Wednesday, April 27, 2022

John Porter: Jacinda Ardern and New World Order

I have, for quite some time, tried to pin a label on exactly where Jacinda Ardern’s ideology lies.

It is not an easy thing to do. Ardern has, variously, described herself as a social democrat, a progressive, a republican and a feminist.

When asked by reporters to comment on the 2021 Budget, Ardern stated: "I have always described myself as a Democratic Socialist.”

Democratic Socialist. Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction and maybe even an oxymoron?

Presiding over a government that has gone out of its way to decimate democracy by promoting the politics of division, there is nothing democratic in these actions!

We certainly know well her time as president of the International Union of Socialist Youth and how she remained thus for 15 months after election to Parliament.

So, is she a SOCIALIST?

Or, is she, in fact, a COMMUNITARIAN?

In ideological terms, Communitarianism is a philosophy that emphasizes the connection between the individual and the community. Its overriding philosophy is based upon the belief that a person's social identity and personality are largely molded by community relationship.

That sounds a lot like TRIBALISM to me?

More socialist doctrine was absorbed when in 2006, Ardern became a Senior Policy Advisor in an 80-person policy unit of British prime minister Tony Blair. Apparently, Tony Blair was seen by Ardern as a kind of "spiritual uncle."

Blair was the instigator of a "New Labourism" and designed, alongside American President Bill Clinton, the so called "third way.”

The third way is a political perspective that seeks to modify left-wing ideas towards the economic and political realities of globalisation.

So, in there are we seeing the direction and also key words that will further shape and mold Ardern’s thinking. Key words such as globalisation.

Globalisation refers to the increasing interdependence of world economies as a result of the growing scale of cross-border trade of commodities and services.

The changes we are currently experiencing in the world today are akin to the shifting of the earth’s tectonic plates, thus delivering an “earthquake of massive proportions” on the political and social elements of our world.

There are many highly placed individuals and organisations today who are openly calling for a “great reset” of the world order.

Thus, creating a NEW WORLD ORDER.

This terminology has been adopted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Klaus Schwab.

Jacinda Ardern is an alumni of The Forum of Young Global Leaders, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

Schwab published a book titled Covid-19: The Great Reset.

While the book was written in 2020, six months into the pandemic, it forecast a post-pandemic world where nations work more closely to solve problems facing mankind.

The WEF, who annually, hosts a meeting in Davos, Switzerland, has always attracted attention and considerable suspicion from, not only, global conspiracy theorists, but those of us who are feeling some deep-seated concerns regarding our ever-decreasing levels of democracy.

It’s easy to dismiss such concern. But the fact is, these leaders of business, media, education and government are in highly placed positions of authority and control.

They are the influencers, leaders and shapers of commerce, education and media and most importantly government.

They command immense power, influence and wealth.

The fact is, this group does exist, and those in it do think about ways to create a world that is quite different—more along the lines of a one-world political entity.

More worryingly, many of them are seeking to bring major change to the way the world is governed!

A word employed liberally is TRANSNATIONAL and is used to describe the world many in the WEF would like to see emerge in the not-too-distant future.

A transnational world that would have fewer boundaries, less nationalism and a SINGULAR GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURE is, in their mind, the path to equality, harmony and comradeship.

They see nation-states and boundaries as obstacles that need to be removed. In their view, national governments are relics of a bygone era needing to be swept away.

Transnationalism is not a novel concept. Not long after the end of World War II we saw the creation of the United Nations. Similarly, the World Health Organization, the World Bank and the International Court of Justice and many other global bodies have been formed to promote equality, unity, peace and stability. It’s just we had not noticed a transnational reset taking place and it has been relentlessly moving forward.

The WEF/Great Reset discuss the “social contract” between the individual and the state and will argue that, in so many instances, the state has failed to secure equality, equity and freedom for all peoples and races. They prosecute a case that existing governments have failed to deliver on their promises.

Where this failure is happening in actuality, where separatism is promoted, the politics of division have become the norm and where destabilising fiscal decisions are made, this becomes the trigger point for discontent and uncertainty that ultimately results in galvanising opposition and unrest.

A clear example of fiscal instability in New Zealand is our mounting national debt and record-breaking inflation.

This is the fertile ground NEW WORLD ORDER pursue when advancing the need for a new social contract.

Today we are seeing New Zealand being actively divided politically, culturally and economically. The COVID pandemic has resulted in a massive increase in the divide between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots,” further enhancing social division.

With our government erroneously and inappropriately remolding our founding document as a Partnership, has simply amplified sentiments of injustice and has allowed them to taken root. Well-watered and lovingly tended by Ardern’s government.

Teaching a skewed history curriculum and reshaping students views through the lenses of negative racial viewpoints is already underway. If enough young people of the next generation can be persuaded that the true history of New Zealand is not worth protecting, a significant goal is accomplished by New World Order devotees.

Don’t think it can’t happen! Does this sound impossible? It will never happen, you say?

Then consider how quickly New Zealand and indeed the world began accepting a pandemic lockdown in March 2020.

