Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Mike Hosking: More dangerous ideology from the Government

So, yet another red flag for you to be cognisant of.

If the co-governance scandal isn't bad enough, if He Puapua isn't bad enough, if the mess the economy is currently in due to absurd spending and the resulting inflation isn't bad enough, get your head around what David Parker has been up to.

He gave a speech yesterday about the inequity of the tax system. This comes off the back of him and his mates at the IRD ferreting around the dealings of the so-called wealthy. That was the special group set up to look at whatever they like under the guise that what they find won't be shared and all information gained will ultimately be destroyed. Whatever.

But having got that exercise underway, he is now introducing a new bit of legislation that will, of course, become law.

That would enshrine "principles" that they would assess tax policy against. What the hell does that mean? Who would know? In that, is the danger.

This is like a minefield of ideology. There are things they are setting up and planting and reassuring all and sundry that there is nothing to see here, but in reality, these things will explode in your face.

Is he introducing more tax rates? Higher tax rates? New tax rates? Oh no, no, no, not at this stage. Not with the polls the way they are and not with the mess they are currently wading through. This is the sort of policy that will come to life after next year's election, if enough people are asleep or get sucked in.

Officials will report on the tax system according to the principles, once again whatever that means. It means this government can't tax you enough. Because as we have seen with the inflationary mess and the growing debt level, no matter what we pay, they always want more.

Also, people like Parker hate success. They hate people with money and are determined to get more off them.

Why would they set up a unit within the IRD with no consultation whatsoever and simply go ferreting around people's incomes? Because they are bored? No, it's because they want to raid your pockets more than they already have.

Between the co-governance, Three Waters, the scandal around the Māori seats in Rotorua, He Puapua, and now this, this government reeks of danger.

They are upending this country in a series of moves so radical unless we wake up and fast, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Mike Hosking is a New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently hosts The Mike Hosking Breakfast show on NewstalkZB on weekday mornings.


Art said...

Parker uses extensively the word fair. Well, is it fair that any inventor and/or entrepreneur should not have a reward for the risk that they have embarked on? Is it also fair that we continue to allow intergenerational dependency to lower aspirations? Surely, we should allow both: the reward for risk undertaken and for genuine opportunities via real education (rather than ideologically driven decolonizing curricula). These are but two examples of authentic fairness. I’m sure Parker’s definition of fairness and/or principles will be unrecognisable alongside them!

Anonymous said...

i don't understand this misplaced passion... if the rich are doing something illegal in terms of tax evasion, why are they are not being prosecuted and jailed? if they are using the tax code to minimise taxes, how is that different from what any sane tax payer is doing? if the tax laws are wrong, what is preventing the parliament from changing them? what is the point of blaming others for one's own incompetence and inaction?