Friday, December 10, 2021

Derek Mackie: Jacinda advises on the fragility of democracy

Jacinda Ardern has just given a virtual speech at Joe Biden’s Summit for Democracy on, wait for it…… the fragility of democracy. No, I’m not joking! 

 Like me, you probably didn’t know anything about this summit, or care for that matter, and that’s OK because, like most summits, they achieve nothing and are held so leaders can preen and display in front of each other and deliver speeches full of rhetoric and hypocrisy. Right up Ardern’s street, then! 

 The apparent aims of the summit are to “galvanise commitments and initiatives across three principal themes: defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption, and promoting respect for human rights”. 

 Well, our beloved PM, ably aided and abetted by her Minister for Local Government, is certainly an expert on authoritarianism. The disdain with which she treats the public submission process and the disgraceful way she is overriding local council objections to her Three Waters proposals are excellent examples of that. 
Perhaps she was providing an illustration to the other delegates of what NOT to do if you want to defend against it. 

 As for promoting respect for human rights she can certainly claim specialist experience in this, albeit only in one narrow field - Maori rights. Everyone else can go whistle for theirs! 
Ardern & Co are well on track at turning a liberal democracy into a separatist, bi-cultural tribal elite state ruled by an ethnic minority that represents 17% of the population. Can’t see anything democratic in that! 

 Little Miss-information then went on to say “We need to continue facing the challenges of our time, such as Covid-19 and climate change, in a way that reflects our democratic strengths – the inclusivity of societies, preserving the value of a diversity of voices and building enduring institutions and cooperative approaches which help solve challenges and address needs.” 
Excuse me, I’ve just picked myself up off the floor after having a laughing fit. That statement is so far from the truth! 

Our society does not tolerate a diversity of views. There is only one view on every topic - this government’s view, backed up by it’s “independently appointed” experts who invariably are funded by this government to produce research that supports this government’s political position. 

 You just have to look at the woeful state of all our universities and The Royal Society of NZ to see how badly we’re failing to build enduring institutions which encourage cooperative approaches to help solve challenges. If you dare have an alternative view or theory, particularly to climate change, you are hounded out of your position and cancelled. Very inclusive and cooperative, I must say! 

 But, I’ve saved the best till last. Jacinda declared “It was important that democracies helped to foster a media sector that was vibrant and trusted, amid misinformation that was spreading particularly on social media”. 
If the media provided the vast majority of their audience with balanced news and opinion that they wanted to read then there should be no need for democracies (read government) to do anything. 

 Of course, if you think the job of mainstream media is to be a mouthpiece and cheerleader for government policy and actions then I can certainly see why she would have said that. 
In light of declining circulation and viewing figures, her Public Interest Journalism Fund is meant to somewhat address the “vibrant'' part of her statement. 
As for “trusted”, if Ardern thinks that through her actions she is increasing public trust in the media, then she is either delusional or being economical with the truth…very likely both. Oh that’s right, she never lies so she must just be delusional. 
And as for “misinformation”, read every alternative viewpoint NOT in agreement with Labour government ideology and policy. 

 Her speech does seem to be a masterclass in hypocrisy and deception. And her topic was well chosen…the fragility of democracy. 
If there’s one thing Jacinda can genuinely claim to be good at it’s making democracy more fragile. 

Just one last question to ponder….did Sleepy Joe manage to stay awake through his own summit? Highly unlikely, if Jacinda’s speech was typical of the rest of the presentations. That would send an insomniac to La-La Land!

Derek Mackie is a geologist with a keen interest in current affairs.


Janine said...

She certainly has no insight and no self- awareness. It is hard to know how to respond to this speech on democracy by JA when she is without doubt the least democratic PM we have ever had. Obviously she cares little for New Zealand and New Zealanders. This is all choreographed for her be seen and lauded on the world stage.

Mudbayripper said...

Man you've nailed it. When i heard of this little piece of nonsense l felt sick to the stomach..

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant piece. Get it published in the herald. - if only. Then we might be able to say we hv free speech in nz deeded

Terry Morrissey said...

I certainly hope that this was not available to the public. That PM is nothing but an embarrasment to this country, and every appearance on the media just confirms that we have a government of deceipt,lies, unfulfilled promises, incompetence, authoritarianism, separatism, narcissism, and sheer bloody stupidity.
You only have to watch their performance in the House, with their baying after every utterance of their leader or the fairy queen, to be convinced that they are on something. Normal people just do not act that way.
I originally thought that there must be a few in the party who were not completely bonkers but have since realised that it must be a test you have to pass to be inducted into the cult. Not unlike the UN. Completely compliant and not capable of having an individual thought process.

Dave M said...

Can you believe the arrogance of this woman? Surely the weight of informed public opinion must be starting to weigh against this Govt although it concerns me how many people don’t seem to know are care about what is happening to this country. Let’s hope that the opposition parties can start making some positive progress because another term with this lot in Govt will sink us for sure.

Geoff. said...

" Hypocrite Of The Year" nominee, will certainly get my vote.

Ted said...

Given the socialist leanings of 'Dear Leader' her interpretation of the term 'Democracy' is probably derived from the concept of the DPRK (note 'democratic'), and the past GDR (again a 'democratic' state).
Her ideal of 'free democratic elections' would no doubt along the lines of the 'Putin process' - remove one way or another all opposition.
As she is instituting her view of democracy we seemingly race down the path to totalitarianism and ethnic division.
Caution - The GDR did fall, the DPRK will fail and Russia is wracked by violent political protest.

Unknown said...

Does she believe what she says?
If Yes, then she is clinically insane and living in a fantasy.
If No, she is a liar and fundamentally evil.

Lesley Stephenson said...

Well the fragility of democracy is a subject she is well versed in.
Unfortunately the rest of the world have not yet seen through her. No

Robert Arthur said...

The speech certainly hypercritical in the extreme. RNZ has been totally captured by maori/govt views. The msm had recognised the potential revenue from the maori economy and opted to support the pro maori/govt viewpoint (same thing) even before the media were bought off entirely by the PIJF and other funding. Teams of maori or maori captured opinion writers navel gaze and produce rambling waffle in support of maori/govt position. Opposing public submissions on any topic are not viewed and not reported. Topics of real import, He Puapua, proposed school syllabus, runaway race based spending on vaccination encouragement, the matauranga debate etc, all receive scant attention with just the coordinated standard pro maori view presented.
The equal partnership myth has been sold in place of democracy. Even with equal representation any partnership is guaranteed to be captured by maori. All maori are coordinated and act united primarily if not exclusively in the interest of "their" people. Other representatives include many concerned with the future of all NZ. But it only requires one on the non maori side to desire to maintain relations with maori rellies, succumb to flattery, bribery, fear physical threat, or fear cancellation, be susceptible to brain washing, to side with maori. Maori then rule NZ, a situation we have near achieved.
I wonder how long it will be before some disillusioned Labourite reveals the full extent of non democratic maori control.