Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Sir Bob Jones: The Amazing Treaty of Waitangi

This totally redundant treaty, applying to circumstances nearly two centuries ago, has spawned a truly astonishing “industry” in claims as to what it meant, despite never actually saying as much.

The latest and most absurd comes from something called the Health Coalition Aotearoa, specifically, (lie down before reading further) “The burden of obesity has been disproportionately carried by Maori and Pacifica – half of all Maori adults are obese and a third of rangatahi (children) overweight or obese. More than 71% of Pacifica adults and half of children are overweight or obese.”

According to this nonsense outfit this is apparently the government’s, or in other words the public’s fault and a breach of the Treaty. Extending the treaty to Pacifica is no sillier than the numerous other ludicrous claims relating to it.

I first went to Samoa 60 years ago and travelled all over from village to village. Trust me, there were no fat Samoans. That’s certainly not the case today. But it’s not just islanders and maoris. Ask anyone over 60 and they will snap out the name of the sole fat kid at their school half a century ago who was such a stand-out, their names remain etched in their memories.

What’s happened since is the weak minded stuffing themselves with rubbish, except of course, maori and Islanders who apparently have been held down and force fed with fried filth, contrary to a specific clause in the Waitangi Treaty banning this.

One in five British homes don’t have a kitchen table. Why? They’re the working classes so many of whom who also feed on fried filth, eating with their fingers. Thus Britain’s high covid death toll, singularly attributable to obesity, the Brits having Europe’s fattest people.

Maoridom will never rescue itself from its domination of the worst statistics so long as there’s idiots telling them it’s not their fault and blurting out those magical words “The Treaty”.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Doug Longmire said...

Well Sir Bob, now we know for sure that us non-brown Kiwis are to blame for Maori obesity.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely

DeeM said...

So, it's a breach of The Treaty to allow people to get fat now. I'm guessing the solution to address it is some form of financial settlement.
Of course, that won't reduce their weight. It will likely make it worse as they spend more at Macca's and KFC.
Hold on, I forgot. The settlement's will be made to iwi, not individuals, so the chance of the obese seeing any cash will be next to zero. So maybe it will all work out in the end.

oneblokesview said...

Yep. Fatty Smith AKA Larry Smith. Sole fat kid. But great swimmer!

Ray s said...

Well said. The treaty blame game is alive and kicking still.
Collectively we are too afraid of being labeled racist to do much about it and politicians generally only look to the next election.

Anonymous said...

Common sense has become the elephant in the room. It beggars belief that we're now the laughing stock of the OECD. Laws based on ... Feelings? Reinterpretation of mythology? Presentism over fact? Distinguished academics being cancelled by idiots with dubious qualifications? A tertiary sector hooked on commercial interest over empirically validative enquiry and analysis? A system being challenged by abject nonsense via a small minority of extremely vocal part maori radicals? A labour govt that behaves undemocratically with potentially disastrous consequences? Ethnocentric howling that plays the race card incessantly then lables any dissenters as racist? The daily media playlist of which the central themes are "It's all ours anyway", "You owe us" and "We want it back". Tolerance of creationism and it's associated delusory waffle? Co Governance with a totally incompatible tribal 'structure' (sic)? Roadblocks by rapists and gang members? Aotearoa?
Please ACT & National, do something!

KP said...

Guns kill people and spoons make them fat... Solve all the problems by banning them!

Robert Arthur said...

Sadly it is only the likes of Sir Bob who present such obvious logic, and he does not appear in the msm. The fear of the label racist and of associated cancellation keeps such rational observation from the general public, although many think it. It is incredible that maori have been bribed and rewarded with food throughout the Covid campaign. A myriad students complete PhDs on all manner of topics but none seem capable by fathoming just what particular groups eat and spend on the obsession.