Thursday, June 3, 2021

Bruce Scott-Hill: Letter to MPs

When thinking of the enormity of the task of educating those seemingly asleep to the horror of the proposed takeover by radical Maoris of our very Sovereignty and lands, I decided to take some direct action myself, so I wrote to PM Jacinda Adern directly, plus copied my email to her to the Leader of the Opposition, Judith Collins, other National MP’s and ACT Leader David Seymour. 

Since then, I was gratified to receive replies which inferred my emails had been read. So I am quite pleased with the result.

May I respectively suggest that others might like to do the same, as I really do think that we should now be commencing action to reverse this takeover if we can.

My aim is that a large number of emails like mine below [abridged] will daily arrive on our Prime Minister’s secretary's desk. If nothing else is achieved,  I hope it will likely be reported to our PM that people like us will no longer accept from her and her MP’s dictatorship by stealth, abrogating both our rights and against our will giving undeserved privilege to radical Maori.

Dear Hon. Leader and Prime Minister, J. Adern,

I well remember Ms Adern, that day on 15 March 2019 when immediately after the white supremacist attacked Muslims in Christchurch, you wonderfully told them that they were “US” – which rightly has echoed around the world, as it showed, we are all “one” i.e. a society of people who cared equally for each other regardless of race

I read in the Newspaper that in Nelson, on the issue of Maori Wards,  Mayor Reece had announced that her Council had voted, and on this basis it said that she was proceeding with the appointment of Maori Wards in Nelson immediately. This followed a meeting with local iwi only. Non-Maori were not invited, nor were they given any opportunity whatsoever to discuss the matter and express their opinions for and against. Only Maori were granted that privilege by the Mayor. Because of this I therefore found that I had been deprived of my democratic rights locally, but also deprived of the principle that, “The electoral system belongs to electors, not the elected”. Naturally, I am extremely upset.

The issue of Maori Wards for myself and family - was miniscule, compared with MP Andrew Little’s suggestions for revamping of the Ministry of Health’s structure; which proposed a concept of co-leadership with a new Maori health authority, able to veto policy of the proposed funding head, called NZ Health. In contrast, all New Zealanders of course now currently enjoy a multicultural and fully democratic society which provides equality of outcomes for all of us including Maori - regardless of race.

The new model suggested by Little does the opposite, it gives privilege based unfairly by race to Maori who comprise only 15% of the population. It therefore completely abolishes democracy by giving favour to only a small fraction of the population rather than a majority. In any case, of all possible ways of restructuring Health; racial division is surely the worst one could possibly imagine, since with health, fulfilling needs (as all doctors rightly say) is the best and most sensible arbiter of all.  So a restructured system should consider needs first, not ethnicity. Not only that, but bi-culturalism (favoured by Maori), is essentially “separatism” – as is any structure attained based on race, it is also racist by any definition of the word and an unacceptable alternative to our current multiculturalism which enriches all of us, not just a few and embodies rightly the concept that we are all equal...

In my view it would be to the detriment of us all Ms Adern, if you should support the views of a minority of radical Maori championed by many kind and compassionate non-Maoris (like yourself), who have not studied closely the falsity and propaganda of radical Maoris - who perhaps because of their tribal background are naturally seeking the best outcomes only for themselves. But with nil regard to critical values such as democracy for all we and our ancestors have all fought World Wars to retain, instead of their delusion that only race matters.

I was delighted to note recently that you said you had backed off the notion of having a Maori parliament – hopefully, you have now decided it unacceptably divisive and therefore wrong, as I do.

I read recently in the news media that you currently favour Te Reo learning in schools should be compulsory. I really similarly hope you change your mind about this as well. Since just yesterday morning I read that vandals had despicably damaged signs concerning Te Reo in Invercargill – so clearly any suggestion downstream to force all New Zealanders to learn Te Reo is clearly likely to prove similarly divisive and counterproductive to your desire to promote it. Allowing free choice on the other hand rather than compulsion, is surely more likely to gain acceptance.

Returning to my first paragraph, I am sure all New Zealanders would like to see you Ms Adern return to the conviction you showed in Christchurch – of “US”, “oneness” and “that we are all one” rather than give invalid privilege to a single race.

Kind regards, 
Bruce Scott-Hill

Bruce Scott-Hill is an author, science researcher and former technical communications manager for business and Government Departments. 


Anonymous said...

...all New Zealanders of course now currently enjoy a multicultural and fully democratic society which provides equality of outcomes for all of us...

Equality of outcomes?

DeeM said...