Within a matter of days schools closed, all but essential businesses closed, people lost their jobs, sporting events stopped, parks were out of bounds and people were working from home on Zoom.

All that with NO vote taken.

Discussion ended as quickly as it began, the Public Interest Journalism Fund began “proving its worth” and New Zealanders, by the thousands, were prevented from returning to the country of their birth.

Remember in August 2021 we moved to a “short sharp” lockdown. For Aucklanders, short and sharp meant 107 days!

Control by the insistence of fear quickly became Ardern’s weapon.

The new normal was the new normal.

But it doesn’t begin and end with the Covid Pandemic, most definitely not!

Concepts of injustice and prejudice towards Maori being advocated in education, governance, both local and national, and the media are slowly but surely taking our country to the brink of civil disorder.

When governments are clearly undemocratic and lean towards an authoritarian persona, the once-dominant groups in society are prone to losing political status and power and as such, when there is no obvious political solution, it is fertile ground for a state of Anocracy to evolve.

Anocracy is a form of government where there is still a semblance of democracy but it embraces authoritarian characteristics. Anocracy blends democratic with autocratic features. The disenfranchised and excluded groups in anocracies, those that are dominated by a government that promotes ethnic or religious favouritism, tend to be the genesis of social unrest and turmoil. (See HERE)

At that point it would then be so much easier for a government to discard the exceptional and the extraordinary ingredients that make up our social fabric in New Zealand and instead embrace a different narrative as part of a global order promising liberty, justice and freedom for all to live and act as they determine—within, of course, their newly approved and applied boundaries.

Even respected political blogger, David Farrar, recently contemplated the possibility of civil war in NZ brought about by Ardern’s assault on democracy and the promotion of race based policies.

He posted; The most important single factor that is the most predictive of civil war is when one or more major parties in a country’s political system doesn’t organise around left-right political values but around identity – race, religion or ethnicity.

Don’t you think the way Ardern’s government, its Maori caucus and tribal leaders are surging ahead with their co-governance agenda, is pushing New Zealand close to that point of, if not actual civil war, then certainly civil disruption?

In New Zealand there is a significant degree of apathy and almost total lack of comprehension and knowledge around the subversion of democracy and promotion of Maori exclusivity that is very, very scary.

The overarching concern is that, based on ethnicity, a minority section of the population is being given an absolute right to control the rest of the population without, it appears, any limits on their power or any route for appeal.

Thankfully, more and more New Zealanders are waking up to the fact that our democracy is under attack from within.

There is a very small group of those of part-Maori descent, Maori tribal elite, presumably swollen with self-importance because a small part of their cultural inheritance that they are clamouring for co-governance of this country. This co-governance agenda is gathering speed and, dare I say it, credibility at an alarming rate.

Witness the examples of co-governance, “working exceptionally well” now being trotted out. Those examples are in fact joint management in action. More distorting of facts that this government is expert at.

These so-called leaders having been emboldened and empowered, not just by Ardern, we must be aware of the fact that it is the whole labour government along with their strong Maori caucus, who are responsible for the social damage and the erosion of democracy in New Zealand.

The weapon they are using is the twisting of the meaning of the Treaty of Waitangi, whose simple provisions made it plain that all New Zealanders, at the time of the signing of the Treaty, now became subjects of the Crown, with equal rights and protection.

Ardern and her government’s separatist agenda combined with their inept fiscal management, are bringing this country to its knees!

Are we speaking out loudly, are we protecting our democracy, our rights to one person, one vote and do this government actually respect and represent the majority of New Zealanders?

Given the credibility and confidence bestowed by Ardern, scarily, some Maori leaders are now even moving forward from co-governance and are actually now talking full governance!

So, tell me Prime Minister, what follows that?

What lies in store for New Zealand in the future?

A Sitiveni Rabuku, Fiji style ousting of the non-Maori from NZ!!

Because, once in motion, there is no functional, workable or reasonable end to an Ethno-Nationalism agenda such as the one you and your government are currently imposing on our country.

What have you, Prime Minister, unleashed, either wittingly or unwittingly, on this country?

Could it be wittingly; A New World Order?

To create a NEW WORLD ORDER, first you must DESTROY the existing one!

John Porter is deeply concerned about the loss of democracy and the insidious promotion of separatism by our current government.  


Anna Mouse said...

There was once a young fellow out of the Weimar Republic that often spoke of a new world order and he with his party were known as National Socialists......

Anonymous said...

in fact 'democratic socialist' is not an oxymoron...

'From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs' - this is the basis of socialism. if the community has more takers than givers, democracy will always end up favouring this idea. hence establishing 'democratic socialism' :(

unfortunately, the takers tend to ignore that givers have more freedom of mobility - to AU, EU, US or beyond...

Anonymous said...

Spot on analysis. Thank you.

DeeM said...

Perhaps our best hope is that this government have been completely inept at everything else they've tried to achieve so they'll probably balls up co-governance as well.
It's inconceivable that they would have the ability to carry this through successfully to the end, despite blanket MSM support.
The only thing that could possibly save them is the apathy and ignorance of the general public - that is what scares me most.

