would be able to entrench her personal strangle hold on our society; with the result that armed revolt would likely be the only way out. And that is an unconscionable consequence of just one woman’s ambition.

Allan said...

Thanks Tony, you got most of the story right. But when you put Trump in the bad guy corner, & you think changing the government will get us out of this mess, you obviously have not been awake long enough to examine ALL of the facts. Firstly Trump was a nationalist who put his country first. Biden is tarred with the exact same Globalist brush as is Ardern & her Marxist colleagues. You mention changing the government. To whom, may I ask. It was National who signed The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People, that set the stage for He Puapua. So unless the MAJORITY wake up, & look outside of parliament to bring in a partner for ACT, which probably wont happen because of the publics political apathy. So sorry mate, I think this country is screwed..