Monday, April 11, 2022

Mike Hosking: Will the Govt listen to the people over co-governance?

So let's try again, shall we?

The co-governance paperwork is off to Cabinet today. It was delayed a week because of bereavement in the Willie Jackson family. So off we go again today.

Jackson claims they have already had 70 hui. Now I don’t know whether he means hui, as in the Maori word for meetings, was with all and sundry or was exclusive to Māori. I suspect it’s the latter.

The rest of us get to have a say, I use that term in the loosest possible way, at a later date. The reality is this will be your typical consultation. You say whatever you like, they nod, say thank you, and then ignore you.

Anyway, Jackson claims he's had all sorts of feedback and is expecting it to get fairly extreme by the end of it all.

I don’t condone extreme. There is too much extreme all over the place these days. I don't know whether it's social media, Covid, the Government, or a combination of it all. But the mad stuff we have seen of late, whether it be the Parliament protest, the white supremacy stuff, the gang violence, the crime rate, or the vile postings of some on social media, the whole thing is out of control and we have lost a certain decency and decorum.

Be opposed, be vehemently opposed, but do it with some brainpower, fact, and some eloquence.

So, Jackson's onto it, this co-governance is trouble. It is trouble for a very good reason, it's dangerous. The danger comes from interpretation. The United Nations treaty that is quoted as being the justification for this is a document that is open to how you perceive it and react to it.

It's not a prescription, it's not a dictate, it's an idea, and it's a concept. What Labour have done with it has allowed it to camouflage a dangerous agenda. Handing bits of the country over to anyone based on race is wrong. Having separate systems based on race is wrong.

When things don’t work, do them differently by all means but not so differently you leave large chunks, in this case, the majority of the population, either behind, offside or both.

Old people don’t get co-governance, the low socioeconomic strugglers don’t get co-governance, and the Pacific Island community don’t get co-governance.

Those who need help of any description through the state get help from the duly elected government of the day. It's called democracy and despite its faults, we like it and can't think of anything better. Co-governance is certainly not even close to being better.

I hope Willie Jackson and his mates hear that view loud and clear if they are even slightly open to listening to what any of us has to say.

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.


Anna Mouse said...

The very fact that the (so called) government has already had 70 hui, is clear and present acknowledgement that the 86% do not count.

Co-governance is not democracy and when one citizen has 'rights' greater than any other citizen purely based upon (identity)ethnicity then that is simply Apartheid with another name.

Kiwialan said...

Democracy has long gone Mike. Maori Wards pushed through although a large majority of local voters were against them, Ngai Tahu with unelected seats on Ecan, the Maori seats in Parliament that should not exist as the reason for their being has disappeared... the list goes on and on. Divide and conquer is step one in the Marxist agenda. This bunch of racist liars are governing (or poorly attempting to) with no mandate whatsoever as none of their devisive racist policies were presented to the voting public before the election. Kiwialan.

Terry Morrissey said...

"Be opposed, be vehemently opposed, but do it with some brainpower, fact, and some eloquence."
Willie Jackson? Brainpower? Fact? Eloquence? You are taking the piss Mike?

Unknown said...

There is no such thing as CoGovernance. There is only one government. What the men like Willie Jackson want is power, obtained without consent of the people. It's a road to civil war.

gregd said...

You see this Willie Jackson character [notice the surname] was born a whinger,he's never been happy with fitting in, with any other race of people.All he does is, want all the time, it's all someone elses fault [the white mans]it's written all over his face.Can you imagine the mess co-governance would be, when they can't even organise a development at Ihumatao.They can't even find a group with intelligence within their own clans to move forward on the project.Where are they going to find the brains to co-run a health system/water system/judicial system/jail system/and on and on!

Jigsaw said...

It's interesting on several different levels. Obviously Willie Jackson is driving a lot of this and yet as I understand it he is not of the iwi elite but comes from the urban Maori base and I suspect is utterly despised by the iwi elite. Further of course he doesn't in any way want to hear any disagreement from non-Maori as that by his definition would be racist.
The other thing that Willie and his followers are doing is using the myth of lack of equity by which they seem to mean that equality of opportunity which Maori have had for several generations now is not sufficient and they demand equality of outcome- something that with humans is simply impossible unless you devise some system of handicapping people according to their race-penalizing Asians so that no matter how hard they try, they will never be able to stand out. Saying that people with musical ability must not be allowed to study music....and so on.
On so many levels this is just sheer madness and stupidity and must be defeated.

Ellen said...

Completely agree with you Mike. This is dangerous and more citizens must wake up to it. Proponents of co-governance are duplicitous.

Empathic said...

Barry Brill's latest reasoning is on to it I think and needs to be communicated widely. We have been confused about why the Ardern government is so hell-bent on foisting potentially unpopular co-governance on NZ, to the point of bribing mainstream news media with money conditional upon misrepresenting the Treaty accordingly. The usual explanation so far has been that Maori parliamentarians are so numerous and powerful that Ardern has had to accede to their demands. Unlikely. A better explanation is that the Ardern party wants to gerrymander our electoral systems in order to remain in power well into the future. The rushed law change to allow disproportionate representation for Maori in Rotorua is the promise of things to come. Ardern has time before the next election to bring about co-governance with Maori at a parliamentary level similar to the Rotorua swindle, the Health nonsense and the Three Waters facade. For example, if like Rotorua our parliament gets a Maori house with an equal number of representatives to those for non-Maori, then parliament will consist of more representatives per Maori voter than that for the much larger non-Maori population. Each Maori vote will then have around five times more bearing on the composition of parliament than each non-Maori vote. Because Maori voters have always overwhelmingly supported Labour this puts Labour into an unassailable position to win elections indefinitely. The Maori elite will profit hugely from co-governance and therefore can be relied upon to wield influence over their people to keep voting for Labour. The corrupted electoral system will do the rest.

Anonymous said...

When Willie Jackson says "you have nothing to worry about" - that's when I worry.

Geoffrey said...

Do not lose sight of the existence of the Maori elite. I do not know who they are. But, hiding behind the 15, 16,16.5%? Professing to be Maori there are a few very greedy part Maori entrepreneurs. People like Willie Jackson are just paid front people who, when they no longer serve a useful purpose for the elite, will be dropped like the several “retired” Maori politicians of the past few years. It is way past time that the evil folk behind the scenes were brought into the light of day.