Wednesday, April 6, 2022

John Franklin: “The Magic Equity Wand”

How do you hide a stinking pile of race-based supremacist policies and rampant socialism? Easy, just wave the magic equity wand over it.

Not long ago I attended a Te Pukenga presentation at the Polytech campus, one speaker who was a Māori woman told us four times in a short presentation that the entire purpose for Te Pukenga was to ensure that the tertiary education system was equitable for Māori. The fourth time, just in case we all missed it the first three times she also added, and Pacifica and then almost as an afterthought she added, and any other disadvantaged groups. In case there was any lingering doubt about the goal of Te Pukenga, she then smugly stated that every aspect of operations was going to be scrutinised with a fine-toothed comb to ensure they were equitable for Māori.

Te Pukenga is the disbanding of regional control to centralise the tertiary education system under a single government entity, supposedly to offer better services. However, as you can see, the Labour government and the Māori supremacists are lying to the public about the true intent of these infrastructure changes. Not only are they are being implemented under false pretences but without a mandate, not only without public consultation but without public knowledge and when questioned they are deliberately lying to New Zealanders about their motives.

Below is an email message to all staff from the CEO of a polytechnic regarding the purpose of Te Pukenga.

“Additionally, and really importantly – the fundamentals of Te Pūkenga, as highlighted in its operating model – all remain:

The commitment to Te Tiriti and partnership with iwi, hapū and Māori.

The drive for student centredness, and a commitment to equity of outcomes, especially for Māori, Pacific, disabled, and disadvantaged ākonga”.

Operating Model | Te Pūkenga (

This so called “Partnership” with Iwi, doesn’t look or feel like a partnership on campus, as I witnessed in my previous blog the campus is currently a very unpleasant environment for non-Māori as everything Māori is being rammed down our throats. It’s not a gentle sharing of Māori culture, its like a form of Utu(revenge), you forced your culture on us, now it’s our turn, so open wide.

And don’t let the math fool you, it is not a partnership when you gift one ethnicity 50% of the board, its effectively a takeover and the growing lack of boardroom diversity in NZ’s Polytech’s is disturbing so “partnership” is not the correct word to describe Te Pukenga.

Note the use of the term “disadvantaged” for future reference and did you notice that this equity is “especially for Māori and Pacifica”? I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound very equal to me, it sounds like someone wants to be “more equal” than the others. This notion of equity for one ethnic group or colour in this case, contradicts the very notion of equality, clearly this equity is not equality.

I want to focus on this Equity term because as you can see it somehow magically turns a whole bunch of racism and inequality into something that looks like equality at first glance.

The problem with this agenda to elevate Māori rights and privileges above every other New Zealander is that it also turns non-Māori into 2nd class citizens and I for one am not OK with that.

This Labour Government is systematically ceding decision-making control in the board rooms including the one that will control Te Pukenga and 3 waters to the Te Puapua Supremacists. That’s despite Te Puapua’s strong prejudice towards Māori where they will use that control to promote themselves and profit in every way including financially. You would have to be slow or incredibly naive to not know that their advantage will come at the expense of New Zealand’s other ethnic groups which is an incredibly bad situation for a governing body which should be founded on impartiality. So, if we take stock, the Labour government and these supremacists are trashing equality, inclusion, diversity and democracy for a racist agenda all justified by equity, wow, how has this atrocity progressed so far in this day and age?

Because this government and the supremacists are using this equity concept to justify their racist agendas, it is critical that we understand the difference between equity and equality, they sound like they basically mean the same thing but they don’t, well not any more anyway.

This version of equity is fundamentally where the ruling group decides to give preferable treatment to a group they have deemed to be “disadvantaged” with the belief that giving them preferrable treatment and special privileges will create real equality of outcomes.

Equality is simply equal treatment for all and is very hard to corrupt, its all-inclusive, its all-encompassing and is intrinsically fair, it’s also easy to apply and its even easy to explain.            

However, equity is currently being promoted as a fairer philosophy than Equality in a deliberate propaganda campaign, this poster is plastered all over campus and other versions have also added disabled people on ramps to better sell the ideology.

This This all sounds fine in theory and you can probably imagine opportunities where equity could be applied successfully to help genuinely disadvantaged people as I can.

However, despite its potential for good, it is a fatally flawed philosophy because it is inherently corruptible, much like milk left out in the sun.

The integrity of the equity model is totally at the mercy of the people who hold the power, its clay in their hands and too easily moulded to suit their agendas.

The issues stem with the requirement for people to define equity and quantify its boundaries, i.e. Who defines the definition of “disadvantaged”, and then who decides who qualifies as “disadvantaged” and even when privileges should stop?

