Monday, December 6, 2021

Sir Bob Jones: Great News for Taxpayers

Taxpayers will be delighted to learn that Cabinet has approved $150,000 of your money to appease maori gang members unhappy with their tattoos.

This is not to remove the words “Black Power” from these losers’ backs, but instead only the place-name “New Zealand” at the bottom and replace it with the fictional substitute “Aotearoa”. Or in some other cases, the name of their home city from its actual name such as Hamilton to a fictional maori one.

Someone called Kura Moeahu who makes a living in the capital as a self-described “cultural adviser” commented, “The government should be congratulated for supporting such an important initiative. The alteration of tattoos will ensure that no young maori men continue to be embarrassed by the incorporation of colonial place names as part of their tattoos.”

Putting aside the question why taxpayers should pay for this self-inflicted scarring, Kura should be mindful of the cold hard fact that were it not for colonialism, the odds are he would have been eaten by now.

The legacy of this relentless maori wonderfulness and handouts, no matter how ludicrous, is the creation of a racial division hitherto non-existent. It will be a major factor in the landslide defeat awaiting Labour in the next election.

But it’s not just the taxpayers who are the losers from this insanity but most of all the sizeable and lower socioeconomic elements of maoridom who are being effectively imprisoned in their failure existence by the government created entitlement sentiment.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Ray S said...

If I didn't know your reputation for straight shooting, I would say, "you must be kidding". But no, nothing surprises me with this government.
In many ways, we have only ourselves to blame for this sort of crap. Once we start the appeasement process and maori see how easy it is to get what they want, they will keep doing it.

I'm sure gangs have sufficient funds to take care of the tattoo changes, after all, they probably paid for them in the first place.

I stand to be corrected on that point, maybe we paid.

Kiwialan said...

While the main stream media ignore these travesties the general public are ignorant of the idiotic waste of public money. The bunch of woke parasites trying to run the Country is a reflection of the idiots who voted for them. Kiwialan.