"Since then, I was gratified to receive replies which inferred my emails had been read."
The key word here is inferred. Was the email read or was the reply just acknowledging receipt of your email? Let's hope it was the first.
Either way, in the case of the email to the PM, it would surprise me enormously if this letter swayed Jacinda to change track. Based on the Maori Wards Legislation experience, where thousands of submissions were received, despite the obscenely short period allowed, and 76% were against, and yet the original bill was passed unamended, shows what this government thinks of public feedback.

My view is that with radical governments that have extreme, controversial agendas they can't afford to take notice of the public, especially when they have an outright majority. They know they'll have a limited time in office so will go as fast as they can to enact their policies. Past experience tells them that most of these policies stay intact, even when a centre-right government succeeds them, because the media brow-beat them into doing nothing. The Left just have to wait their turn again and pick up where they left off.

Rex Brady said...

Politicians have earned the voters mistrust.
The voters could stop all this nonsense by a government adopting one law that has been in use in a democratic country in Europe for 170 years, this country has the most politically happy voters in the world. We could adopt this law in its entirety without losing any of our current democratic rights.
The law stops minority lobbyists,local and national government and their bureaucrats, political bias and incompetence, and hands back control to the people who matter most - the NZ citizens. Those fore named groups would hate and resist it.
A minority party could win the next election by adopting this law.
The law?
Switzerland's Compulsory adoption of Citizen Initiated Referendum.

Jigsaw said...

It seems to me that the writer is making the same error that Jacinda makes- equality of opportunity is some thin g that we should continue and continuously strive for and likely we might success-we are doing fairly well even now but equality of outcome has eluded every society that I am aware of and for obvious reasons. Humans are not all the same- a more diverse and different group can hardly be imagined and that's just from the outside. Taking into account the differences in talents and abilities means that it would be necessary to penalize some members of any society and artificially boost other members to even get roughly in that area. The subsequent loss of human talent and damage to a large part of the population would be enormous.
Surely we are better to aim for the equality of opportunity and foster everyone's talents.

Phil said...


Now that Labour seem to have complete control of the TV media output it is going to be very hard to replace this Government or ideology. To my mind there is a question of can I live here as tnis neo Marxist state is developed or is it better to leave the country.

Doug Longmire said...

I certainly applaud your action Bruce.
Unfortunately the P.M.'s track record on this topic is completely ignoring the voted wishes of the citizenry of New Zealand. Multiple opinion polls have shown that between 76% - 92% of the population are opposed to any race based funding, teaching, or governance.
This is a huge overwhelming majority.
Ardern and her separatist government have ignored the clear wishes of the citizenry.
Clearly, if this separatist agenda, which is actually the destruction of democracy, is carried out - there will be protests and possibly an uprising.
I can forsee violent protests.

DeeM said...

Yes Phil. It does seem a bit desperate at the moment but don't pack your bags yet! Nothing lasts for ever, especially in politics. It typically takes the public about 3 terms to get bored, regardless of how popular the party in power is. That is one of the drawbacks of democracy...change for change's sake.
Maybe Jacinda will drop a bombshell after her wedding and go be a stay-at-home Mum. Ok, I'm fantasising again! More likely she'll take up a job with the UN in the near future. When she goes, Labour have nobody that can take her place. The top positions are all mostly white males who will not appeal to a lot of swing Labour voters.
Or, the alternative is that National and ACT are going to hammer away at He Puapua until cracks appear in the Beehive and there is a surge of public awareness...our Berlin Wall moment, and this government will come tumbling down.
Take your pick!

Empathic said...

The replies from Ardern's public relations people may have implied she and other decision makers read the letter and the author has inferred that. Truth is that it's most unlikely the decision makers will read individual letters but at most they will be informed by their letter readers about the number of letters for and against, any letters from significant people and perhaps some rare letters that contain some new argument or evidence of special relevance or threat to the government line. However, it's still good to send letters and in the end numbers will count for something.

Lesley Stephenson said...

Sent letters to Jacinda's email..only ever get automatic reply to say received. Doubt very much she reads any. Also sent letters to Judith and David...they need encouraging to keep up the good's the only weapon we have.

John Raat said...

I would be hghly surprised if Ms Adern would ever read a letter or email herself. It is all screened by the background paresites who than only cursery inform her nothing of note to worry about.
I am afraid if we think anything otherwise we are naive. The only thing this govt, will take note off is an elecforal defeat next election.
I just hope we all will realise we made a terrible mistake by putting this lot in power, It is true when they say YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW.
Bring on the next election.