Well, today that is the current Labour government in concert with the He Puapua Supremacists, tomorrow it could be someone else with a completely different yet equally selfish agenda who can then redefine it to suit. The point is that equity is totally subjective and therefore completely vulnerable to corruption by any group in power with an agenda.

On the other hand, equality by its very nature is almost an absolute because it is an extremely simple construct and therefore easy to fully define, it has little to no grey areas that people with selfish agendas can exploit.

It simply means, the same treatment for all, the same rights, the same law, the same everything and that is a solid granite foundation upon which to build a free and just society.

If certain people or groups are not taking full advantage of their equality, then the challenge is to help them take that advantage, not to abandon the granite foundation of equality and replace it with a manipulatable clay one like equity.

If we lose the equality-based foundation for our society, we lose our fundamental right to be treated equally which puts the core for our freedoms on a slippery slope.

It is not hard to see the link between this equity philosophy that takes money from the general population and gifts it to the so called “disadvantaged” and communism, or socialism as the comrades like to call it now, Jacinda has described herself as a “democratic socialist”, whatever that variant is. This equity model is Jacinda and her crew sneaking communism into NZ governance by stealth.

Without any discussion we have simply been told that Māori and Pacifica will be getting special treatment that other New Zealanders are denied because they have been adjudged as “disadvantaged”. However there seems to be a “bob each way” approach to establishing Māori as deserving of special privilege because they also claim that right as the indigenous people. That seems suspiciously like the position of privilege is predetermined and a justification for it will be found or created by any means to support that position, that’s hardly a truthful process.

The fact is that the Iwi elite are extremely wealthy to the tune of billions of dollars, Māori are no more disadvantaged than other New Zealanders and have equal or better choices they can make to better their lives. Life is hard for many Kiwi’s not just Māori and Pacifica and whilst I genuinely want Māori to succeed, it can’t be at the expense of other Kiwi’s and the fundamental right of equal treatment for all.

They claim’s all this is needed because Māori die a few years younger than other ethnic groups but they refuse to factor in genetics and lifestyles, my family is also not known for longevity for the same reasons and women live longer than men, so are men “disadvantaged” and obviously subject to systemic gender bias?

It appears as if this “disadvantaged” tag and the magic of equity is just a devious tactic for the Māori Supremacists to get the special status that they believe they are owed as the indigenous people.

We all watched as the Iwi elite were handed hundreds of millions of dollars to get the Māori people vaccinated because apparently it was too hard for them to do it themselves like the rest of us New Zealanders did. I’m calling bullshit on that one and bullshit again on the need for such a ridiculous sum of money.

Incredibly that money had no accountability associated with it and could have been spent on anything, or nothing, or even embezzled and no one will ever know apart from the Iwi who received it, that equates to a blatant mismanagement of tax payer funds by this government. And all Kiwis have shared the burden of Covid and deserved to share in any government support, after all it is our money, it was taken from our pay checks.

If that’s a blueprint for equity in action, then equity is just a scam.

There was little to no gratitude, it was considered by the benefactors to be just a good start but that’s classic supremacist thinking, as from their viewpoint New Zealand’s money is rightfully theirs anyway, so to express gratitude would be to admit that money was charity and not their just entitlement as the elite indigenous people.

No one is going to turn down free money and special privilege so its important that we keep our angst directed at the real culprits, i.e., this Labour government and the He Puapua supremacists and not the Māori and Pacifica people.

If this equity approach was even attempting to be fair and provide true equality it would not be race based, it would be needs based but it is not and it’s not trying to be fair, its instead serving an agenda. At best genuine equity has a small part to play in equality, this extension of it has exceeded its natural limits and will never have the capacity to provide fair and just outcomes and is simply a tool to suit self-serving racist and socialist agendas.

In the poster they have shown a childlike person as the disadvantaged which is a deliberate ploy to have us associate helping “the disadvantaged” with helping small children, it is a really clever but cynical piece of propaganda. There is no mana in being labelled “disadvantaged” alongside children and the disabled so you can cup your hands for charity when you have equal means and choices to better your situation.

It is our obligation to ensure those we allow to represent us don’t instead denigrate us.

The dirty truth behind the equity deceit is that thousands of gang members will get special privileges denied decent non-Māori New Zealanders simply by claiming a drop of Māori blood. This race-based equity model will not only miss many who genuinely need special help, it will even advantage criminals who not only don’t need it, they also don’t deserve it.

Because of the inherent limits and flaws in the equity model, it should only ever be applied judiciously to help the unequivocally disadvantaged groups such as vulnerable children and the disabled and only then based on their special needs whilst the rest of us must be treated equally.

