Saturday, December 11, 2021

John Robinson: Nazis burnt books

On Saturday 4 December 2021, TV1 News broadcast an appeal to bookstores to refuse to stock books by Tross Publishing – effectively a call to ban the books. I was referred to explicitly, and the program was illustrated by the covers of two of my books, The corruption of New Zealand democracy; a Treaty overview (2011) and He Puapua: Blueprint for breaking up New Zealand (2021). That vicious and unfounded attack implicates me.

The TV1 journalist, Te Aniwa Hurihanganui, first contacted Tross Publishing asking for my e-mail address. Our reply was that this would be provided if the reporting was fair and accurate: “Dr. Robinson would be prepared to discuss this important issue openly so long as he be accorded fair treatment by your media outlet.”

Her intention was made clear in the response, refusing that condition: “I’d like to interview or get a written response from a representative of Tross Publishing – rather than Dr Robinson as originally requested.” She then describes her true intention: “we’re planning to run a story alleging that the books published by Tross Publications are described as untrue, false, hateful, disgusting, and anti-Maori.” The issue was pre-judged and the item’s content was planned prior to any interview. Their aim was to prevent conversation between people with differing views, to ban my books, to stifle debate, and to strengthen the call for division of our nation.

I then asked Tross Publishing to send a brief statement on my behalf: “The response is from the author, Doctor John Robinson, as follows: ‘As the author of the book, He Puapua; Blueprint for Breaking Up New Zealand, I absolutely reject the untrue charges made against Tross Publishing. I believe in equality, decency and accuracy and oppose the divisions in to-day’s New Zealand. I am appalled by the ridiculous claims of wrongdoing which implicate me. I am being damned without a hearing. Since you now have a response it would be untrue for you to say that we did not respond. We require that this response be given in full.’” Only part of it was read out. The item was junk, gutter television. The one fact relating to my work was a comment that “He Puapua [the report to Government] is a plan to help the Government live up to commitments it made to a United Nations declaration.” This is correct, and is clearly stated in my book. The claim of “half-truths and out-right lies”, unsupported by any clear example, is unacceptable from anyone, let alone a university lecturer.

As my book makes clear, the separatist movement that is clearly described in the He Puapua report is aimed at destroying democracy and setting up a three-chamber legislation for New Zealand (one for Maori, a second for the others but with a strong Maori presence, and a third joint chamber, with a Maori veto, for negotiation between the two divided ‘partners’). There are no “half-truths and out-right lies.” Here, these comments are supported by quotes from Maori activists and lengthy quotes from key sources, such as the He Puapua report.

The current funding of media by this government comes with a requirement for support of their divisive policies and for a refusal to publish contrary opinion, which has been acted upon by much of the paid media.

Here TV1 introduces another stage in the muzzling of free speech. In history, many dictatorships have tried to do this sort of thing; most of us abhor the book burning of Nazi Germany. New Zealand on a very slippery slope towards totalitarism. To quote from my He Puapua book: “Most people only think of freedom, equality and democracy when they are gone. This may be in the next few years, when it will be too late.”

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View the TV1 item

Dr John Robinson is a research scientist, who has investigated a variety of topics, including the social statistics of Maori.  His recognition of fundamental flaws in the interpretation of nineteenth century Maori demographics led him to consider the history of those times in several books.


Kiwialan said...

I am going to buy the book tomorrow and after reading it will lend it to as many people as possible. My wife lived through the Cultural Revolution in China and she shudders with the memories that this government brings back to her with their actions and statements. The mainstream media heads should be prosecuted for bribery and corruption. Kiwialan.

Doug Longmire said...

TV1 News is sewerage media.
This article is a totally unjustified destruction attempt on Tross and John Robinson.
I have read "He Puapua" by John Robinson, plus several articles he has written for other books (eg. "Twisting the Treaty")
There is NO "hate speech" or racism or anything similar. All of John's writings are clear, accurate and balanced.
TV1 Pravda News is simply the purchased media propaganda arm of the revolutionary government that is carrying out the destruction of democracy in New Zealand.

Doug Longmire said...

And I have just now ordered Andy Oakley's first book, "From Cannon's Creek to Waitangi" on line. As a young pharmacist in the early 70's I worked in Cannon's Creek and saw first hand what life was like there.
Looking forward to reading Andy's book.

Robert Arthur said...

I have long given up watching TV1. But RNZ has been blatantly captured by maori. Quite apart from the overall bias, a large proportion of content time is devoted to maori. Maori staff choose and arrange the content and maori "interview" the regular parade of maori spokespersons/activists. Nothing is challenged; the interviewees are encouraged and led and their statements endorsed. No searching questions or counter arguments. (In a recent example a noted maori doctor was allowed unchallenged to twice accuse Plunket of being a white supremacist organisation). A classic example of bias is the treatment of specific support to achieve maori vaccination. Endless criticism of the govt for not immediately releasing name and address of maori insufficiently motivated to get themselves vaccinated. Never a hint of the furore and racist accusations which would have occurred if just maori privacy had been breached and their details released early.

Peter van der Stam, Napier said...

Don't trust a communist.
Certainly not when the fragile Democracy is on the line.
Born at the tailend of WW2 in Holland, I can ask myself: why did my father and thousands of young men and women fight against the Fascists and endanger their lives?
Do I have to do the same in NZ?
NZ news? As bad and untrustworthy as the weather forecast.

Kiwialan said...

I tried to buy the book by John Robinson but Paper Plus had none in stock the whole of Christchurch and when I rang Whitcoulls they said they didn't do business with Tross! My sister was able to help me buy one from Tross online as I don't have a credit card. We know what shops to support now. Kiwialan.

Anonymous said...

We purchased John Robinson's " Unrestrained Slaughter. The Maori Musket Wars 1800-1840" [the new school history curriculum starts with "the Traty" in 1840 .. convenient that.
And also Dividing a Nation The return to Tikanga"
Both from Paper Plus .. but no longer there ion the shelves.
So important a d8fferent, and honest and compelling view.
But not different in essence from DoC information boards at historic sites .. eg the constant tribal fighting over good economic and/or strategic sites, the massacres, the enslavement, the "intermarriage". These do not mention cannibalism mostly.

Anonymous said...

And that's a fact ...
No longer be doing business with these Parisite Companies and also talking to two other medium companies with better supply offers also....