Anonymous said...

A well written article which accurately summarises the incredibly dangerous position New Zealand finds itself in. Wake up Kiwis. Stand up against this divisive, racist government and if you value our way of life, share this with your friends and make sure your vote counts at the next election.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. No one in day-to-day life, either my friends or workmates seem aware of this. If you try to explain they look at you blankly. I would suggest that once the queen dies, the nz that we have known our whole lives will be gone. In it's place will arise a sort of woke republic with an activist as head of state with all these brainwashed people walking around, questioning nothing, wearing their masks and being quiet. .it's all a massive con in my mind, that started with this covid business.1984 by george orwell should be read by every kiwi.

Anonymous said...

As a former senior manager in this Govt who left to speak out against their corruption and treason I agree with much of what you say.
You have however missed the fact that while the Treaty of Waitangi was an attempt to wrest back the independence and sovereignty gained through He Whakaputanga (the Declaration of Independence of Aotearoa ratified by King William the 4th of England in 1835), it failed due to local language taking precedence in treaty & contract.
The Te Reo version, Te Tiriti, is clear that Sovereignty was not given up.
What you should study is what was defined as the United Tribes in He Whakaputanga.
It is not a Maori thing.
While the language is Maori, the definitions clearly are not.
The United Tribes are defined as being:
Those living here (Maori & the few others living here in 1835)
Those coming to live here (anyone that has settled here since 1835 including anyone that arrived today)
Those coming to trade (sort of an 1835 version of the TPPA)
In other words it made this nation free & independent for all of us.
It’s no wonder Arden & her cronies are so desperate to re write history.
It’s also clear why she is partnering with a few corrupted puppets from within Maoridom to use He Pua Pua to subvert the real threat to her governance that He Whakaputanga is.
If you want a magic get out of globalism free card, you have it, & it’s called He Whakaputanga.
That’s something we should all be able to support!

Anonymous said...

Excellent synopsis of the current state of our country….. unfortunately the mass media are still “believed” by so many fearful New Zealanders who don’t want to recognise that they have been conned and continue to be conned.
There is such an urgent need for kiwis to be bombarded with information from all sides that will overwhelm the mass media spin and twist …. how??

Doug Longmire said...

The crux of the matter is contained in your last sentence:-
"To create a NEW WORLD ORDER, first you must DESTROY the existing one!"
Which is exactly what Comrade Ardern is doing !!
The destruction is under way right now.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion a reasonably good social and political summary of what generally faces NZ today.
The Ardern version of using Maori to push her WEF agenda is a true indication of how calculating and callous, underneath she really is, equally if she's not exposed how dangerous she's becoming. But the greatest danger of all is Kiwi's apathy.
The only thing that will wake Kiwi's up is a house or asset price crash.
And that's on the cards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for articulating what is really happening behind the scenes. Our beloved country is being eroded in plain sight, yet many are still asleep and unable or unwilling to see what is right in front of them. If we do not take a stand and stop blindly complying we will lose our country and our freedoms. Now is the time to begin setting up systems and communities outside of the system so that we can step out from under the communist control of the NWO. Thank you again for sharing your work.

Anonymous said...

may i point out that 'He Whakaputanga' represents He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tirene: the Declaration of Independence of the United Tribes of New Zealand - there is no mention of Aotearoa. rest of the comment is spot on!

Anonymous said...

Were living in times more so where opposition parties say one thing for the popular vote but do the other. All the main parties are singing off the same song sheet. They all want agenda 2030. And have implemented it at all levels of government. While you were distracted.

Anonymous said...

Kiwi's - the passionless people. Nothing will happen to slow the agenda with our universal apathy. But there are mutterings, hopefully they grow into action...

Anonymous said...

He Wakaputanga is a statement of inpendence upon which our Constitution rests for goverment of the people, by the people for the people. The sovereignity of any lawful governance requires consent of those govwrned to be governed. The representative of sovereignity in NZ is the crown in parliament. Where is the evidence tgat the crown as it is written is that of the monarch and living being when NZ legislation identifies the crown as being a corporate entity with an address at 1 The Terrace? The lawfulness of He Wakaputanga is demonstrable where does Ardern or any other MP derive their legitimate authority? Is it provable or assumed?

Don said...

Your first comments about the restrictions imposed by covid are off the beam in that at times action must be taken unilaterally without democratic process in a desperate reaction against a deadly threat. When the bombs start falling you do not stop to debate whether or not to go to the shelter.
The rest of your article is spot on and deserves to be publicly debated.
My take on Jacinda is that she sees the premiership as a step towards joining the international elite where her full potential can be attained. Helen Clark has showed the way and she too wants to become a big fish in a very much bigger pool. She evades much detail by referring tricky questions to her minions in Cabinet. Anything that puts her leadership in doubt is avoided.

Vic Alborn said...

Such a misleading and delusional term "Democratic Socialism" can only exist if "Un-Democratic Socialism" also exists..!!.