Saturday, December 18, 2021

Clive Bibby: The Big Con

It is understandable if the main topic of conversation in this country over the next few months is all about things related to Covid - the likely spread amongst our most vulnerable communities and government policies introduced to defend against any unforeseen outbreak. 

It will be a worrying time for most families who are, as yet unvaccinated especially for those who have no choice. We can at least afford to respect their position on this issue. No matter what circumstances have influenced their decision. We need to build herd immunity as much as any other defence. 90% vaccination is more than enough to enable us to achieve that more important objective.

It would appear that current arrangements are designed to provide adequate immediate protection, even if they will inconvenience a lot of those folk who just want to get on with life as it used to be.

Unfortunately, any prospect of being able to do that in the foreseeable future is, at best, a forlorn hope.

Covid has changed the world forever and, as we are about to find out - not for the better.

I say that because across the world, particularly for “Free World” governments with socialist instincts who have taken the opportunity to cement in place un-mandated, self serving programmes under the guise of special emergency powers, the chickens are coming home to roost.

Most of these urgent measures were introduced on the basis that the country was effectively on a war footing and faced little opposition from a concerned populace.

These emergency laws have allowed the government to operate unchallenged at a time when any questioning of policies have been dismissed as being unpatriotic and ill informed. That’s what happens during war time and there is little anyone can do about it.

However, the upshot of this “lockdown” environment imposed on this country is a nation divided on the basis of those who feel the need to challenge some of these draconian laws and those who meekly accept every restriction as being something we must endure in the best interests of the majority.

It is no surprise that those who question the validity of these decrees are usually those who work at the coalface (private businesses) who are watching their life’s work implode before their eyes while the bulk of the population (traditional Labour supporters who work for the government or its associated local government agencies) remain totally protected, physically and economically from the ravages of the virus.

A team of 5 million - yeah right!

While that statement has proved to be the biggest “CON” of the century, the main purpose of this article is to write about another one of equal audacity in its Machiavellian design. It is also something l just happen to feel qualified to comment on having spent the last 40 years living amongst the societal group who unfortunately are the subject of this betrayal.

I refer of course to the Maori population of this country who are struggling to make good use of the significant resources they have inherited and been added to through the historical Waitangi claims process. Sadly, it is about leadership of the worst kind.

It may surprise most people to find out that the Maori asset based share of the national economy is valued at approximately $70 billion dollars - surely the ideal basis for building a better future that benefits all Maori, their dependents and descendants.

That figure is made up of assets of all types (farm land and associated livestock, forestry estates, commercial property, fishing companies and associated quota, assorted tourism and associated hospitality investments) - most of which, depending on asset management history, have positive growth backgrounds.

So, there is absolutely no need to portray most sections of Maori society as being under-resourced, unable to support sustainable growth strategies without continued government financial support.  That misconception is a lie that can’t be substantiated using any version of the facts.

Here is the truth.

Just look at the largest asset rich tribes (Ngai Tahu, Tainui, Ngati Porou, Kahungunu and Ngati Awa plus those who have yet to settle eg. Nga Puhi) and you will see an impressive record of wise investments and management of their Iwi controlled resources. There is no need to hand over control of the nation’s natural resources such as being planned under the 3 waters reforms. And the bright boys and girls of Maoridom are astute enough to realise that it is not in their best interests to do so.

If you talk to them, particularly their young articulate future leaders, you will be blown away by their commitment to the shareholders who depend on them making sound decisions - they recognise the responsibility that rests on their shoulders and the opportunities that they enjoy that were not available to their forebears. The world is their oyster. They have never had it so good.

Why then, are those of us who are able to understand reality, frustrated and appalled at the deceit that characterises most of Maoridom’s political leadership?

Why are we being fed this torrent of excuses (lies) supposedly justifying their people’s continued dependency on the State over and above those who have special needs.

One must assume that this false narrative is the only ticket that will ensure their own survival in those incestuous pools of self preservation, the Maori and Labour Party caucuses. Given their track record and the inept manner of working for their constituents, we must conclude that the possibility of being asked to survive in a job that only rewards merit is something that scares the shit out of them.

Well, my reading of the current mood suggests that these imposters’ time in the Sun is quickly coming to an end, and they had better get used to an anticipated reversal of fortunes that will put them on the street, ill-equipped to make it in an unforgiving world they have created.

Too bad.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Clifford J said...

What is the real end game here Clive?

Jacinda under the spell of Rasputin Ma Hooter and her disciples in Maori Caucus is proceeding on a path away from democracy to tribalism.
Is it actually about the demise of democracy and the replacement of that democracy with a modern form of feudalism?
With the Lords of the Land being the Tribal elite, the freemen being current land owners (until the land is confiscated) plus the workers the producers of wealth, (until the land is confiscated) and the serfs / slaves being every one else, or some variation of that.
How can giving increasing power to an elite, "born to rule" class be acceptable to anyone?
Is this not the CON here and few are adept enough to see it?

Clifford J

Kiwialan said...

Clive, the huge, ginormous con was the last election!!! Nothing in their election manifest about He Puapua, 3 Waters, separate Maori health paid for by all New Zealanders with veto over national health, local government Maori ward seats, 200 million for special Maori vaccination. The list is endless. If voters knew what they were voting for this bunch of racist, inept bludgers would never have been in government. Kiwialan.