There are always going to people with such selfish agendas that they can not be trusted with power over others. The fact that those people exist is not the issue, in fact we only know we have a free society when we hear their voice from time to time. However only a fool would empower them so it’s hard to believe that this government is currently ceding control of New Zealand’s assets and infrastructure to a group that genuinely believe that Māori should be elevated to a higher status than non-Māori. It is obvious that their agenda is completely selfish and so they shouldn’t have control over other Kiwi’s, remember these are the same people who tried to own the seabed and foreshores of New Zealand and even the skies above it, that’s the supremacist mentality we are dealing with, how can we trust someone who thinks like that.

In light of this I am convinced that the only way forward for New Zealand with any hope is to remove this government, reverse their racist policies and complete the Treaty grievance process fairly and ASAP. Then we can all try to move forward as “One people”, equal in every way as was the intention of the Treaty, as conveyed to every Māori chief in their own language at the point of signing.

This agenda to create an elite New Zealand ethnic group is racist, its undemocratic, its destructive, it has no mandate from the people and its directly opposed to the true and communicated intent of Treaty, so to stand against it is a 100% morally defendable position, so stand and do whatever you can, no matter how little.

As a wise man once said. “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little”.

John Franklin - another person who can only do a little.


Janine said...

We already have these selfish people in our government so we know where all this is going to end if we vote these people back in. I personally think non- Maori are excruciatingly compliant. Chris" I don't know whether I believe in co- governance or not" Luxon is obviously not the answer.

I am pleased a few people are now finding their voices to push back on this separatist nonsense. We need more and more of these voices though and preferably a few more politicians as well. We need them to fulfil their oathe of office and govern fairly for all New Zealanders.

DeeM said...

This is all about power and money. Nothing else.
It has nothing to do with equity or equality and nothing to do with ordinary Maori.

The Maori activists and elites have finally found a group of non-Maori elites who are so gullible, woke and self-absorbed by their own narcissism that they can convince them to dump on their own lot in favour of a group who were never indigenous and fell over themselves to cede sovereignty to the British Crown to stop the endless in-fighting and destruction of their own primitive civilization.
What they can't see because they're too busy preening their own virtuosity is that when the Maori elite finally get what they want they'll be coming for the non-Maori elite who will be persecuted just like everyone else

That's the reality.

Anna Mouse said...

John, you are not a man alone. Keep your head up because most New Zelanders who are reasoned thinkers can only but agree that we are New Zealanders first and foremost.

How can maoridom be described as an homogenous group when they are historically tribal in their origin?

When media, activists, academics or political leaders speak of 'Maori' in New Zealand they refer to that group as a singular to facilitate the agenda and to blindside non maori society.

They forget that Maori understand where they stand tribally because you see their affiliation writ large in News, opinion or articles where they identify their affiliations (thanks to the media no doubt due to the PJIF).

What this 'group' are doing is actually defining themselves as the elite of that tribal society.

They consider themselves the upper class of the tribal society and call upon Maoridom but do not want the rest into their group but are happy to use them as cannon fodder for the elitist agenda they wish to establish.

As citizens of New Zealand we are constantly feed the mistruth by these elites that Maori are a cohesive, homogenous society and have the desire to be treated with some reverence, whereas in truth it is a very small group of Part-Maori who have that plan with complicit politicians and academics who agree because they have believed the lies or feel brow-beaten.

The majority of the rest of Maori probably just want their lives to be as good as they can be as New Zealander and are delighted to embrace their culture as it should be and do not want the elite interfering.

With the tribalist elite driving division within New Zealand (both within and outside Maori) there cannot be any outcome but serious economic, social, educational and health outcomes for all NZ citizens.

The fact the elites at no level care about the rest of Maori or New Zealand is of absolute concern and as Chris Trotter wrote a while back, when all is said, done and settled, when will the old tribal rivalries pre 1840 start to bubble to the surface and Utu is required to settle those wrongs done by each tribe to others particularly within this elite group? Who will end up with all the power then?

Most New Zealanders cannot be in the Waka but we do respect and embrace the culture but do not need to live it due to the fact we are not of that heritage and can never be such.

The tribal elite do a diservice to both themselves, their tribes, to Iwi and to New Zealand in their greed for money, power and undeserved Mana.

Lesley Stephenson said...

Equity is for those who do nothing but think they are entitled to the same outcome as those who work hard. As far away from equality as you can get.

Anonymous said...

The elites are already fighting. Recent news items note disagreement re tribal ownership of Whakarewarewa.
Although we are one person who can only do a little, together we are more than the sum of our parts.
I speak out quite openly now in a quiet voice, and if accused of racism, I explain that no, actually, co-governance and the tertiary education programme etc. are racist. People are generally not well informed and I haven't heard any convincing push back.

Unknown said...

Well written article explaining the agenda of the Maori elite. Rob Wigmore (New Zealander, English, Irish)