Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Kate Hawkesby: I've changed my mind on Christopher Luxon


I wrote an editorial on Luxon getting the leadership yesterday once we got wind of it in the afternoon, about an hour before their caucus met and before Luxon spoke.

But I had to throw that out and start again once he spoke, because when he did, he changed my mind.

I was pleasantly surprised, actually, I was impressed.

He came out swinging, got straight into all the issues, he talked up achievements over announcements, he gave farmers a long-overdue high five, had a solid answer for the faith question, (he hasn’t been to a Church in five years, FYI) he confidently addressed a Three Waters question, while balancing the underdog card — admitting he might make mistakes because he’s new to politics. And on that, do we overplay that new to politics thing? I mean don’t we just want the best person for the job? 

And isn’t a wide range of skills from being strong in management, to having sound economical nous, critical for us as a country going forward? You want the smarts right? Not necessarily the longest term of being an MP. I mean there are a hell of a lot of MP’s, and Ministers for that matter sitting around parliament for an incredibly long time, and still not much chop.

I mean what’s one of the most common criticisms of the current government? That none of them have any real-world experience, barely any of them have run a business. Career politicians are not necessarily a good thing. They can be disconnected from reality, too entrenched inside their Wellington centric bubble.

So yes Luxon’s new to politics, but he’s not new to management or problem solving or getting results. He’s spent years living overseas, he’s got experience in life. That’s a plus.

I thought he made all the right noises yesterday, powering up the economy, productivity, people generating more income, improving quality of life, investing in multigenerational infrastructure, improving education, mental health. 

He says the difference with a National government is that they trust people, and they get the job done. Fewer platitudes, PR spin and announcements, he said, and more vision followed by execution.

Deputy I thought might be Bridges by way of a deal, but Nicola Willis is a sound choice. She’s a solid performer, and together I think they make a solid pairing. The key is they’re new, and they feel fresh.

Which is just what National needs.

So fresh team, fresh faces, fresh challenges, the critical bit though will be fresh poll results.

Luxon says that he’s “built a career out of reversing the fortunes of underperforming companies” and he'll bring "real-world experience to the role."

All of National’s hopes are now pinned on him doing both of those things.

Kate Hawkesby is a political broadcaster on Newstalk ZB - her articles can be seen HERE.


Terry Morrissey said...

Yep have to admit I also was impressed with his initial chat, rather than talking at you. His faith as far as I'm concerned doesn't matter one bit so long as he isn't into Sharia Law.
I also agree with him that man for man the National bench shows far more ability and common sense than the labour cult.
Now all he has to do is trust in his party collegues and get them motivated to reveal the lies, corruption and general incompetence of labour in such a way that the bought and paid for media propaganda machine can no longer gloss over it.
Good choice of deputy, I would say based on ability and performance rather than gender.
Feel better already.

Terry Morrissey said...

Good to see a leader who appears to talk to you rather than at you and comes from New Zealand (although I could have got by without the opening). He is, as you say, going to have to come out with a solution to the rapid slide into the depths of apartheid.
He will have to motivate his colleagues to get them off their butts to do some exposing of the labour cults failures, which are innumerable, but are not covered by the labour media propaganda machine.
Some positive views on treatments of covid, and opposition to mandates would be good. What is the point of vaccination mandates when the vaccine does not prevent a person being infected with or transmitting the virus? It is just another means of separatism.
I look forward to Nicola Willis' contribution because she shows grit at question time and made Minister Williams look like the complete incompetent that she is.
I also am looking at what may come from some other party.

Phil said...

As expected the TV media are really attacking Chris Luxon's character, beliefs and finances. We should be very concerned by the Marxist agenda playing out in this country with Government controlled journalists operating in such a way.

Steve Taylor said...

I have to agree,he came across well which can't be said for the moronic TV3 reporter that interviewed him and was more interested in how many houses he owned.The quality of television interviewers has reached an all time low.

Doug Longmire said...

Having heard his speech and interview with Mike on Newstalk ZB, I must say - what a breath of fresh air! Luxon came across extremely well.
Predictably the sewerage media have attacked him personally about his religious beliefs and his investments. They could not address the issues. This is typical.